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Anonymous 04/13/14(Sun)17:56 UTC+1 No.624875 Report

i want to drill a 4 inch and a half hole in the wall

how do i only have a 3/8th drill because im a poorfag

is there like some cheap 10 dollar part or something
Anonymous 04/13/14(Sun)18:13 UTC+1 No.624878 Report

Buy a used/cheap 4-1/2" hole saw.
Anonymous 04/13/14(Sun)18:32 UTC+1 No.624880 Report

does that work with the drill or do i need to buy that too
Anonymous 04/13/14(Sun)18:41 UTC+1 No.624883 Report

Jesse 04/13/14(Sun)19:02 UTC+1 No.624889 Report

If the hole is going to be used to make room for mounting something, you can draw a 2.25" radius circle where you want it, then drill out several holes around the inside and you'll be able to knock it out. A 3/8" bit will suffice, but you're gonna have to drill a couple dozen times.
Anonymous 04/14/14(Mon)10:53 UTC+1 No.625208 Report

>is there like some cheap 10 dollar part or something
yea, mostly--a circle cutter
(hole saws are mostly for smaller holes, such as for fitting door locks into doors)

what you want is a 'circle cutter' (pic related - i blacked out the website name, it dont matter)
there is 1-tooth ones, but these only work in drill presses. they aren't stable enough to use in a hand-held drill
there is 2-tooth ones that work okay in hand-held drills if you are careful (pic above is a 2-tooth style)
there is 3-tooth ones (the wiki page shows one) that work the best in hand-held drills,,,,, but these are kinda expensive and harder to find

Typical circle cutters are only meant for wood, thin SOFT metals (copper, soft aluminum or galvanized steel furnace ductwork) or very thin plastic. they aren't hard enough for cutting most metals and they will snag and bend in thick plastic.

------- the great beyond --------

for cutting in metal or thick plastic, there is annular cutters and trepanning tools.
These devices are only for big+industrial drill presses or milling machines, they can't be used in hand drills or smaller/flimsy drill presses.

Rotabroach is a big name of annular cutters: hXXp://www.hougen.com/cutters/magdrill/Rotabroach_Annular_Cutters.html

Val-Cut is a big name in trepanning tools: hXXp://www.travers.com/26-036-034?Category=UserSearch=26-036-034&gclid=CLPm58jY370CFecWMgodrVIATA
Anonymous 04/14/14(Mon)11:04 UTC+1 No.625210 Report

I'm curious, how does one drill a hole to a predetermined depth without taking the bit out of the hole every few seconds to use something to measure the depth of the hole?
Anonymous 04/14/14(Mon)11:13 UTC+1 No.625211 Report

Mark the bit with tape at the depth u want.
Drill press usually has a scale that measures feed depth
Anonymous 04/14/14(Mon)11:37 UTC+1 No.625218 Report

excellent. tape is a good idea. I was thinking something far more complicated involving shims.
Anonymous 04/17/14(Thu)05:20 UTC+1 No.626399 Report

k so this should be about everything i need?
Anonymous 04/17/14(Thu)06:27 UTC+1 No.626426 Report

Keyhole saw. It won't be perfectly round. But for a dryer vent it doesn't need to be.
Anonymous 04/17/14(Thu)06:32 UTC+1 No.626427 Report

>Keyhole saw. It won't be perfectly round. But for a dryer vent it doesn't need to be.
I would agree with this^^^
$23 is a lot to spend for a hole saw you're probably only going to use one time.

if you want to do it fast and easy tho, yea. them's the thing
Anonymous 04/17/14(Thu)07:16 UTC+1 No.626434 Report

or use pic related to join up the holes you've drilled in a circle

am not a poorfag and this is probably what I'd do anyway because I am too lazy to go get a specific 4-1/2 inch hole saw or whatever
Anonymous 04/18/14(Fri)23:10 UTC+1 No.626981 Report

If you dont mind me butting in.
I have a mastercraft hand held drill along with bostitch drill bits, now my question is can I use these tools to help drill a hole into a stainless steel pot lid, thanks in advanced.
Anonymous 04/19/14(Sat)00:01 UTC+1 No.626992 Report


Drill holes.
Use padsaw.

Seriously, Americlap houses are made from damp cardboard and cheap wood. You could punch a hole through the wall.
Anonymous 04/19/14(Sat)00:04 UTC+1 No.626993 Report

Yes, but the bits are going to be sacrificed.
Anonymous 04/19/14(Sat)00:06 UTC+1 No.626995 Report

Hand held drill into steel?

You wont get enough speed and the bit will just gouge and/or bind horribly. If you persevere you may get a non-round hole, I guess.
Anonymous 04/19/14(Sat)00:08 UTC+1 No.626997 Report


Almost all common drill bits now are metal/wood, provided he uses cutting oil or some kind of lubricant (Motor oil, dish soap, ect) any damage to the drill bit is negligible.
Anonymous 04/19/14(Sat)01:13 UTC+1 No.627007 Report

>i want to drill a 4 inch and a half hole in the wall
>4 inch and a half hole
How big do you want the half hole to be?
btw: is that half round or half deep?
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