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Anonymous 07/04/14(Fri)19:52 UTC+1 No.8447793 Report

How do I wear contacts without them irritating the shit out of my eyes?
Anonymous 07/04/14(Fri)19:57 UTC+1 No.8447817 Report

you should be asking your eye doctor this. srs.
They will put you on softer/different lens samples and different solutions until you find a comb that works for you.
My doctor had found my eyes to be flat and that I needed a flatter lens type when I had this problem. Tried like 3 samples and took no time at all.
Anonymous 07/04/14(Fri)20:29 UTC+1 No.8447909 Report

Try night contacts.
You wear them while you sleep, they fix your eye, and when you wake up you take them out and you can see for the rest of the day/a few days
Anonymous 07/04/14(Fri)20:29 UTC+1 No.8447912 Report

I fucking wish
Anonymous 07/04/14(Fri)20:30 UTC+1 No.8447915 Report

Srsly, they exist..
Anonymous 07/04/14(Fri)20:32 UTC+1 No.8447923 Report

I googled it and it seems they're only prototypes right now
Anonymous 07/04/14(Fri)20:33 UTC+1 No.8447925 Report

Air Optix Night and Day is the only contact right now that is FDA approved to be worn while you sleep and even then no doctor suggests you do that fuck off with your shit.
Anonymous 07/04/14(Fri)20:37 UTC+1 No.8447944 Report

>Live in The Netherlands
>Go to ophthalmologist
>He recommends me night contacts

Now I am living the dream of wearing no contacts by day
Anonymous 07/04/14(Fri)20:42 UTC+1 No.8447970 Report

Sounds like you didn't get them adjusted for your eyes. Get a good ophthalmologist or optician to do that for you.
If you had that done already and they still irritate you, the person who did it is probably a pleb. That happens
Anonymous 07/04/14(Fri)20:45 UTC+1 No.8447987 Report

night contacts are completely different from regular contacts. i had them for a while when i was a kid, they're stiff as fuck and are custom fitted to your eyes to correct your eyes while you sleep. i'm oversimplifying it by a lot but that's the gist of it.

it's pretty insane, you put them on at night and in the morning you have 20/20 when you take them off.
Anonymous 07/04/14(Fri)21:16 UTC+1 No.8448140 Report

I can't believe this is real, thanks guys i'm gonna look into them
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