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Anonymous 07/04/14(Fri)21:57 UTC+1 No.8448278 Report

Hey /fa/ female here, can I get some festival clothing inspo?
Anonymous 07/04/14(Fri)22:01 UTC+1 No.8448294 Report


The festival trend for 2014 is bottomless
yes, wear whatever the fuck u want but never put on skirts-shorts-pants-panties-etc on.
Get with the times grandma.
Anonymous 07/04/14(Fri)22:17 UTC+1 No.8448353 Report

Nice pic!
Anonymous 07/05/14(Sat)00:37 UTC+1 No.8448764 Report

>alexa chung
Anonymous 07/05/14(Sat)00:41 UTC+1 No.8448776 Report

>clubmasters or wayfarers
>jack daniels tanktop
>if top is black jean shorts and not white bra
>if top is white black leather shorts and black bra

this makes the man cum
Anonymous 07/05/14(Sat)00:46 UTC+1 No.8448785 Report

maybe in like 2011
this is basic af today and makes me roll my eyes
but I like girls in floral dresses so you can disregard my opinion

as for OP, whatever you wear, also get a bindi so you can piss tumblrites off
Anonymous 07/05/14(Sat)01:00 UTC+1 No.8448821 Report


that shit (except for the glasses obviously) has been going on forever m8

it's called a classic and don't you dare say some retarded fedora shit
Anonymous 07/05/14(Sat)01:49 UTC+1 No.8448979 Report

just dont wear those damn flower crowns
Anonymous 07/05/14(Sat)07:03 UTC+1 No.8449841 Report

fuck, she's so attractive
Anonymous 07/05/14(Sat)07:06 UTC+1 No.8449846 Report

Anonymous 07/05/14(Sat)07:08 UTC+1 No.8449851 Report


Whatever u do, pls remember to GET a flower crown. They are SO trendy right now!
HY DE 07/05/14(Sat)07:12 UTC+1 No.8449860 Report

oh man, hope falls festival line up doesn't disappoint

byron masterrace
Anonymous 07/05/14(Sat)14:26 UTC+1 No.8450660 Report

10/10 would kek again
pigfuck 07/05/14(Sat)14:28 UTC+1 No.8450662 Report

haha be happy to help
yeah uhh my dick is good
my dick min ya munty cunt
me dick mate
me big old cock
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