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Anonymous 05/18/14(Sun)07:58 UTC+1 No.639777 Report

So, I've got a room that is kind of strange.

Originally, there was a center light on the ceiling, and then 2 ceiling floodlights towards the rear of the ceiling to light the back wall. All of these lights would turn on and off at the same time, via one switch next to the door.

Now, a fan was then installed where the main ceiling lamp was. Unfortunately, this caused the two rear lights to run when the fan was running (for me, a bit of a pain in the ass, I like it to run at night).

TL;DR, fan and lights run on same circuit, how do I maek fan and lights run separately.

I'm thinking running a new circuit, but then I'd have to get an electrician out, or try not to kill myself doing it.

Thoughts, suggestions?
Anonymous 05/18/14(Sun)08:02 UTC+1 No.639778 Report

Does it not have one of these?
Anonymous 05/18/14(Sun)08:05 UTC+1 No.639779 Report


No, not the light on the fan. That's controllable via the panel where the switch goes.

The floodlights in the back of the room go on when the fan is on. What is the best way to make the floodlights independent of the fan?
Anonymous 05/18/14(Sun)08:28 UTC+1 No.639791 Report

Gotta rewire it bro.
Anonymous 05/18/14(Sun)08:32 UTC+1 No.639799 Report


Fuck, I figured that.

Can't be too hard. I was always told to never fuck with electricity. Might get a friend of mine to show me how to do it.
Anonymous 05/18/14(Sun)08:39 UTC+1 No.639802 Report

There are Bluetooth bulbs (Phillips) you can control with an APP. $$$ but an easy solution worth it to me...
Anonymous 05/18/14(Sun)09:43 UTC+1 No.639822 Report

find something like this
Anonymous 05/18/14(Sun)10:05 UTC+1 No.639829 Report

My suggestion is better... No remotes to lose, can use the optional wall switch, phone, or computer to control them. Can adjust color, brightness, set as a natural awake alarm, sound activated, music sync light show, etc., for the same price.
Anonymous 05/18/14(Sun)23:11 UTC+1 No.640042 Report

>>how do I maek fan and lights run separately.
If you don't want to rewire the wall switch and cable runs you can either replace the fan with a light, disconnect it, or if the model/brand of fan has the optional kit available you can get a remote control module that installs in the fan. The remote allows you to turn the fan off, control the speed, and turn on/off its light (if the fan includes one).
The module also remembers the previous setting when the light switch is turned on or off.
Anonymous 05/19/14(Mon)01:05 UTC+1 No.640086 Report

Anonymous 05/19/14(Mon)01:07 UTC+1 No.640089 Report

I love that picture.
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