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/gd/ - Graphic Design - Font Share Thread 16

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File: FST16.png-(4 KB, 200x200)
Font Share Thread 16
Font Share Thread 16 Anonymous 08/09/14(Sat)13:10 UTC+1 No.169834 Report

Use this thread for font shares and requests. Please, search the previous threads using the archive before requesting a font. Remember not to use pirated fonts for commercial work.

Previous threads:

pt: 15: https://archive.foolz.us/gd/thread/166782/
pt: 14: https://archive.foolz.us/gd/thread/164870/
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pt. 2: https://archive.foolz.us/gd/thread/95854
pt. 1: https://archive.foolz.us/gd/thread/75031

Adobe Fontfolio: http://www.mediafire.com/download/027xjs3ujvyqxmd/Fonts.zip
adam 08/09/14(Sat)13:17 UTC+1 No.169837 Report

honestly, why does moot make these compressed jpgs?
The png is 4192 bytes.
The jpg thumbnail is 4692 bytes, and it looks godawful. It's bloody larger than the png.

anyways, on topic:
There are many thousands of fonts. How do I choose which one is best suited for a project? Is there some method that you guys use to deduce what type of font to use? I don't think switching out fonts repeatedly until one looks "right" is correct.
(NB: I'm not a graphic designer, I'm a programmer, but graphic designs interest me.)
Anonymous 08/09/14(Sat)13:26 UTC+1 No.169838 Report

Does anyone have Kiro?
adam 08/09/14(Sat)13:36 UTC+1 No.169839 Report
File: Kiro.jpg-(125x125)
>>169838Kiro, as a...
Kiro, as a webrip.
I must say, this font is pleasantly round
Siege 08/09/14(Sat)14:54 UTC+1 No.169853 Report


Here's what I have.
Tungsten Rounded


Anonymous 08/09/14(Sat)15:03 UTC+1 No.169857 Report

Requesting Felicita, if anyone has it.
Anonymous 08/09/14(Sat)16:13 UTC+1 No.169867 Report
File: type-specimen5.jpg-(125x83)
hi! does anyone have RM...

does anyone have RM regular family?

Anonymous 08/09/14(Sat)16:53 UTC+1 No.169870 Report

Repost here my request for Chinese fonts. Thanks again!
beraya 08/09/14(Sat)17:14 UTC+1 No.169878 Report

can someone get "FF Good" to share from printroot:

thanks a lot
such fonts | much type 08/09/14(Sat)17:22 UTC+1 No.169880 Report
File: FTPro.jpg-(125x87)
Here I am, requesting this...
Here I am, requesting this again.

Series of Program fonts from Emigre foundry
especially OT Book | OT Medium
in hope that someone has anything of this.
Anonymous 08/09/14(Sat)17:27 UTC+1 No.169884 Report

I would like to request Ascender Sans
Omen 08/09/14(Sat)17:56 UTC+1 No.169888 Report

Thanks, too bad it's missing a pretty much all accent characters.
Anonymous 08/09/14(Sat)17:58 UTC+1 No.169889 Report

It’s a WOFF-extract, actually.
Anonymous 08/09/14(Sat)20:19 UTC+1 No.169922 Report

nice question, i'm interested as well!
Anonymous 08/09/14(Sat)20:40 UTC+1 No.169927 Report

Need Century Expanded for a project. Thanks!

PecOSx 08/09/14(Sat)21:23 UTC+1 No.169934 Report

Courtesty printroot:
RM Regular (Mash Creative)

Anonymous 08/09/14(Sat)22:09 UTC+1 No.169940 Report
File: game-of-thrones-season-4-poster-0002-850x560[1].jpg-(125x82)
What's the font used in...
What's the font used in Game of Thrones?
Anonymous 08/09/14(Sat)23:25 UTC+1 No.169950 Report

Pretty sure it's Trajan Pro
leviathan 08/09/14(Sat)23:48 UTC+1 No.169955 Report

Anyone found Scotch Modern and Scotch Roman complete typefaces?
adam 08/10/14(Sun)03:08 UTC+1 No.169972 Report



Anonymous 08/10/14(Sun)04:34 UTC+1 No.169983 Report
File: 455474.jpg-(125x53)
And idea on this one?
And idea on this one?
Anonymous 08/10/14(Sun)04:40 UTC+1 No.169984 Report

christ not this again
use whatthefont
Anonymous 08/10/14(Sun)06:31 UTC+1 No.169999 Report

Anyone got the Koch package?
Anonymous 08/10/14(Sun)09:04 UTC+1 No.170007 Report

Anyone have Canto Pen, or any of the Canto family?

Anonymous 08/10/14(Sun)10:18 UTC+1 No.170011 Report

I'm looking for:


Koch Original


Thunderbolt 76
Anonymous 08/10/14(Sun)10:26 UTC+1 No.170013 Report

Anyone have Bourbon & Bourbon Rough?
Anonymous 08/10/14(Sun)10:28 UTC+1 No.170014 Report

Has anyone got trend and/or trend handmade?

I found handmade a few pages back but the link's dead now.

Thanks in advance!
Anonymous 08/10/14(Sun)11:57 UTC+1 No.170019 Report


>Ascender Sans

propixel 08/10/14(Sun)11:57 UTC+1 No.170020 Report

Complete set
mediafire . com
Anonymous 08/10/14(Sun)12:13 UTC+1 No.170021 Report


>Century Expanded
>Adobe version

Anonymous 08/10/14(Sun)12:46 UTC+1 No.170026 Report


6 Font Foundry Typefaces

-Brush Up

http://www.datafilehost. com/d/6d427594
Siege 08/10/14(Sun)14:43 UTC+1 No.170040 Report

Sorry, All I had.
Anonymous 08/10/14(Sun)16:52 UTC+1 No.170050 Report

thanks a lot <3
Anonymous 08/10/14(Sun)19:14 UTC+1 No.170066 Report

Recomend me a good font to use in something casino/croupier related. I want something classy but edgy
Anonymous 08/10/14(Sun)20:39 UTC+1 No.170081 Report

found the Maison Neue from Milieu Grotesk, if someone is interested

PecOSx 08/10/14(Sun)21:27 UTC+1 No.170088 Report
File: singlepoles.jpg-(40x125)
Looking for some help with...
Looking for some help with Monopol and would even appreciate a w-r version. Many thx.

Monopol (Suitcase Type Foundry)

PecOSx 08/10/14(Sun)21:42 UTC+1 No.170092 Report


Coupe (courtesy printroot)

Koch Original (Is in this pack of LetterPerfect fonts, courtesy printroot):

Thunderbolt (T-26) is here:

Rubrik is here on printroot, but you'll need a members help to grab it:
PecOSx 08/10/14(Sun)21:43 UTC+1 No.170093 Report


Anonymous 08/10/14(Sun)22:36 UTC+1 No.170098 Report
File: b7ff2ed1e60e0a920f9c99269c9a650ffb5d7b24_full.jpg-(125x125)
anyone recognize the font?
anyone recognize the font?
Anonymous 08/11/14(Mon)00:12 UTC+1 No.170115 Report

It depends on the project and in what context the typeface will be displayed. What will the typeface be used for? In the case of a logo, for instance, you'd be working with few words on a large scale. You'll have to choose a font and a color palette that fits the profile of the client and either use it as it is, or as a starting point, to then make adjustments and hopefully end up with an original and memorable artwork.
At the other end of the spectrum you have editorial design, which requires a much technical knowledge about typography. You have to pay attention to the typography -- font combinations. good kerning, tracking, and leading. paragraphs nicely justified and ragged edges well adjusted -- as well as the elements surrounding it e.g. photographts, illustrations, etc. You start the same way by choosing one or several typefaces that fit the profile of whoever the work is for, then you build a grid out of it, then build a layout, then place all your elements and play around some more until your work starts to take shape.
I know it's a long reply, but there really isn't a short answer to your question.
Anonymous 08/11/14(Mon)06:25 UTC+1 No.170156 Report

