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Earrings for men Ayeonflnyennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn 07/06/14(Sun)17:26 UTC+1 No.8454976 Report

What do you think about earrings for men? I am planning to buy little black ones. (similar to the ones in the pic) People in my country are very conservative (and dress horribly bad-like all slavs) and guys with earrings/skinny jeans/and other things like these are often called faggots or at least considered to be strange. Do people from western EU or Murica think the same way as retarded slovians?
Anonymous 07/06/14(Sun)17:41 UTC+1 No.8455008 Report

Do it.
Midwest USA earrings, gauges are very common(men and women), probably same with all of the good US of A
Also takes a persons eye away from a less than appealing face(acne, scars)---------------I hate skinny jeans makes men look deformed and makes women look they fucked up the size at the store
fyi fat americans are more likely to wear skinny jeans than most other people
BTW getting called a faggot should be the least of your worries, its a mid tier insult
Suggestion: get bright orange or white plugs and say fuck you to everyone
Girls will love you
Anonymous 07/06/14(Sun)17:42 UTC+1 No.8455014 Report

is that paddy o'brien?
Ayeonflnyen 07/06/14(Sun)17:48 UTC+1 No.8455028 Report

Thanks, does anybody of you have experience with pierced ears? I mean are there problems with infections or with healing holes?
zachipster 07/06/14(Sun)17:52 UTC+1 No.8455036 Report

I've thought about it and i think it would kinda suit but me but 2trendy4 me really, i would look like a twat
Anonymous 07/06/14(Sun)18:08 UTC+1 No.8455102 Report

>Also takes a persons eye away from a less than appealing face

i dispute this. typically the "busier" a face is the less attractive it will be perceived to be.
Anonymous 07/06/14(Sun)18:10 UTC+1 No.8455107 Report

exactly, beauty is a trick, it's all about symmetry.
Ayeonflnyen 07/06/14(Sun)18:11 UTC+1 No.8455115 Report

>Also takes a persons eye away from a less than appealing face(acne, scars)

I don't have problems with scars or acne.
Ayeonflnyen 07/06/14(Sun)18:17 UTC+1 No.8455143 Report

I'm thinking about them because my girl friend told me that black earrings would suit me (dark eyes and nearly black hair) and I am trying to find my own lets say style and start to look more fashionable.
Ayeonflnyen 07/06/14(Sun)18:25 UTC+1 No.8455176 Report

naah I meant a friend that is a women. But it is a funny and slightly possible theory.
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