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NV monocular repair Anonymous 05/18/14(Sun)08:06 UTC+1 No.639780 Report

My dad bought a broken nightvision monocular for $25, expecting to be able to fix it. Neither of us have any experience with these things, but I noticed that there's a white film near the eyepiece that lets almost no light through.
Pic related, the monocular with lenses removed. You can see the white film.
It appears to be a Night Owl Optics Explorer Marine Pro.
From what I can tell, I need to replace the image intensifier, but I'm not sure where to get one or how to do it.
Anonymous 05/18/14(Sun)08:07 UTC+1 No.639781 Report

Picture of the other side
Anonymous 05/18/14(Sun)10:14 UTC+1 No.639833 Report

>I need to replace the image intensifier
thats the most expensive part to get. not gonna be worth fixing if thats the problem.
Anonymous 05/18/14(Sun)18:14 UTC+1 No.639920 Report

>white film near the eyepiece that lets almost no light through
That's because it's not supposed to. That's the phosphor, you tard.
Anonymous 05/18/14(Sun)18:28 UTC+1 No.639925 Report

Well the problem is that no light is getting through, completely dim, so what would you expect to be broken?
Anonymous 05/18/14(Sun)18:41 UTC+1 No.639928 Report

the Night Owl Optics Explorer Marine Pro uses a gen-0/gen-1 Russian NV tube.

they burn out from exposure to light over time, there is nothing that can be done about that. the damage is cumulative and happens any time a bright light comes into view when the scope is turned on

you would need to look around on ebay or ask at some NV companies that sell gen-1 if you can buy a new tube from them (i looked on ebay and got nothing but maybe didn't use the right search terms)

the tubes are all the same (of this type) but there's new scopes for $100 so it may not be worth fixing.
Anonymous 05/18/14(Sun)19:56 UTC+1 No.639960 Report

>those pictures
what's your problem?
Anonymous 05/18/14(Sun)20:39 UTC+1 No.639977 Report

When turned on, absolutely no light is coming through.
Anonymous 05/19/14(Mon)21:09 UTC+1 No.640384 Report


Light doesn't "go through" a photomultiplier tube. Photons strike charged a phosphor surface, causing it to emit more photons than it receives (hence "photomultiplier").

The tubes are, essentially, the entirety of night vision. Everything else attached is either only to give it power or optics for clarity. If the tube is burnt (which is pretty much guaranteed to be the problem if you can turn the thing on at all), you're boned. The photomultiplier is 90% the cost of a piece of night vision gear.
Anonymous 05/19/14(Mon)21:13 UTC+1 No.640386 Report

So if I turn the lights on in a room with people with Night Vision I break their +100$ devices?
Anonymous 05/19/14(Mon)21:19 UTC+1 No.640388 Report


Just a little bit, but yes.
Anonymous 05/20/14(Tue)02:17 UTC+1 No.640465 Report

It's a TV screen, ok? Does that help you think about it? An OLD STYLE TV screen, not an LCD.

If you are unable to comprehend what that means, then kindly throw the whole thing in the trash, because you aren't going to get anywhere fucking with it, any more than a bonobo could fly an airplane.
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