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Hi /diy/! I need some sewing...
Anonymous 05/07/14(Wed)13:44 UTC+1 No.635172 Report

Hi /diy/! I need some sewing advice/idea. I have an old large T-shirt that got a bit short, but wide over time, I guess, because of washing. I would like to make it into something stylish (I really like goth ninja style). Any advice? Thanks!
Anonymous 05/07/14(Wed)13:55 UTC+1 No.635175 Report

>Soak in hot water
>hang from clothes line
>weigh bottom hemming
>allow to stretch

This will stretch it out again. Not sure how to make it into anything goof-ninja, unless you can make it extra long.
Anonymous 05/07/14(Wed)14:09 UTC+1 No.635182 Report

Thanks. How do I weigh it?
Anonymous 05/07/14(Wed)14:26 UTC+1 No.635186 Report

what do you have around the house?
Anonymous 05/07/14(Wed)14:29 UTC+1 No.635188 Report

Idk... I have dumbbells haha I am not sure how I would hang it and attach weight to stretch it straight and without ripping it or tearing it.
Anonymous 05/07/14(Wed)16:07 UTC+1 No.635217 Report

Thanks front page
Anonymous 05/07/14(Wed)17:51 UTC+1 No.635245 Report


Are you six? Why are you this helpless?
Anonymous 05/07/14(Wed)17:57 UTC+1 No.635251 Report

I sew clothes and cosplay, OP. Can you be more specific on what style you want? Maybe draw a picture?
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