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Anonymous 07/18/14(Fri)07:47 UTC+1 No.669370 Report

I'm growing crystals as a hobby and I am planning to grow them on plastic, plexiglas or maybe even wood to hang it up like a painting.
Here's my problem: I need to make sure they don't fall off. would hairspray do the trick?
again, I am growing them on the surface, not glueing them on.
I'd just need some kind of thin layer as protection.
any ideas?
Anonymous 07/18/14(Fri)07:59 UTC+1 No.669376 Report

I don't really know, but why fucking hairspray instead of proper (spray) lacquer?

Out of curiosity, how big salt crystals you can make?
Anonymous 07/18/14(Fri)08:06 UTC+1 No.669382 Report

theoretically the size is unlimited but salt doesn't grow very well.
the crystals in the pic are copper sulfate.
I don't know shit about that stuff, that's why I'm asking. guess a spray lacquer would do it.
Anonymous 07/18/14(Fri)08:07 UTC+1 No.669384 Report

drill small holes on the plate, many many small holes, i think wood will be best for groving crystals.
Anonymous 07/18/14(Fri)08:52 UTC+1 No.669402 Report

good idea. that will work for the most part but there will be small crystals growing on other crystals and I need to make sure they don't come off too easily
caleco 07/18/14(Fri)09:01 UTC+1 No.669405 Report

Anonymous 07/18/14(Fri)14:37 UTC+1 No.669469 Report

>100 to 500 grit waterproof sandpaper
>Glue to preferred backing surface
>Grow crystals
Anonymous 07/18/14(Fri)15:42 UTC+1 No.669490 Report

Looks like those in the image are grown on metal grid. Like that stuff with the diamond shaped holes in this pic.
Anonymous 07/18/14(Fri)15:44 UTC+1 No.669491 Report


Pretty neat, but really hazardous to your health lol.
Anonymous 07/18/14(Fri)16:01 UTC+1 No.669493 Report

Anonymous 07/18/14(Fri)16:13 UTC+1 No.669498 Report

Use a non-reactive base like plaster of paris, mix it up, spread it around, gently spread seed crystals over the plaster, let it cure and dry. Suspend this or drench it in your crystal solution.

Pic related = grown plenty of crystals in my life. These are almost 28 years old.
Anonymous 07/18/14(Fri)17:06 UTC+1 No.669526 Report

Expanded metal.
Anonymous 07/18/14(Fri)17:31 UTC+1 No.669538 Report

Looks like shit.

Why someone would do this is beyond my comprehension.
Anonymous 07/18/14(Fri)18:40 UTC+1 No.669550 Report

Those are copper sulfate crystals, if you lived in that room without a full face mask respirator you'd soon start dying.

Have you considered clear casting resin to seal it? You could even use blue pigment and avoid having to use crystals altogether.
Anonymous 07/18/14(Fri)19:51 UTC+1 No.669567 Report

nah pigments are out of the question but I might use something less toxic then copper sulfate.
I will use more than one kind anyways.
resin might work if i could spread it evenly and if it wouldn't turn out too thick.
thanks for the suggestions. I will do some experiments on a small scale to see what works best
Anonymous 07/20/14(Sun)06:06 UTC+1 No.670202 Report

What if you grew the crystals on a screen? If you got a type of screen with large holes and maybe a diamond shaped holes it think that would make something that looks epic.
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