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What's the most effay...
Anonymous 07/18/14(Fri)01:09 UTC+1 No.8508641 Report

What's the most effay drum corps, /fa/? I wanna say Blue Devils, but Phantom Regiment wears all black or all white every year and they have the coolest name/ play the least corny arrangements...

Pic related is Phantom last year
Anonymous 07/18/14(Fri)02:46 UTC+1 No.8508989 Report

All marching bands look awful, I have no idea who designs these uniforms, but good god. A clean military look is too much apparently, no, we have to look like stormtroopers crossed with colonial explorers.
Anonymous 07/18/14(Fri)04:47 UTC+1 No.8509434 Report

people in marching bands are delusional nerds
Anonymous 07/18/14(Fri)06:00 UTC+1 No.8509746 Report

Go to bed Alex
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