Looking for:

- Whitman
- Franziska
- Renard
- Arnhem (original, not the extracted one)

Anonymous 08/11/14(Mon)06:33 UTC+1 No.170159 Report

Ooh-lala, thanks a lot, mate. Wasn't expecting a single dude to deliver on all of them.
Anonymous 08/11/14(Mon)12:05 UTC+1 No.170179 Report

Does anyone have Marchiarge? Would be much appreciated. Thanks.
Anonymous 08/11/14(Mon)12:11 UTC+1 No.170180 Report

Sorry, it's Machiarge (not Marchiarge)
Anonymous 08/11/14(Mon)13:15 UTC+1 No.170182 Report

Requesting: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/stereotypes/atletico/
Anonymous 08/11/14(Mon)13:34 UTC+1 No.170184 Report

Koch file is corrupted in that LP pack.
Anonymous 08/11/14(Mon)13:38 UTC+1 No.170185 Report

>Koch Original (Is in this pack of LetterPerfect fonts, courtesy printroot):
All files are corrupted
Anonymous 08/11/14(Mon)14:03 UTC+1 No.170186 Report

it's the fault of printroot uploader, nothing we can do about that
Anonymous 08/11/14(Mon)14:06 UTC+1 No.170187 Report

Aww, that sucks
adam 08/11/14(Mon)14:09 UTC+1 No.170188 Report

don't give up hope yet, the files seem to be in a mac-filesystem format called AppleDouble (._ files)
Currently researching it, might be able to recreate the fonts...
Anonymous 08/11/14(Mon)14:20 UTC+1 No.170192 Report

Does somebody have a working copy of Realist by MartinPlusFonts?


The MF version doesn't seem to include ot features.
Anonymous 08/11/14(Mon)14:25 UTC+1 No.170194 Report

Could somebody help me crack this link (that is trying various combinations of capitals and lowercase)? I've been trying for some time but I had no luck!

Anonymous 08/11/14(Mon)14:30 UTC+1 No.170196 Report

Most likely they are Mac PS, we need somebody with a mac to open them and kind enough to convert them. At least this one is the only option I see. But hopefully adam can help all us out with his programming skills!
adam 08/11/14(Mon)15:36 UTC+1 No.170201 Report
File: well...jpg-(125x36)

I extract the postscript file from the ._ apple files and I've also converted them to ttf using fontforge.
The quality though, I think is not too good. In the image, top is preview from myfonts.com, and bottom is using AI to render the font. Some major differences in kerning here.
I've included the postscript files in the archive, so if anyone knows of a better way to convert them I'm all ears
Luca 08/11/14(Mon)15:49 UTC+1 No.170204 Report

Hi hi, pls i need help with this font

propixel 08/11/14(Mon)15:53 UTC+1 No.170205 Report

Mac PostScript, converted to OpenType PosScript.
OTF files.

Lorenzo 08/11/14(Mon)16:05 UTC+1 No.170206 Report


>Syntax Next LT
Linotype - v2 - .otf (W1G)


There you go...
adam 08/11/14(Mon)16:09 UTC+1 No.170208 Report

hmm, still when I test koch there's no kerning at all
I wonder if the original files don't have that feature?
leviathan 08/11/14(Mon)16:29 UTC+1 No.170209 Report

I'm sorry I didn't provide a link for scotch modern, I saw was posted in a past thread (n.10)but the link is no more valid. It also appeared in printroot, but I have no access. hope u can help me.
adam 08/11/14(Mon)16:44 UTC+1 No.170210 Report

ok, seems like some other fonts work fine..Koch doesn't have GPOS table for some reason
Although, looking at the fonts, they seem to only have one lookup table for positioning. Probably just the way they were made, I guess....
(some other fonts I have on hand have 20+ tables)
Kyro 08/11/14(Mon)17:24 UTC+1 No.170213 Report


Anonymous 08/11/14(Mon)20:45 UTC+1 No.170241 Report

After discovering these threads I feel like a kid in a cnady store.
Thank you all.
Anonymous 08/12/14(Tue)00:13 UTC+1 No.170276 Report

We all felt the same when we first came here. Indeed, despite being a veteran of this thread, I am still feeling like that! Thank you guys!
propixel 08/12/14(Tue)00:18 UTC+1 No.170279 Report

It's how it was made. I looked at the all the font data before converting that one. I can define and kerning set.
propixel 08/12/14(Tue)00:23 UTC+1 No.170280 Report

Never mind. Can't. This only contains the basic glyphs and metrics. No other data is present. You'll have to manually define the tables and kerning.
InTheMood 08/12/14(Tue)01:42 UTC+1 No.170303 Report

Anyone have these fonts to share?
Avernus URW
T26 Bauhau
P22 Marcel

Thanks :)
InTheMood 08/12/14(Tue)02:09 UTC+1 No.170310 Report

Letterperfect 2.0 converted
all fonts ok, I guess

PecOSx 08/12/14(Tue)04:05 UTC+1 No.170330 Report


Couldn't find Avernus in the wild. Not even a printroot request. It is on myfonts tho.

I can arrange T26 Blauhaus (you had Bauhau tho - so just confirm if that was a typo and I can help).

P22 Marcel - courtesy printroot is here:

I was not very lucky with Stern Pro, however - CT re-mastered the RTF version - and another bummer - it wasn't in the putl@cker CT repository. Printroot has a request for Pro, but the only answer back was a version of RTF Stern Regular. If you want that, it's here:
Vampy 08/12/14(Tue)04:34 UTC+1 No.170333 Report



password: printroot.com
InTheMood 08/12/14(Tue)06:41 UTC+1 No.170341 Report

BIG Thanks for your time :)
Marcel is a pretty cursive font

Bauhau is Bauhau; funny name, funny font. I lost and found! Attached.

Stern, Stern Pro or any other font don't deserve ASV Extracted

Avernus URW I found here: http://nowa .cc/archive/index.php/t-214851.html
russian language + hide link = tooooo much for me! lol!
Anonymous 08/12/14(Tue)11:27 UTC+1 No.170348 Report
File: download.jpg-(124x81)
Looking for FF Netto:...
Looking for FF Netto: http://www.fontshop.com/fonts/downloads/fontfont/ff_netto_pro/
such fonts | much type 08/12/14(Tue)12:27 UTC+1 No.170352 Report


this will cost you Brutto :)
PecOSx 08/12/14(Tue)13:49 UTC+1 No.170362 Report


You're welcome - sorry about the Bauhau confusion

Look what I found!

Avernus (URW++)

Anonymous 08/12/14(Tue)13:53 UTC+1 No.170363 Report

Thank you!
propixel 08/12/14(Tue)14:10 UTC+1 No.170365 Report

Purchased FF Chartwell
Really cool font: https://www.fontfont.com/fonts/chartwell/packages
mediafire . com

Looking for
PecOSx 08/12/14(Tue)14:35 UTC+1 No.170369 Report


ShamelessPlug 08/12/14(Tue)15:48 UTC+1 No.170375 Report

Humbly requesting the FF Scala Offc package. Specifically Scala Sans and Scala Sans SC.

