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Android vs Apple Liquidfire3d 04/30/14(Wed)04:17 UTC+1 No.153060 Report

What evil awaits in deep space for our little Android friend?

NorteƱo Master Race 04/30/14(Wed)04:27 UTC+1 No.153061 Report

Apple would never have a mothership as gray as that one
Anonymous 04/30/14(Wed)04:45 UTC+1 No.153062 Report

I can't wait for android to make a unique product that revolutionises how we interface with technology.

> coming: never,
Anonymous 04/30/14(Wed)04:52 UTC+1 No.153063 Report

I'm so fucking tired of you apple fan boys going on non stop about how apple revolutionizes interfaces when all they do is steal from other companies

I've been told they invented slide to unlock
they didn't
they didn't
they didn't
the cloud
they didn't
and the new iPhone I just a piece of fucking dollar store plastic with a windows ripped off design and android features

whatever, I hope you keep wasting your money on that bullshit, you don't deserve it
Anonymous 04/30/14(Wed)04:57 UTC+1 No.153064 Report

bonus round for shit apple likes to pretend they invented:
touch screen phones
music players
whatever an iMac is technically called I don't even know anymore Jesus fuck
Anonymous 04/30/14(Wed)05:13 UTC+1 No.153067 Report

The flames.

I'm not saying apple invented anything. I'm saying they made a unique standout products that were so good, they set the standard.

Come on. Before the iPod, MP3 players didn't exist and if they did they were shitty and definitely not cool or something you could take anywhere. They were a pain in the ass to load up with music and just.. no.

Watch this. Tell me how your android phone had anywhere near that much impact on technology.

Fact is, they make stuff that works. Present a complex and intricate product in a format anyone can use. So hate all you like, without their example we would have horrible devices. Guarantee it.
Anonymous 04/30/14(Wed)07:51 UTC+1 No.153090 Report

>I can't wait for google to make a unique product that revolutionises how we interface with technology

> coming: 10 years ago

Anonymous 04/30/14(Wed)08:29 UTC+1 No.153096 Report

and that was exactly..?

If you're referring to the search engine that came 20+ years ago, yeah it's pretty great. Though not unique. Nor was it a physical piece of hardware. A usable product you can interface with.

Also if you actually watch the video you can stop viewing Jobs/Apple as some Nazi dictatorship and understand their desire to create products that people use. Understand it from a design perspective. You don't have to like it. Just appreciate the concept. At no point does he say he's inventing anything. It's made explicitly clear that he's improving something people had attempted poorly. Just like htc and other companies feel they are improving the iPhone by copying it.

In fact, the Google CEO even comes on stage in that video. How ya like that?

This is a pointless argument anyway. I'm in favour of neither. You should just thank god we're not all using blackberries.
Anonymous 04/30/14(Wed)08:58 UTC+1 No.153103 Report

>A usable product you can interface with

Not only is this pretty much google search summed up in a single sentence, but apple pretty much ripped everything it ever knew about designing user interfaces straight from Xerox Parc.
Anonymous 04/30/14(Wed)10:49 UTC+1 No.153115 Report

No. Google is not a physical thing.
I'm talking about how apple invented the mouse and slimmed down your fat devices. Not their software. You really are not looking at the bigger picture.
Anonymous 04/30/14(Wed)11:51 UTC+1 No.153117 Report

>all these faggots thinking that apple computers were revolutionary

Excuse me while I slap each one of you upside-down with an IBM Think-pad.
Anonymous 04/30/14(Wed)12:03 UTC+1 No.153119 Report

>apple invented the mouse

Every argument you made has been invalidated
Anonymous 04/30/14(Wed)16:41 UTC+1 No.153144 Report

Um.. No not at all.
This is just an android circle jerk.

They did invent the mouse too. At least a decent usable version of one, which was to lead to todays devices. You need to get your facts straight and again, look at the bigger picture.
Without apple, android wouldn't exist.

Judging by the fact you think google is 10 years old I'm assuming you're just a bitter 14 year old that can't afford apple products, has probably never used them and therefore hates them with no justification. I'm done here. Do some reading.
Anonymous 04/30/14(Wed)17:56 UTC+1 No.153158 Report

The current apple os that actually is usable is based on unix and runs on intel processors.

Please tell me more about how apple isn't just a prettied version of linux

protip: you can't

also this is coming from someone on Mavericks
Anonymous 04/30/14(Wed)17:58 UTC+1 No.153160 Report

>they did invent the mouse
>"oh shit now I have to backpedal"
>"I mean apple really innovated the mouse. They do so much innovation"
Anonymous 04/30/14(Wed)19:38 UTC+1 No.153176 Report

I'm not arguing this point - at all?

At no point am I saying apple did anything beyond innovating shit products and creating a global market for them.

My concern is not with their software, even remotely. An OS isn't anything special. Neither is reselling hardware to support it.

What I'm talking about is the middle-point, how we physically interface with those things. The mouse. Multi touch. Reduction of complexity. The zen approach to their product aesthetics. Industrial design. Not User Interface.

Just watch the video I posted first. Steve says it all there and in many other similar keynotes. It should un-fog your view that apple claim any such ownership of these reinventions. I'm merely stating that they take a sensible approach to design which other companies overlook due to predefined parameters. Apple are daring and make things that no one else has the balls try.

The closest thing google have to that is google glass. Which is pretty cool but not something there's currently a demand or need for.
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