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Self sufficient living
Self sufficient living Anonymous 05/05/14(Mon)12:20 UTC+1 No.634193 Report

We often hear about a coming change of climate and that there have to be some changes in our general behaviour if we want to keep living on this planet.
So in case of an "apocalypse" what are skills that need to be aquired? Is selfsufficient living an option, or will everything be polluted anyway?

What if we don't do anything and the worst case scenario actually happens?
Anonymous 05/05/14(Mon)12:40 UTC+1 No.634195 Report

You will most likely die in said apocalypse but if you some how survive your main source of protein will come from sucking dick.
Anonymous 05/05/14(Mon)12:59 UTC+1 No.634202 Report


What kind of apocalypse scenario are you talking about?

If society collapses, there wont be enough food so there will be a battle royale. You need combat skills, medical skills for self defence or looting other's food. Other than that, it will be all about starting from a primal state of society, how you function as a family, how families can gather into tribes, basically reverting to a hunting gathering farming lifestyle, with a twist of all the modern artefacts lying around.

That is if you survive the battle royale in the beginning.
Anonymous 05/05/14(Mon)13:07 UTC+1 No.634205 Report

So basically get a gun and learn to farm.

Any good books on growing stuff in the backyard?
Anonymous 05/05/14(Mon)13:15 UTC+1 No.634207 Report

It's not that simple. What sort of apocalypse are you talking about? It's very very unlikely to have an apocalypse because there are back up systems upon back up systems upon different mechanisms to protect us from any sort of disruption. And every scenario is different, have different effects, etc. So to think you can just "buy a gun and learn to farm" is no better than thinking you can survive a boat trip with knowing how to swim.
Anonymous 05/05/14(Mon)13:29 UTC+1 No.634212 Report

Okay, sorry. I guess I am talking about our behaviour of wasting and consuming is slowly polluting the earth. And it doesn't seem like the general mindset will change any time soon, so we will just continue to waste and consume and suck the planet dry.

I don't really know, I just kinda got into a bit of a panic wave after reading again and again that we are destroying the planet and have to change something NOW, but not seeing any change. So I want to start looking for ways to change myself.
Anonymous 05/05/14(Mon)13:48 UTC+1 No.634221 Report

That's a noble thought. Well actually that's why the whole "sustainability" thing is so popular now (or necessary). Pollution is one problem. Energy resources is one problem. Global warming because of whatever reason is another problem. But the good thing is we know what the problems are and what to do to correct ourselves to prevent these problems to exist in the first place i.e. the whole idea of harmony with nature and sustainability verses having a cancerous relationship. Don't worry, our culture is changing already in full force so this will be done. The most likely case is that we won't make it in time for sea level rising and climate changes, so if you want to get prepared realistically, I would stay away from vulnerable cities, to start with.
Anonymous 05/06/14(Tue)00:10 UTC+1 No.634394 Report

Another contributing factor is general food security. Thanks to only growing the most productive crop, we have actually lost something like 80%(citation needed) of all crops. Without this genetic variance we are at high risk of having a disease that wipes out a staple food (much like what happened to Ireland).

Agriculture will be extremely important, you will need to know what to grow and how to grow it. Just remember in a changing climate the same things might not grow, do you need an in-depth knowledge on which edibles need what. This includes an understanding of soil regeneration (will be unlikely you can buy bags if fertilizer at this time).
Anonymous 05/08/14(Thu)15:49 UTC+1 No.635760 Report

Anonymous 05/08/14(Thu)18:24 UTC+1 No.635814 Report

>So in case of an "apocalypse" what are skills that need to be aquired? Is selfsufficient living an option, or will everything be polluted anyway?

Step 1: Toss out all the bullshit "MUH APOCALYPSE!" it isn't needed at all. There's already fully legitimate reasons to be self-sufficient. Here's mere few that have been occurring on a regular basis: death/disability of a loved one/family supporter, lack of job, too much debt, flooding, tornadoes, severe drought, hurricanes, house fire, being snowed in for 4 weeks without any utilities, etc etc.

You don't need lump on much else. You already have a laundry list of things where you need to be able to think on your feet, have the skills to survive, and the tools to do so.

2: Define your self-sufficiency. Do you mean 100% everything made, farmed, raised by you with 0 contact and support from any other human being? Or, do you mean a perfectly rational and sound definition where you are self-sufficient and fairly comfortable for extended periods of time should something disastrous happen? Or, do you simply want to lower your current bills and supplement or negate the need for your income? Or, you're the last person on Earth? Or, something else or a mix?

For myself, I must be self-sufficient in order to survive where I live. In the winter, it can be -40F, but is normally just -10F to -15F. In the summer, it routinely gets 90F to 110F with 75% to 100% humidity. I have to contend with snow storms, floods, and storms with high winds. Every 2 years I'm without electric for at least 2-4 weeks, in summer and/or winter. No power, AC, or gas. Water, heat/cooling are huge concerns, during those times.

I get by quite fine. I can DIY most anything. I have DIY power, heating/cooling, and I'm now have a small farm.

The most important skill for a disaster is your local social network. Know everyone, help everyone. You'll get that back 10 fold.
Anonymous 05/08/14(Thu)19:50 UTC+1 No.635833 Report


Hate to be the one to break it you, but you based on your ignorance, naivety, and irrational paranoid behavior you don't have the mindset to survive any major catastrophe.

In the event of an apocalypse, I'd suggest you just let the grim reaper have his way with your anus.
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