Anonymous 08/12/14(Tue)17:34 UTC+1 No.170386 Report
File: Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 11.32.01 AM.jpg-(76x81)
I'm looking for a font...
I'm looking for a font with this type of Rs
Olav 08/12/14(Tue)17:53 UTC+1 No.170393 Report


FF Scala:

Anonymous 08/12/14(Tue)17:57 UTC+1 No.170394 Report

How do you guys get all these fonts? Do you actually buy them?
propixel 08/12/14(Tue)17:58 UTC+1 No.170395 Report

Sweet. Thanks!
Anonymous 08/12/14(Tue)18:05 UTC+1 No.170397 Report

What could happen if I use a pirated font in commercial use?
ShamelessPlug 08/12/14(Tue)18:06 UTC+1 No.170398 Report

Thank you so much!
Olav 08/12/14(Tue)18:08 UTC+1 No.170400 Report

You're welcome
Anonymous 08/12/14(Tue)18:50 UTC+1 No.170414 Report

If it's for an obscure society/brand which isn't located at the same place as the typograph, you won't be caught for it.
If it's nationwide or even worse, buy the font while your client have chosen your product.

Also, if you use a classic like Helvetica or Garamond, it's impossible to detect that you've used a pirated font.
Anonymous 08/12/14(Tue)19:51 UTC+1 No.170431 Report

Anyone has Monsterific?
PecOSx 08/12/14(Tue)19:58 UTC+1 No.170433 Report
File: notsohigh.jpg-(125x62)
Any help with:Lowe (The...
Any help with:

Lowe (The Northern Block)
(I recognize that it's still requested on Printroot and unanswered, and has been requested here before but...). Will happily settle for a w-r as well. :)
PecOSx 08/12/14(Tue)20:00 UTC+1 No.170434 Report

Monsterific (Blambot) (1xOTF)
Anonymous 08/12/14(Tue)20:26 UTC+1 No.170444 Report

Indeed, I do. I recently estimated that I have spent about 100 000$ on fonts in the last 5 years. It's a high figure, and yes, sometimes fonts are overpriced. However, I couldn't have spent my money better.
PecOSx 08/12/14(Tue)20:35 UTC+1 No.170446 Report
File: grainelevators.jpg-(95x125)
Apologies for hitting the...
Apologies for hitting the thread with another request... just wondering if anyone has managed to scare up:

Silo (Complete Family: Silo and Silo Slab)

- even a web rip? It's a loverly font family, has been requested a few times.
Anonymous 08/12/14(Tue)21:09 UTC+1 No.170457 Report

Does anyone have (Comicraft) Forked Tongue?
Much appreciated.
Graphie 08/12/14(Tue)21:34 UTC+1 No.170459 Report
File: 144305.jpg-(125x62)
Bump for...GRAPHIE...
Bump for...


PecOSx 08/12/14(Tue)22:17 UTC+1 No.170464 Report


Looked back in the archives, it has been requested before - didn't look like it was posted (but I could be wrong)... regardless... I have a web rip if that's good enough for you here:

Graphie (Flat-it) [Web Rip]

(apologies for any duplication of effort here)
such fonts | much type 08/13/14(Wed)00:14 UTC+1 No.170479 Report


Are you for real?
Could you maybe get me Emigre Book | Emigre Medium, if you're interested in those as well???
Anonymous 08/13/14(Wed)01:18 UTC+1 No.170486 Report

Looking for Sanzettica 4 Bold!
Sam 08/13/14(Wed)03:52 UTC+1 No.170494 Report

Anyone have calibre?

Really beautiful typeface I wish I could afford.
InTheMood 08/13/14(Wed)05:47 UTC+1 No.170506 Report

I love this kind of shape 8D
InTheMood 08/13/14(Wed)06:24 UTC+1 No.170512 Report

Anonymous 08/13/14(Wed)07:24 UTC+1 No.170515 Report


Did you even Google this?


Olav 08/13/14(Wed)07:28 UTC+1 No.170516 Report



InTheMood 08/13/14(Wed)07:43 UTC+1 No.170518 Report


rip font, I guess
Anonymous 08/13/14(Wed)09:34 UTC+1 No.170533 Report

anybody got some fonts by Mark van Bronkhorst (MVB Fonts) for me?


most interesting ones:
MVB Solitaire
MVB Sweet Sans
MVB Embarcadero
MVB Verdigris
MVB Solano Gothic

big request, i know...
much appreciated!
Anonymous 08/13/14(Wed)13:12 UTC+1 No.170542 Report

My ass.
Anonymous 08/13/14(Wed)13:30 UTC+1 No.170544 Report
File: fakt.jpg-(125x41)
looking for...
looking for Fakt:
adam 08/13/14(Wed)14:30 UTC+1 No.170546 Report

hm, I have a "silo slab webrip.7z", but it seems I never posted it. super weird. Must've liked it and wanted to use personally :D

Silo webrip

Silo Slab webrip
propixel 08/13/14(Wed)15:09 UTC+1 No.170548 Report

Yea, I call bullshit. Explain why you're on this thread then?

lol. Same.
Anonymous 08/13/14(Wed)16:02 UTC+1 No.170553 Report
File: FONT-DECO.jpg-(125x66)
Anyone have this font please?,...
Anyone have this font please?, the style is Art Deco
Anonymous 08/13/14(Wed)16:45 UTC+1 No.170559 Report



PecOSx 08/13/14(Wed)16:51 UTC+1 No.170563 Report

Many thanks InTheMood !!
such fonts | much type 08/13/14(Wed)16:54 UTC+1 No.170564 Report


I'm like... ok.. I'll request fonts once more,
and he has a chance of proving he actually
buys them, by purchasing those for not just me, but US! :)
PecOSx 08/13/14(Wed)16:57 UTC+1 No.170565 Report

Many thanks adam!
noko 08/13/14(Wed)17:15 UTC+1 No.170568 Report

Anyone have Whitney?

Olav 08/13/14(Wed)17:46 UTC+1 No.170574 Report


Whitney (contains Cyrillic fonts):

noko 08/13/14(Wed)17:55 UTC+1 No.170575 Report

Anonymous 08/13/14(Wed)18:22 UTC+1 No.170578 Report

Question, /gd/, how I collate and catergorise the fonts I get from here? It's rather hard to look them up on a long list in MS Word?
Lorenzo 08/13/14(Wed)18:58 UTC+1 No.170583 Report

Oh, nice! That looks like
>Emblema by Corradine Fonts
I'd like to second this request.
Anonymous 08/13/14(Wed)19:10 UTC+1 No.170585 Report


you're the best – thank you!
Anonymous 08/13/14(Wed)19:24 UTC+1 No.170589 Report

Looks like plain ol' Neutraface (House Ind).
Lorenzo 08/13/14(Wed)19:29 UTC+1 No.170591 Report

Hmm, damn, I think you're right! I'd been looking at Emblema recently and I think I just hoped it was that. Still my request stands!
Neutraface and Neutraface 2 have been posted in the archive, though.
Anonymous 08/13/14(Wed)21:13 UTC+1 No.170610 Report

Does anyone have Luxus Brut?
Stova 08/13/14(Wed)21:31 UTC+1 No.170612 Report

Does anyone have Eudald News?

I spotted it on printroot but I couldn't find the link in the page code (http://www.printroot.com/forum/f43/eudald-news-village-36140/).

Thank you in advance!
Stova 08/13/14(Wed)22:34 UTC+1 No.170621 Report

>>169955 >>170209
Here's Scotch Modern for you! http://rghost net/ 57455450
Anonymous 08/13/14(Wed)22:38 UTC+1 No.170622 Report

Hi guys,

Looking for Castledown from Colophon Foundry.


