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New sunglasses, /fa/ or no?...
Anonymous 07/08/14(Tue)01:24 UTC+1 No.8461370 Report

New sunglasses, /fa/ or no? Also post sunglasses/glasses.
Anonymous 07/08/14(Tue)03:41 UTC+1 No.8461790 Report
File: -1.jpg-(125x70)
>>8461370They look...

They look alright to me. What matters more is whether or not they fit your face. Post a picture when them on, if you can - that's the easiest way to tell whether they're good or not.

Here's a shitty picture of my Clubmasters.
Anonymous 07/08/14(Tue)05:03 UTC+1 No.8462026 Report

Clubmasters look so weird on me, I wish I could wear them.
Anonymous 07/08/14(Tue)12:29 UTC+1 No.8463288 Report

What brand?
????/ƒ?/? 07/08/14(Tue)12:36 UTC+1 No.8463300 Report
File: yeahidoabitofmoddelinghereandthere.jpg-(125x125)
>>8462026+1That half...

That half frame makes it look like i have DBZ eyebrows.

Trying new frames on is always a bit weird though when you're not used to wearing glasses. And most of the time the in-store help is utterly retarded.
Anonymous 07/08/14(Tue)13:27 UTC+1 No.8463400 Report
File: Free-Shipping-font-b-Retrosuperfuture-b-font-brief-fashion-font-b-sunglasses-b-font-.jpg-(125x125)
Anonymous 07/08/14(Tue)14:44 UTC+1 No.8463624 Report

Not trying to hijack thread but

I have a quite narrow and long face with a bigger nose, Jaw from front is okay, profile quite short though

what kind of sunglasses would fit me?
Anonymous 07/08/14(Tue)21:12 UTC+1 No.8465225 Report

sauce on these tho
Anonymous 07/08/14(Tue)22:02 UTC+1 No.8465397 Report

Oliver Peoples NDG I believe, however I have never seen this color combination.
Anonymous 07/08/14(Tue)22:04 UTC+1 No.8465408 Report

Try rounder frames, they look awesome if you can pull them off. If you have a smaller face avoid larger shades, go for something smaller, classic and conservative.
Anonymous 07/08/14(Tue)22:09 UTC+1 No.8465433 Report

Something like this I mean.
Anonymous 07/08/14(Tue)22:51 UTC+1 No.8465588 Report

w2c similar? I know his are paul smith but i'm no EU
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