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Anonymous 08/15/14(Fri)12:57 UTC+1 No.8652296 Report

Are Teen Suicide /fa/?
Anonymous 08/15/14(Fri)13:02 UTC+1 No.8652313 Report

yes teen suicide is fashionable, kill yourself and be remembered for once
Anonymous 08/15/14(Fri)13:05 UTC+1 No.8652323 Report

More specificially was I asking about their ~outfits~ in pic related.
Anonymous 08/15/14(Fri)13:07 UTC+1 No.8652326 Report

Tumblr-core non-qts. This gaudy shit was played out by 2011.
Anonymous 08/15/14(Fri)13:08 UTC+1 No.8652331 Report

I don't use tumblr but if that's what tumblr-core is then I think I like it.
I want those flower pants.
Anonymous 08/15/14(Fri)13:09 UTC+1 No.8652335 Report

Anonymous 08/15/14(Fri)13:10 UTC+1 No.8652341 Report

Then you just have bad taste. Sorry. There's your answer, you can leave now.
Anonymous 08/15/14(Fri)13:10 UTC+1 No.8652343 Report

I thought wearing what I like seemed right.
positivity 08/15/14(Fri)13:12 UTC+1 No.8652349 Report

they dress way differently now tho?

theyre great anyway so i'm gonna say yes. :)
Anonymous 08/15/14(Fri)13:13 UTC+1 No.8652354 Report

Yeah, I guess with Julia Brown they left their edgy phase.
I liked the edgy phase, too, though.
Anonymous 08/15/14(Fri)13:14 UTC+1 No.8652358 Report

thats after you develop good taste
Anonymous 08/15/14(Fri)13:16 UTC+1 No.8652367 Report

Is good/ bad clothing objective?
Anonymous 08/15/14(Fri)13:17 UTC+1 No.8652371 Report

yes, you have to look like you're an autistic ninja, that's /fa/
positivity 08/15/14(Fri)13:21 UTC+1 No.8652380 Report

oh they still look edgy man, dont worry

alec and sam just have slightly better haircuts and glasses
Anonymous 08/15/14(Fri)13:23 UTC+1 No.8652385 Report

They're definitely not /fa/, they look weak and effeminate and "quirky"
plus their music is shit. real /fa/ emo is stuff like rites of spring, indian summer, orchid
positivity 08/15/14(Fri)13:26 UTC+1 No.8652394 Report





Anonymous 08/15/14(Fri)13:32 UTC+1 No.8652407 Report

In terms of whiteness they are about this white
Anonymous 08/15/14(Fri)13:59 UTC+1 No.8652485 Report

They're adorable.
'To Be Close To You' is a lovely album, I wish they would rerecord all of the songs in better quality, like they did with Libary.

How do you like "An Abundance Of Strawberries'?

>weak, effeminate, quirky
Exactly me, then. No wonder I like their style.
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