Anyone? Thanks so much in advance
Anonymous 08/13/14(Wed)22:40 UTC+1 No.170623 Report


I don't think it has leaked. Someone has to buy it and then leak it.
Stova 08/13/14(Wed)22:56 UTC+1 No.170627 Report


Here's Castledown Regular... http://ge tt/6VUn7Wn1/v/0
Anonymous 08/13/14(Wed)22:57 UTC+1 No.170628 Report


How do I use these links brah?
Stova 08/13/14(Wed)23:11 UTC+1 No.170631 Report


Add a period to ge tt (ge.tt)
propixel 08/14/14(Thu)03:11 UTC+1 No.170678 Report

>Luxus Brut
mediafire . com
propixel 08/14/14(Thu)04:02 UTC+1 No.170684 Report
File: you-have-been-served.jpg-(125x53)
I have helped many people.
I have helped many people.
PecOSx 08/14/14(Thu)05:11 UTC+1 No.170696 Report


Eudald News (Village)
Anonymous 08/14/14(Thu)05:17 UTC+1 No.170699 Report

Putting forth a request for FF More Pro
and Corporate E Pro

Thanks in advance,
Anonymous 08/14/14(Thu)05:28 UTC+1 No.170701 Report
File: INDONESIATIC2.jpg-(125x9)
Hi, anyone have any idea what...
Hi, anyone have any idea what font is this? tried the what the font but have no luck :(
PecOSx 08/14/14(Thu)05:43 UTC+1 No.170708 Report


More Pro - found simply by searching the archives of this thread - found in Pt. 15. in post No.168786
>FF More Pro
>Version 7.504; 2010; Build 1002

Best I can do for Corporate E is offer the non-pro to you courtesy Printroot:

A kind reminder to all requesters - please search the archives first before posting please, thanks.
Sam 08/14/14(Thu)05:48 UTC+1 No.170711 Report

Does anyone have fonts that are numbers placed inside a circle?

e.g. European Pi 1


Would be super handy for my lazy butt.
dpasby 08/14/14(Thu)07:16 UTC+1 No.170718 Report

"0" .. "10" --> Wingdings
Lorenzo 08/14/14(Thu)08:33 UTC+1 No.170723 Report

Try *Vinkel* posted in Pt 9 for numbers 1-99
Anonymous 08/14/14(Thu)10:17 UTC+1 No.170725 Report

Omen 08/14/14(Thu)14:25 UTC+1 No.170736 Report

Request for Riga. Thanks!
Stova 08/14/14(Thu)15:29 UTC+1 No.170743 Report


Thank you!!
Stova 08/14/14(Thu)15:30 UTC+1 No.170744 Report


+1 please
Anonymous 08/14/14(Thu)16:45 UTC+1 No.170749 Report


Looking for
- Whitman (OTF):

- Plantin Pro:

Anonymous 08/14/14(Thu)17:05 UTC+1 No.170752 Report

Anonymous 08/14/14(Thu)17:11 UTC+1 No.170753 Report


Download is not working. Mediafire or Ge.tt?
Anonymous 08/14/14(Thu)17:43 UTC+1 No.170755 Report
File: HowTo.jpg-(125x83)
>It's working.
1. Uncheck the box
2. Click the green box with the file name
Stova 08/14/14(Thu)17:54 UTC+1 No.170756 Report

Would anyone happen to have Surveyor?

I have quite a few other Hoefler/HFJ fonts--If anyone is looking for something in particular, let me know and I'd be happy to share!
Anonymous 08/14/14(Thu)17:54 UTC+1 No.170757 Report

As requested ad infinitum:
Anonymous 08/14/14(Thu)20:23 UTC+1 No.170769 Report

Kindly request Apres by FontBureau!
Anonymous 08/15/14(Fri)00:39 UTC+1 No.170844 Report

I would like to Request a few fonts from astype:

Vtg Stencil US no. 2
Crayfish AS
Vtg Stencil US no. 4
Vtg Stencil US no. 51
Vtg Stencil US no. 72
Anonymous 08/15/14(Fri)02:26 UTC+1 No.170857 Report
File: epsilon.jpg-(125x125)
>>170098Looks like...
Looks like Gotham Bold.

also good luck to them tomorrow, facing off against nip
Anonymous 08/15/14(Fri)03:56 UTC+1 No.170868 Report

humbly requesting True North:

dpasby 08/15/14(Fri)04:00 UTC+1 No.170870 Report

guys, please use:
instead of:
your posts will not displayed @ boards... thx
dpasby 08/15/14(Fri)04:03 UTC+1 No.170871 Report


Anonymous 08/15/14(Fri)07:04 UTC+1 No.170883 Report



does anyone have Hoftype fonts?
Anonymous 08/15/14(Fri)08:40 UTC+1 No.170887 Report

Hey guys :) Coming to you for some help-- I'm looking for two fonts that are on printroot:

Only You Pro

Only You Sexy

Thank you!
Omen 08/15/14(Fri)08:58 UTC+1 No.170891 Report


Only You Pro
InTheMood 08/15/14(Fri)10:35 UTC+1 No.170907 Report

Aquaduct Italic
Anonymous 08/15/14(Fri)10:47 UTC+1 No.170909 Report

searching for Corbert!

Anonymous 08/15/14(Fri)13:37 UTC+1 No.170917 Report

Hey stova, might that you are willing to share Tungsten and, especially, Requiem? Thank you either cases!
PecOSx 08/15/14(Fri)13:51 UTC+1 No.170919 Report

Again, in the archives, in BOTH post No.131406 AND No.131422 of Pt.5 you can find....
PecOSx 08/15/14(Fri)13:59 UTC+1 No.170921 Report

So I'm not sure if it's laziness or just plain lack of know-how that is preventing people from looking in the archives. So... let me help. Please do this before requesting here.

In your google search text field use this (without the quotes):

" site:http://archive.foolz.us/gd/ NAMEOFFONT "

Then hit enter, or click the magnifying glass. It's that easy. To find the result on an actual archived thread - if you don't want to scroll... use Chrome or Firefox as your browser and do a "FIND" (for Mac this is a COMMAND+F key shortcut) a window will pop up in your browser... type the name of the font and hit enter. The page will jump to the post where that font name is found.

There ya go.

By the way in one of the parts another user kindly posted the way you can also search with Google itself to find fonts (not searching the archives specifically).

So... please... do a search first of the archives to make sure you aren't asking for something that someone else has already asked for and received.

This frees those of us trying to help to concentrate on helping find things that haven't been uncovered before - which helps everyone.

Many thx.
PecOSx 08/15/14(Fri)14:12 UTC+1 No.170922 Report

Tungsten -- is <shockingly> in the archives. I'm not going to post the link - I've given you the way to search the archives using the method I describe in my post above.

Tungsten is in Pt. 8, in post No.143580 (in a package of other fonts)

Requiem is another matter... you can thank printroot and grab a it and a group of H-R fonts at the same time here:

any pass is:printroot.com
Anonymous 08/15/14(Fri)14:19 UTC+1 No.170923 Report

Looking for FloriGlyphos


Anonymous 08/15/14(Fri)14:33 UTC+1 No.170924 Report

Would anyone be willing to share FF Tundra.

I'd love to spec it for a magazine and would really appreciate even just the text weights.
Anonymous 08/15/14(Fri)15:16 UTC+1 No.170927 Report

Thnk you PecOSx, but I'm aware of all that and I already got all the files you mentioned. However, I'm asking Stova in case he/she has any original version of those!
Stova 08/15/14(Fri)16:00 UTC+1 No.170935 Report

I can't guarantee that Tungsten is an original--it came from a friend of a friend... Requiem should be.


