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Anonymous 07/02/14(Wed)04:22 UTC+1 No.661453 Report

Ways to make bird nest or feed to hang on a metal railing.

Pic related
Anonymous 07/02/14(Wed)04:54 UTC+1 No.661462 Report

Put it on the corner for stability.
Anonymous 07/02/14(Wed)05:18 UTC+1 No.661477 Report

Anonymous 07/02/14(Wed)05:28 UTC+1 No.661480 Report

And in ten seconds it's on the ground...
Anonymous 07/02/14(Wed)05:50 UTC+1 No.661493 Report

How can I make one from scratch
Anonymous 07/02/14(Wed)06:24 UTC+1 No.661504 Report

Use a milk jug and some wooden chopsticks.
Anonymous 07/02/14(Wed)06:30 UTC+1 No.661507 Report

A squirrel?
Anonymous 07/02/14(Wed)06:57 UTC+1 No.661517 Report

Bird house or feeder
Anonymous 07/02/14(Wed)07:24 UTC+1 No.661522 Report

Anonymous 07/02/14(Wed)15:46 UTC+1 No.661626 Report

>Ways to make bird nest or feed to hang on a metal railing.

Birds probably wouldn't nest on your balcony, as your use of the balcony
would scare them away but you could use a flower pot hanging bracket
that can be all over at hardware stores, to hang a bird feeder.

Though I'm guessing you're in an apartment and thus management wouldn't
be happy with you drilling holes into the railing, (which also may weaken it)
so I'd suggest making a wood backing plate to mount the bracket onto and
using pipe brackets to attach the whole thing to the railing.
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