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Anonymous 05/22/14(Thu)17:55 UTC+1 No.641698 Report

Okay so I'm trying to make some lightning for my desk.I have 3 bulbs that are rated 12v 35w each and have a question,can I run both tree on a 12v 60w power supply,would it cause any problems,and would they shine at 100% ?

Can I also use a lm317 as a lightning regulator for these tree bulbs ?
Anonymous 05/22/14(Thu)18:58 UTC+1 No.641724 Report

Those are halogen incandescent lamps so you can run them undervoltage if you want. They will not shine at full brightness.

35w * 3 = 105w
60w / 105 = .57

So you'll get about 60% of max brightness from them. They will color shift towards orange when dimmed as well.
Anonymous 05/22/14(Thu)19:22 UTC+1 No.641737 Report


what if I put like two 12v 1.5A transformers together,could that work ?
Anonymous 05/22/14(Thu)19:36 UTC+1 No.641740 Report

wattage = V * A

That's only 36w if you wire them both in series.

If you can't get a 100w power supply, I'd use the original 60w one you mentioned and either use 2 lamps, or deal with the dimming. It's still 60w of birghtness and the lamps will last twice as long.
Anonymous 05/22/14(Thu)20:05 UTC+1 No.641758 Report

Protip. Exclude the transformer rectifier to ouput low voltage AC. DC causes filaments to wear faster.
Anonymous 05/22/14(Thu)20:28 UTC+1 No.641773 Report


but if I want to adjust the amount of brightness ,I will need to put a DC circuit in order to work .

Would the LM317 work,I tried and the lm317 was hot as hell,and the bulb didn't shine that much,but I was able to control brightness
Anonymous 05/22/14(Thu)23:11 UTC+1 No.641826 Report

If I'm not mistaken those are probably rated 12V AC/DC just use a 120V to 24V transformer for each and use the proper winding to get the 12V out. Use a dimmer from home depot to control brightness and you're set.

You could use a bigger transformer and connect all 3 of them there but it'll probably be more expensive than having 3 small ones.
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