Thank you kind anon!!
Anonymous 08/15/14(Fri)16:37 UTC+1 No.170939 Report

at first glance, your requiem seems a homemade conversion, while tungsten looks original
Stova 08/15/14(Fri)17:07 UTC+1 No.170941 Report

Well that's not cool. My wife (a pro designer) gave me Requiem.
Wendy Peffercorn is a Dime 08/15/14(Fri)18:02 UTC+1 No.170944 Report

Hi, just found this thread. You guys are awesome. I was hoping someone could help me with the Revolution Gothic font family


(and before asking I checked the archives)

Anonymous 08/15/14(Fri)19:02 UTC+1 No.170956 Report




How’s Tobias doing?
Anonymous 08/15/14(Fri)19:40 UTC+1 No.170962 Report


thankyou :D
Anonymous 08/15/14(Fri)19:44 UTC+1 No.170963 Report

Well, maybe she used original PS fonts and converted them into OT, so they aren't strictly speaking original. Namely, they lack original OT features.
PecOSx 08/15/14(Fri)19:49 UTC+1 No.170964 Report

Thanks for searching the archives first.

Revolution Gothic (Flat-it) (courtesy printroot)
pass, if any: printroot.com

PecOSx 08/15/14(Fri)19:57 UTC+1 No.170968 Report


Apologies for my confusion. Some general advice (which I'll take myself as well), it does help to sometimes provide additional specifics so those helping make sure we understand/can zero in on exactly what you want. When requesting after searching, try to please include:

FONTNAME (Foundry) (Specifics e.g. ORIGINALS only, Complete Family, Sans, Serif, Alts, with all Glyphs) or what you will take (Will take: partials, w-r (web-rip))

And if you can a link to the foundry where the font can be looked at online (e.g. the Myfonts link - be sure to separate the URL out so that it can't be spidered - just do a carriage return please before any ".com" (etc.) in the url).

One of the problems is that there are fonts with the same name, and in some cases older fonts are updated and re-released. Knowing what you're exactly looking for or willing to accept will help those of us trying to help - help you.

Also helpful is a preview image of the font itself, be sure to rename an image file if you get it off of a foundry site before posting it here... again just an extra dose of security).

<Forgive /please edit /please correct, those members/contributers who have been here a heckuva lot longer than lil' ol me>
hexafl 08/15/14(Fri)19:59 UTC+1 No.170970 Report
File: 1408074912261 (1).jpg-(125x125)
A free font that has this B?
A free font that has this B?
hexafl 08/15/14(Fri)20:00 UTC+1 No.170972 Report

This is the non-botched version: >>170879
Anonymous 08/15/14(Fri)21:22 UTC+1 No.170979 Report

Searching archived, but can't find a post about "Claimcheck" font, anyone has it? It would help me a lot.
Anonymous 08/15/14(Fri)21:28 UTC+1 No.170982 Report

Guy who did that here, I posted in your other thread. It's Uni Sans, the heavy caps and light caps sets are free.
Wendy Peffercorn is a Dime 08/15/14(Fri)21:37 UTC+1 No.170983 Report


Thanks x million. You are amazing!
PecOSx 08/15/14(Fri)21:38 UTC+1 No.170984 Report


If you mean Claimcheck the font (HF&J foundry) packaged in a set called "Numbers" then you are in luck, courtesy printroot, here are postscript versions:

Numbers (HF&J) (including claimcheck) (16xPS)

pass, if any: printroot.com
Anonymous 08/15/14(Fri)21:44 UTC+1 No.170986 Report

You are a LIFE SAVER literally!!! Thank you kind Anon
Anonymous 08/16/14(Sat)04:33 UTC+1 No.171028 Report

Not Offc package, though.

Anonymous 08/16/14(Sat)05:16 UTC+1 No.171033 Report
File: 110616.jpg-(125x62)
requesting itc serif gothic
requesting itc serif gothic
Anonymous 08/16/14(Sat)05:46 UTC+1 No.171036 Report

Thanks again, really appreciate it <3
dpasby 08/16/14(Sat)06:15 UTC+1 No.171038 Report

for kaleko & kroppen: search in herogfx.com/fonts
AtheneaMFC 08/16/14(Sat)08:55 UTC+1 No.171042 Report

Hi! I've been looking for the font Lore for ages. If anyone was kind enough to help me, I'd be forever grateful!


I have really looked in the archives and found nothing there.
Anonymous 08/16/14(Sat)10:42 UTC+1 No.171051 Report
File: photo.jpg-(124x60)
hi any idea what font is this?
hi any idea what font is this?
Anonymous 08/16/14(Sat)13:37 UTC+1 No.171067 Report

still looking for FF Tundra (Fontshop)— please!
Will take: partials, w-r (web-rip)

In case anyone would like this: FF Mix (not otf)
Anonymous 08/16/14(Sat)14:37 UTC+1 No.171070 Report
File: nitro-03.jpg-(125x50)
shot in the bloody dark here...
shot in the bloody dark here but i'm looking for nitro/turbo from h&fj if anyone's sitting on it
Anonymous 08/16/14(Sat)15:57 UTC+1 No.171078 Report
File: patron-med.jpg-(125x16)
If anyone has Patron by Milieu...
If anyone has Patron by Milieu Grotesque I'd be grateful.


This has been requested by someone else in the past but it doesn't seem like anyone came through.
InTheMood 08/16/14(Sat)19:47 UTC+1 No.171098 Report

Jellyka - Nathaniel, a Mystery
Anonymous 08/16/14(Sat)21:49 UTC+1 No.171119 Report
File: icon_FontExplorer.jpg-(125x125)
Does anyone have any tips or...
Does anyone have any tips or tutorials on using FontExplorer a little more effectively? Like compartmentalizing typefaces into their respective classifications, in the primary "Fonts" library folder? I'm wondering if there's any way to make it a little less of a clusterfuck prior to creating set folders, which I would rather reserve for actual project folders...
Anonymous 08/17/14(Sun)03:18 UTC+1 No.171159 Report

If no one is answering, maybe no one has franziska.
Anonymous 08/17/14(Sun)04:04 UTC+1 No.171172 Report

but it's a reminder that there are multiple people are still looking for it
Anonymous 08/17/14(Sun)05:22 UTC+1 No.171194 Report


Anonymous 08/17/14(Sun)10:50 UTC+1 No.171216 Report

BC Alphapipe? Anyone?
Anonymous 08/17/14(Sun)12:23 UTC+1 No.171219 Report

Looking for the following,
I have searched the 16 threads and haven't found any of these (my apologies if I am wrong)

Hand Of Sean

(there's a printroot link in this thread: http://www.printroot.
com/forum/f44/%5Brequest-completed%5D-rubrik-newlyn-com-35559/ )


Thanks in advance!
PecOSx 08/17/14(Sun)14:00 UTC+1 No.171224 Report


Serif Gothic (ITC) (PS fonts)
PecOSx 08/17/14(Sun)14:06 UTC+1 No.171226 Report

FF Tundra Pro has been requested here since July of 2013 (still not fullfilled here), it was requested and completed on Printroot however you'll need a member's help to get the link... (sorry I can't help you there)... but if there is a member lurking that's willing here's the printroot link:
PecOSx 08/17/14(Sun)14:09 UTC+1 No.171227 Report

Gwidon (Nowak) (1xotf)
Anonymous 08/18/14(Mon)00:21 UTC+1 No.171303 Report

I would like to request Emblem, the Tesla Motors logo font by David Occhino

I have not found this on any of the previous threads.
Anonymous 08/18/14(Mon)00:52 UTC+1 No.171305 Report


So close and yet so far ;-) Thanks for the plug. I hope someone with Printroot access will have mercy.
Anonymous 08/18/14(Mon)05:34 UTC+1 No.171344 Report
File: 29402963_040_.jpg-(83x125)
Hi guysI don't usually...
Hi guys
I don't usually post on /gd/
Was wondering if you could identify this font on this t-shirt for me please?
Anonymous 08/18/14(Mon)05:53 UTC+1 No.171348 Report


Helvetica Bold > http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/linotype/helvetica/
Optimo fonts 08/18/14(Mon)07:38 UTC+1 No.171360 Report

got two requests:


originals would be nice for both

such fonts | much type 08/18/14(Mon)11:44 UTC+1 No.171384 Report


FF Tundra - web rips 18xOTF
Anonymous 08/18/14(Mon)12:07 UTC+1 No.171385 Report


Holy Smokes! Thank you!!!!!!! I am jumping for joy —this is making my week for sure! Really, really appreciate you sharing this!
such fonts | much type 08/18/14(Mon)12:21 UTC+1 No.171387 Report


You're welcome :)
Anonymous 08/18/14(Mon)12:23 UTC+1 No.171388 Report

Does anyone have Macula OT?

