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Adam Saaks Anonymous 11/19/14(Wed)03:18 UTC+1 No.9099374 Report

So literally all this guy does is cut up Wal*Mart clothes into little strips and that's his schtick?

How is this even a thing, how does this guy get to called a designer when all he does is make holes in shit?
/fa/scist faggot 11/19/14(Wed)03:23 UTC+1 No.9099395 Report


Though it's not very innovative or tasteful, it still requires a level of skill to get the fabric to do what you want. I wouldn't say he's a designer either, though. Maybe a "technician"? "Specialist"? "Customizer"? Whatever.
kingfatsacks 11/19/14(Wed)03:21 UTC+1 No.9099385 Report

He's unique and entertains people.

He's able to connect with poor people and I the fashion world so. I'm with you though I'm not that impressed, post more walmart fits please.
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