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help Anonymous 05/09/14(Fri)15:58 UTC+1 No.636116 Report

Hey /b/ my highschool class is writing essay's and we need a college professor to check and grade the for us. Our highschool teacher has no idea how to do this.
Can someone offer any help or advice?
Anonymous 05/09/14(Fri)16:10 UTC+1 No.636117 Report

pay somebody, PhDs aren't free and Working Professors aren't known for their excess of leisure time.
Anonymous 05/09/14(Fri)16:41 UTC+1 No.636120 Report

Nor are they known for grading their own classes papers, late alone someones else's. Hit up a local collage and see if you can pay a TA or undergrad to look over your work. They are generally the ones doing the grading anyway.
Anonymous 05/09/14(Fri)17:04 UTC+1 No.636133 Report

I'm confused, who says you need a professor to grade it?
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