Macula Shaded OT
Macula Background OT
Macula Shading OT
PecOSx 08/18/14(Mon)13:09 UTC+1 No.171394 Report


It's been fulfilled on Printroot - sorry I'm not a member - maybe a kind soul who is can supply a link...
PecOSx 08/18/14(Mon)13:14 UTC+1 No.171395 Report

Executive (Optimo) (5xOTF) (unsure if rip or originals)
Optimo fonts 08/18/14(Mon)13:31 UTC+1 No.171397 Report

thank you!
Siege 08/18/14(Mon)14:18 UTC+1 No.171402 Report


Dada Grotesk

Anonymous 08/18/14(Mon)15:18 UTC+1 No.171406 Report


you are a god
such fonts | much type 08/18/14(Mon)16:11 UTC+1 No.171408 Report

Nope. Just an angel :D

If I was God I wouldn't be looking for Emigre. LOL
Anonymous 08/18/14(Mon)16:13 UTC+1 No.171409 Report

Helvetica Bold is in several of the earlier threads linked to at the top. Helvetica Neue is also in the threads above.
Anonymous 08/18/14(Mon)20:11 UTC+1 No.171430 Report


Any kind souls with a Printroot account want to get this font for me?
PecOSx 08/18/14(Mon)21:02 UTC+1 No.171438 Report

So... while looking for some fonts... I stumbled into a bit of what you might call a "honey hole" courtesy of a printroot member's link... all of his stuff was on a site with download limitations.

So - I stripped it all out (took days). And so here's the list of goodies and a link to grab them. (They are in 4 separate rars - you'll need all the rars for all the goods).

While I know that several do not want peeps posting "garbage" hoping there's enough here for some to want. For those that feel its a garbage pile - sorry, and know I won't make something like this a habit.

The list of what's in it:
21 Cent (Letterhead Russia) (10xOTF) (note in the far the folder is labeled incorrectly as 21 Century)
Aeonis LT Pro (42xOTF)
Agency (19xTTF)
Aja Pro (1xOTF)
Altemus Borders Four (1xTTF, 1xPS)
Altis (20xOTF)
Amper Sans NF (1xOTF)
Andes Condensed and Italic
Antenna (Condensed, Compressed, Extra Condensed) (56xOTF)
Apex New
ARS Maquette Pro
Aviano Contrast
Baske Book Pro
Bellevue Pro
Belluccia Pro
Berth Script Pro
Bodoni Script Pro
Boulevard Pro
Bradley pro
Breathe Pro
Burbank Big Condensed
Business Penmanship
Calluna Sans
Candice DOT
Centeria Script
Centro Sans Pro
Centro Serif Pro
Chop Phooey
Chronicle Display Compressed
Circus Didot
Clearview Text
Corpid C1s Condensed
Darling Monograms - Impressions
Depot New
Depot New Condensed
Din Display Pro
Din Stencil Pro
Din Text Compressed Pro
Din Text Pro
Dot Matrix
Enamel Brush
Estilo Pro
Eurostile Next Pro
Executive (Optimo)
Farrerons Serif
Filmotype (Honey, Jessy, Kentucky, LaSalle, MacBeth, Modern, Quiet, Harmony, Alice, Zanzibar)
FS (FS Avlar, FS Dillon, FS Kitty, FS Lola, FS Pele, FS Rufus, FS Sally, FS Sinclair)
Futura LT Pro
Gandy Dancer

PecOSx 08/18/14(Mon)21:04 UTC+1 No.171439 Report

Georgia Pro
Gotham (Gotham 1.2, Gotham 2.2 Pro, Gotham Condensed, Gotham Narrow, Gotham Rounded 1.2, Gotham Rounded 1.002, Gotham XNarrow)
Gulyesa Script
Helvetica Monospaced Pro
Hera Big
Hess Gothic Round
Hot Streak
Houschka Pro

PecOSx 08/18/14(Mon)21:06 UTC+1 No.171440 Report


HT Cafe Script
HT Maison
Irish Stout (BB)
Jaunty Gent
Konzept Pro
LHF Rawson & Evans
Liebe Erika
Mafra Display
Marat Pro
McKellar Borussian
Melany Lane
Memoriam Pro
Mono Condensed
Mrs Lolita
Museo Sans Condensed
Museo Sans Rounded
Museo (100 - 900)
MythMaker (BB)
Nimbus Mono
Novel Pro
Novel Sans Condensed Pro
Novel Sans Pro
Now! Grotesk
Oh You Klid
Omaha Bazoo
Omnes Pro
Parisine Plus Ptf
Parisine Plus Ptf Sombre
Period Borders
PF_Din (all TTF)
Pistolero (BB)
Pitch (apparently a ‘fixed version’ (don’t know) haven’t investigated)
Poppl Exquisit Pro
PT Sans Pro
PT Zapf Elliptical

PecOSx 08/18/14(Mon)21:07 UTC+1 No.171441 Report

Quartz DOT
Rama Slab
Rather (Jazzy and Loud)
Revolution Gothic
Romain BP
Satura (complete)
Scala Sans Pro
Sinzano (regular only)
Sommet Rounded
Sonora Pro
St Friska
Stobi Sans
Stobi Serif
Strangelove Next
Syntax Serif Com
Tabac G1
Tanger Serif
Trade Gothic
Trilon Compressed
Trilon Condensed
Trilon Expanded
Tutti Paffuti
Unit Slab Pro
Vag Rounded
Valentine Pro
Van Dijck (Berthold)
Van Dijk
Verdana Pro
Vida32Mono Pro
Walbaum Grotesk
Whitney 1.2 Pro
Yoga Sans
Young Finesse



grab 'em while they last
Anonymous 08/18/14(Mon)21:38 UTC+1 No.171450 Report

This is no garbage. Nice job!
Anonymous 08/18/14(Mon)22:06 UTC+1 No.171455 Report

wow thanks!
Anonymous 08/18/14(Mon)22:23 UTC+1 No.171457 Report

..bless yi kindly, Sir - may your path be a smooth one..
Anonymous 08/18/14(Mon)22:23 UTC+1 No.171458 Report

This is awesome, man. Thanks!
Anonymous 08/18/14(Mon)22:26 UTC+1 No.171459 Report

I'm sorry, this is my first visit here actually. How do I correctly get the links for the ge.tt links?
Anonymous 08/18/14(Mon)22:40 UTC+1 No.171460 Report

requesting neutral by typotheque - it seems to be available at this link if anyone's a member (final post)

Anonymous 08/18/14(Mon)23:27 UTC+1 No.171465 Report

Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)00:54 UTC+1 No.171477 Report

Anyone have Sanzettica 4 Bold?
adam 08/19/14(Tue)01:05 UTC+1 No.171483 Report

>in 4 separate rars
next time, use 7z! lzma/2 I find it compresses fonts really nicely (way better than rar)
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)02:23 UTC+1 No.171502 Report

Plus 7z unzips faster in 7zip than RAR.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)08:11 UTC+1 No.171531 Report

Can anybody grab me Prismatic from Printroot?

such fonts | much type 08/19/14(Tue)09:09 UTC+1 No.171535 Report


by going to that page?
then just copy-pasting combination of numbers and letters which make link...
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)13:26 UTC+1 No.171553 Report

Sorry for asking this but anyone got this?

