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Sketch Up help needed Anonymous 05/19/14(Mon)18:48 UTC+1 No.640347 Report

What's up /diy/,

I'm modeling the SNES controller port for 3D printing in SketchUp. I keep running into small problems like these:

After some time spent in the project, when trying to round corners the lines snap to the circle in this very weird way. Instead of just touching the edge they go into the circle (the radius line points out where the left one has to go). Any advice on that?
Anonymous 05/19/14(Mon)21:03 UTC+1 No.640379 Report


Admittedly I've never used Sketchup (Inventor being my tool of choice), but does it not have a fillet tool?
Jesse 05/19/14(Mon)21:08 UTC+1 No.640381 Report

Don't use the circle tool for rounding corners. Instead, take the tape measure (press T) and then go out from each side the radius you want the corner to be. Then use the arc tool (press A) to draw an arc from those 2 points
Michaelangelo 05/20/14(Tue)02:26 UTC+1 No.640471 Report

Not familiar with Sketchup. With solid works, its just the fillet tool.

If you need it drawn up but can't get it done with sketch up, send me an email with some sketches and I can make it in Solidworks if you need it.
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