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Anonymous 05/22/14(Thu)19:19 UTC+1 No.641735 Report

I'm trying to record audio onto VHS tapes.

The output is a SCART to RCA converter, being sent to a 1/4" phone jack input. To record, I've switched the direction on the SCART to RCA converter and I plugged the phone jack into an output. I've tried recording audio but nothing goes on the tape.

I know it's recording fine since after a minute or two the tape changes back to the old audio. But it always records silence.

This is a pain in the fucking ass. Shit.
Anonymous 05/23/14(Fri)02:36 UTC+1 No.641878 Report

What outputs via SCART? Why are you using 1/4 phono jack as the input? Why not the white and red RCAs? Help me visualize this. Draw a diagram of the source and all the cabling you are using to get it to record if you can please.
Anonymous 05/23/14(Fri)10:12 UTC+1 No.642038 Report


To record audio from VCR:

VCR SCART > SCART to RCA converter (with a direction switch) > RCA to phone cable > Audio Interface Input

>Can hear the bootleg copy of Harry Potter 2 playing clearly

To record onto the VCR:

Audio Interface Output > RCA to phone cable > SCART to RCA converter > SCART VCR

>VCR records silence onto the VHS tape

>>Why are you using 1/4 phono jack as the input?

My audio interface has 8 1/4 phone jacks for inputs and outputs. No RCA or SCART connections.

The VCR has AV1 SCART and AV2 SCART. I've tried using both as input and output. Only AV2 works as an output. I don't have video hooked up since I don't own a monitor with a SCART connection.
Anonymous 05/23/14(Fri)23:01 UTC+1 No.642298 Report

Many VCR's won't record audio only, they need a video signal.

Source: Years of commercial radio logging.

Provide some sort of a video signal to the VCR (the yellow jack on RCA plugs) and you'll be good to go.
Anonymous 05/24/14(Sat)12:55 UTC+1 No.642566 Report


yeah, this.

Also if youre trying to play audio on an old crt tv with rca inputs (1 video, 1 audio), you need to do the same thing. i just played a 20khz tone from a signal generator through the right channel and the audio through the left channel on mono, but this will probably make it sound bad if recording.
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