>Arbor Brush

null 08/19/14(Tue)15:03 UTC+1 No.171569 Report

Does anyone have the OpenType version of House Tiki Holiday? In the archives, I found a .ttf version, but it's lacking all the kerning and the nice OpenType features.
null 08/19/14(Tue)15:05 UTC+1 No.171571 Report

I'm looking for Jeff Levine's Fordham JNL if anyone has it.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)15:18 UTC+1 No.171573 Report

Sorry, this question is not strictly related to font: does anybody know how to get premium account for file-sharing sites like letitbit and keeptoshare without paying?

I'm asking that because we could get an awful lot of fonts if we could, any suggestion?
such fonts | much type 08/19/14(Tue)15:23 UTC+1 No.171574 Report

>House Tiki Holiday
I hope this is ok;
such fonts | much type 08/19/14(Tue)15:31 UTC+1 No.171575 Report


fonts are usually on ge.tt
however, most of fonts that are from that site
you visited, were usually here first, and they are here in archives. so important stuff here is requesting and answering those requests if you have it. If you have any wish about that fonts, just request them and it will be fulfilled.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)15:44 UTC+1 No.171577 Report

Atrament family anyone ?
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)15:59 UTC+1 No.171582 Report
File: Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 11.17.39 AM.jpg-(125x56)
Anyone have Riga font?
Anyone have Riga font?
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)16:22 UTC+1 No.171586 Report

/gd/ I got a question for you, I've recently downloaded quite a lot of fonts and am having trouble finding them on the font list in Word or Notepad, is there a way to categorize them?
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)17:55 UTC+1 No.171595 Report

Don't install them all, your system will grind to a halt.
You have a choice, you can group fonts (or typeface families) into folders by Foundry, client/project, type classification or all three. Then drag the folder you want to work with into Suitcase Fusion and activate them there, and only there. Using a proper font manager is the only way to work when your "collection" starts to get out of hand.
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)19:43 UTC+1 No.171610 Report

Try an online premium link generator [spoiler]rapid8.com[/spoiler]
Anonymous 08/19/14(Tue)22:43 UTC+1 No.171655 Report

Anyone have any of these by chance?
Thanks in advance!
Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)01:31 UTC+1 No.171689 Report

Anyone have Ft Giorgio??
PecOSx 08/20/14(Wed)12:52 UTC+1 No.171744 Report

Giorgio and Giorgio Sans

Anonymous 08/20/14(Wed)22:43 UTC+1 No.171819 Report

Here is Nordica, It is free for all use. (4xOTF)http://www.deviantart.com/download/476979758/nordica_by_deathshadow491-d7vzbxq.zip?token=bbdc762da7077a2e8a30a9762dc7e71ac167579f&ts=1408571203
Anonymous 08/21/14(Thu)01:49 UTC+1 No.171846 Report

Hey! I'm looking for Anomique. I would be really happy with WF-rips.

Anonymous 08/21/14(Thu)02:48 UTC+1 No.171857 Report

Anomique 3xOTF
Anonymous 08/21/14(Thu)03:01 UTC+1 No.171860 Report


Thank you SO much!! :D
Anonymous 08/21/14(Thu)04:54 UTC+1 No.171876 Report

Anyone here have "Erato" by Hoftype? Gotta be one of my favorites.

Anonymous 08/21/14(Thu)05:01 UTC+1 No.171877 Report

a little Google wouldn't hurt. hmm.

Anonymous 08/21/14(Thu)05:11 UTC+1 No.171878 Report

A little Google returned nothing. And yes, I did ctrl+f my way through the archives, so if I missed something, I apologize for my inconvenience.

Oh, and thank you very much good sir!
Anonymous 08/21/14(Thu)05:48 UTC+1 No.171883 Report

no problemo dude. you can try PecOSx's guide to search. :) i use [FONT NAME] ge.tt (or anything else)
Anonymous 08/21/14(Thu)14:26 UTC+1 No.171920 Report

Looking for Parmigiano Type System from Typotheque https://www.typotheque.com/fonts/parmigiano_text
ShamelessPlug 08/21/14(Thu)16:30 UTC+1 No.171929 Report

In Font Share Thread 7, some shared Vialog LT. Would someone be able to share Vialog Regular Small Caps?
As always, thanks in advance.
PecOSx 08/21/14(Thu)21:37 UTC+1 No.171960 Report
File: alsoknownasholdingback.jpg-(125x62)
I'm hoping (against odds)...
I'm hoping (against odds) that I could maybe get some help (will happily take web-rips) with the following hard-to-find faces:

Acronym (Reserves) <pictured>

Any help greatly appreciated

Core Sans NR (N Rounded)

Core Slab M

Core Gaon (S-Core)

Core Label (S-Core)

Eco Coding (S-Core)

Atletico (Stereotypes) (yup the Regular is free but it is demo-only, I’m looking/hoping for all 6)
Anonymous 08/21/14(Thu)21:40 UTC+1 No.171962 Report

I have not seen these fonts listed in any of the earlier threads, so I would like to request:

URW++ Engschrift Austria
URW++ Mittelschrift Austria
such fonts | much type 08/21/14(Thu)22:46 UTC+1 No.171972 Report


EcoCoding - WFrip

Core Sans NR

Core Slab M
Anonymous 08/22/14(Fri)03:17 UTC+1 No.171982 Report

So wheres the latest anthology?
Anonymous 08/22/14(Fri)05:54 UTC+1 No.171998 Report

Can someone up Halis Rounded SC Regular or the full font family please? It would be a great help.
Anonymous 08/22/14(Fri)09:45 UTC+1 No.172025 Report

Does anyone has Minion Math family? OTF?
and Lucida Bright Math OT family (2 weights included) or the entire Lucida OT family for the best, from here:
although they all are a little bit expensive but worth it...

These are unicode math OTF font families can be easily used with TeX/Microsoft Word etc.

Thanks in advance.
Anonymous 08/22/14(Fri)10:27 UTC+1 No.172027 Report

Nice request!
PecOSx 08/22/14(Fri)14:00 UTC+1 No.172031 Report


Many thanks such fonts! Now if I could get Gaon and Label somewhere I could compile the complete core set for folks - which might be appealing... here's hoping. Let me know if I can dig something up for you.
Anonymous 08/22/14(Fri)15:05 UTC+1 No.172036 Report


Need your email. I have something to share with you.
PecOSx 08/22/14(Fri)15:29 UTC+1 No.172040 Report

That could be interpreted as a "dox" request. :(
Anonymous 08/22/14(Fri)15:36 UTC+1 No.172041 Report


No requests, honestly.
such fonts|much type 08/22/14(Fri)16:03 UTC+1 No.172043 Report

PecOSx just give him temporary getairmail mail,
and he can ask there.

