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Anonymous 04/17/14(Thu)06:46 UTC+1 No.626429 Report

Hey everyone.
I saw a thread on here a few months ago about the in-and-outs of living in a car or truck, so this might belong on this board? Not sure.
I'm 18, living with my parents about half an hour outside of New Orleans, and I'm looking for a way to move out because independence, etc.
I need to know how to get a place of my own, and any tips you guys could give me, or how you all moved out.
If i'm in the wrong board, sorry for posting. Where would this topic belong?

Pic unrelated
Anonymous 04/17/14(Thu)06:55 UTC+1 No.626430 Report

There was a thread created on /o/ by a tripfag name "vandweller".

Was cool as shit, archives of it exist somewhere.

Step 1 would be to rent out a PO box, while you still have a permanent address, and use that for any mail you get.
Anonymous 04/17/14(Thu)07:00 UTC+1 No.626432 Report

Living in my car would be a last resort. What would I have to do to get a roof over my head?
Anonymous 04/17/14(Thu)07:04 UTC+1 No.626433 Report

Save up two or three months rent + what ever damage deposit is in the states. Have a job that provides you with 60% more cash then rent. Leave.
Anonymous 04/17/14(Thu)07:51 UTC+1 No.626441 Report

This topic is better answered by the various (thousands) posts and articles that can be discovered by a Google search. These sources are far more comprehensive than anything you're going to get on a board like this.

If there is something you are still confused about, you can ask on /adv/. /diy/ isn't (shouldn't) be about tips for getting by living in mom's van.
Anonymous 04/17/14(Thu)10:32 UTC+1 No.626474 Report

First of all, theres a lot of horror stories of people living in cars. If you decide to go through with this, know that most people and all cops look down on homeless people so expect to be bothered often. Your best bet would be to park in Walmart parking lot. I've had luck sleeping in a Large parking lot of a Huge office building.

Another idea would be to buy a gym membership as that will allow you to shave/shower and do some running or whatever everyday. Even so, living in a car is very difficult and it is also difficult to maintain a fulltime job. I think the best way to save money is to band together with a group of friends and look for a landlord that rents out houses. My friend was paying only 450$ a month doing this and this was in New York too where normally the rent averages 850$ a month.
Anonymous 04/17/14(Thu)14:32 UTC+1 No.626511 Report

there's a fucking van thread on this board now. learn to google, learn what a search box does. learn to make friends, learn to make money.
Anonymous 04/17/14(Thu)18:29 UTC+1 No.626606 Report

>What would I have to do to get a roof over my head?
Anonymous 04/19/14(Sat)05:38 UTC+1 No.627117 Report

you're in nawlins. you will dead.

better yet get a sailboat and be a liveaboard. when the zombies rise, you can sail offshore and be safe.
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