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I need to make a traditional...
Anonymous 05/08/14(Thu)04:06 UTC+1 No.635542 Report

I need to make a traditional Chinese drum. I have the process pretty much figured out, I've even made a few smaller prototypes, but I need to make the shell from scratch, and I have almost no experience in woodworking.

Could anybody tell me how to cut staves for a barrel about 36 inches in diameter?
Jesse 05/08/14(Thu)04:48 UTC+1 No.635560 Report



It's a lot more complicated to make it have that belly in the middle. If you instead just make a circular, straight barrel the process is a lot less complicated.

Take the number of staves you want your barrel to have. Divide the circumference of your barrel by the number of staves, and that's the outer width of each stave. The angles you cut your pieces at is:

>0.5((n-2) * 180 / n)

where n is the number of staves. Make sure to multiply it all by 0.5, since you want to compensate for two pieces coming together, so the angle of each piece is halved. So, if you decide you want to use 20 pieces of lumber for a barrel with an 18" diameter, then...

>circumference = 2*pi*r
>6.28*9 = 56 1/2"

>number of pieces = 20
>56.5 / 20 = 2.83" per piece

>interior angle = 0.5((18) * 180 / 20)
>interior angle = 81 degrees
>90 - 81 = 9 degrees

So you tilt your blade 9 degrees and cut each piece on either side to make a trapezoid.

In order to get metal to wrap around the barrel you'll need a jig to bend the metal and curve it into an arc (called a slip roller).
Jesse 05/08/14(Thu)05:06 UTC+1 No.635569 Report


I should note that you only need a slip roller if the metal you use is thick enough that you can't bend it otherwise. In the video I linked to, it was bent with a little bit of persuasion from a hammer. If your staves are cut correctly and fit, there should be no need for thicker gauge metal rings.
Anonymous 05/08/14(Thu)05:38 UTC+1 No.635589 Report

This helps a lot more than what I found on Google.

Many thanks!
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