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Anonymous 07/03/14(Thu)08:55 UTC+1 No.661893 Report

drilled holes in my guitar fretboard for LED's im going to install, done it in another guitar no problem.
Except this time I bought a guitar neck from china and when I drilled the holes into the fretboard, the plastic dots which are 6mm in diameter popped out. Now I have 6mm holes for 5mm Leds. What can I put around the leds to increase its diameter but sit firm and flat in the fretboard?
Anonymous 07/03/14(Thu)09:34 UTC+1 No.661906 Report

A drinking straw cut into short sections might work as a shim. You can cut segments out to shrink it if the diameter of your straw is too large, or use 2 pieces of straw cut open to make the diameter larger if it is too small. You might only need to paint the edge depending on how see through the LED's are. I don't know if you were planning on using glue or epoxy or anything to secure them, or just friction.
Anonymous 07/03/14(Thu)09:54 UTC+1 No.661911 Report

>>661906I just put some light epoxy around the edges, worked just fine in my other guitar
Anonymous 07/05/14(Sat)06:20 UTC+1 No.662808 Report

Pour resin
Anonymous 07/05/14(Sat)07:28 UTC+1 No.662835 Report

small rubber like garnet
Anonymous 07/05/14(Sat)09:20 UTC+1 No.662867 Report

u meen gromit dumas
Anonymous 07/05/14(Sat)10:06 UTC+1 No.662878 Report

google LED Holders, you can get 'em in plastic or metal for about 25 cents a piece.
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