Also, as you can see above, I'm requesting Emigre font. Also looking for Everglow Script, but Emigre's the one that hunts my dreams @ night. :)
such fonts|much type 08/22/14(Fri)16:05 UTC+1 No.172044 Report

Emigre font called PROGRAM.

ugh >.<
PecOSx 08/22/14(Fri)16:57 UTC+1 No.172048 Report

Yup I'm familiar with that one - it's very nice. I've been looking but so far have come up empty. I keep a sort of ongoing list of requests to keep an eye out for. I've come up with a few new tricks so I have my fingers crossed I'll trip across it. If I do - I know who to get it to. :)

I know this isn't the script but here's the non-script of the same name:

Everglow (Dismantle Destroy)
PecOSx 08/22/14(Fri)16:59 UTC+1 No.172050 Report


Alrighty I didn't know about that temp email thang (sorry).
I'll give it a shot here we go:


PecOSx 08/22/14(Fri)17:00 UTC+1 No.172052 Report


Thanks such, didn't know about that temp airmail service. (new to me)
PecOSx 08/22/14(Fri)17:02 UTC+1 No.172053 Report

Apologies - did't know about airmail temp.
Anonymous 08/22/14(Fri)17:16 UTC+1 No.172054 Report

Thanks! THough that's not the one I was looking for. This is it------>
Anonymous 08/22/14(Fri)17:40 UTC+1 No.172055 Report



Please check your inbox.
PecOSx 08/22/14(Fri)17:54 UTC+1 No.172056 Report


Got the email, thanks. However there was nothing but text... couldn't see anything other than your typed message unfortunately - I do appreciate the sentiment!
PecOSx 08/22/14(Fri)17:55 UTC+1 No.172057 Report

PS - can't reply (send out email) in airmail it turns out.
Anonymous 08/22/14(Fri)17:58 UTC+1 No.172058 Report

reup please?
PecOSx 08/22/14(Fri)18:06 UTC+1 No.172059 Report

Doh! Yah... not even close. Sorry. I see it has been posted as a completed request in Printroot (I tried a couple of ways to get the link... but was unsuccessful - sorry).... if a member could help out here is the link:

PecOSx 08/22/14(Fri)18:09 UTC+1 No.172060 Report

Thanks, yup I can honor that sentiment. (Thanks) Unfortunately tho whatever else was sent was stripped out -- I just got the text only of your communication. :(
PecOSx 08/22/14(Fri)18:27 UTC+1 No.172061 Report

As a way to say thanks to folks adam, such, anon, and helpers everywhere…. I want to share another “honey hole” find with you all. Since I couldn’t get the script such wanted…. I am providing a link to some script love. The list is too long and I don’t want to push to a new thread Pt. So here’s a partial description followed by the link:

Some gems:
Echinos Park Script
Gelato Script
Home Run Script - Roman
Orlando Samuels
Slim Tony

Some great Rob Leuschke classics:
Alex Brush
Good Vibrations
Imperial Script
Waterbrush ROB

Some Walden:
Copperplate 1672
English Hand
James II

and a ton more...

Variety pack of Scripts:
PecOSx 08/22/14(Fri)18:32 UTC+1 No.172064 Report


(Sorry) ;)
Anonymous 08/22/14(Fri)18:40 UTC+1 No.172066 Report


I see. I sent another email containing the link.
Anonymous 08/22/14(Fri)19:08 UTC+1 No.172072 Report

nevermind, i found a working link
PecOSx 08/22/14(Fri)19:45 UTC+1 No.172081 Report

Message received in full and I am very humbled. Thanks much. Your request will be honoured.
PecOSx 08/22/14(Fri)20:08 UTC+1 No.172085 Report

Some searching notes (may be well known by those more advanced than I, but for some may be news).

1. When searching printroot - if you come across a link in view source that contains something like ge
.tt/CodEFOrUSeR/v/# - the # is most-often a zero (0), when it isn’t - it’s a hint that there is more than one file this user has uploaded and the link is only to the file that was uploaded as number # in the list. Usually I ignore the url and just copy the /CodEFOrUSeR/ part and then do a search for: ge
.tt/CodEFOrUSeR/ (This will trip the result to the default listing for ALL of that users files they’ve uploaded).

2. Some users have “violated terms of service” - although 9/10 times this means that the files have been removed from the server, sometimes doing a blob download like this: ge
.tt/api/1/files/CodEFOrUSeR/#/blob?download will work (where CodEFOrUSeR is the upper/lowercase link to the users listing and # is the file # from the link).
PecOSx 08/22/14(Fri)20:09 UTC+1 No.172086 Report


3. In a lot of cases where you get “file upload interrupted” as an error - consider it bull - I’ve almost 100% of the time been able to grab the file doing the blob download method described above
Look for the “view all” option. Once you get to a file link in get check the right hand side of the page under the calendar, drive and download icons and beneath that if you see “view all” click it - it means there are more files available uploaded by this user.

4. Doing a google search like this: site:ge .tt morpheo1967 (where in this example morpheo1967 is a known uploader from printroot (quite active actually)) you’ll get a shortlist from google (usually a 1/2 page of results) and at the bottom a “#### results omitted… blah blah” link -> click the ‘#### results omitted… blah blah” bit and voila all of morpheo1967s ge .tt links show. Have tried this with a few other user names and I’ve tried adding in a “thanks to” to the search string and even tried in a few instances forcing a username into a quoted phrase search. For some reason it seems perhaps older? (not sure) user names links will show, more current ones aren’t for some reason (maybe it’s been a while since google-bot scraped). At any rate - please searchers try this - could be a gold mine.

Hope this helps searchers. Good luck!
PecOSx 08/22/14(Fri)20:11 UTC+1 No.172088 Report


Meant to post this separately as:

4. Once you get to a file link in get check the right hand side of the page under the calendar, drive and download icons and beneath that if you see “view all” click it - it means there are more files available uploaded by this user.
Anonymous 08/22/14(Fri)20:46 UTC+1 No.172097 Report

can someone please get me http://www.printroot.com/forum/f43/ride-my-bike-serif-latinotype-wf-2014-a-45589/ ?
such fonts|much type 08/22/14(Fri)22:30 UTC+1 No.172116 Report
File: u8.jpg-(125x31)

PecOSx 08/22/14(Fri)23:11 UTC+1 No.172120 Report


A little bit more advice:

6. This is a great place to do view sources, since they aren't "Request Completed" follow-ups:

PecOSx 08/22/14(Fri)23:24 UTC+1 No.172123 Report
File: rusty-holes.jpg-(125x62)
I was wondering if anyone has...
I was wondering if anyone has the stencil version of FF Oxide Stencil Pro.

FF Oxide Stencil Pro

I've got the solid version already from post No.141744,1, Pt. 7 (which was: http://ge
.tt/1zdKclN1/v/0 ) but I'd really like to get the matching stencil if available...
Anonymous 08/22/14(Fri)23:50 UTC+1 No.172127 Report

Does anyone have Ladislav by suitcase type?


such fonts | much type 08/23/14(Sat)09:30 UTC+1 No.172188 Report


such fonts | much type 08/23/14(Sat)10:01 UTC+1 No.172191 Report
File: 144709.jpg-(125x62)
DAWNORA, you guys!...
DAWNORA, you guys! :)

Anonymous 08/23/14(Sat)13:03 UTC+1 No.172209 Report

i'm very curious :) what was it??
Anonymous 08/23/14(Sat)13:32 UTC+1 No.172214 Report

Ever considered Asana Math? http://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/fonts/Asana-Math
PecOSx 08/23/14(Sat)13:42 UTC+1 No.172215 Report


Thanks such fonts - been looking for Ladislav for a while, appreciate DAWNORA as well!
PecOSx 08/23/14(Sat)14:09 UTC+1 No.172218 Report


Additional advice update:

Like in #4. where I explained how you can search with a ge .tt user name (morpheo1967 was the example I gave) here are other users I've found so far that also return a result on a site:ge. tt search. (Remember to click the "show omitted results" link once the first return page shows); more ge. tt users that return results:
"Maron Lore" (use the quotes so this is phrase searched)

(I'll add to this when I find more: searchers if you find more please add to this list)
Anonymous 08/23/14(Sat)14:09 UTC+1 No.172219 Report

Yeah, but it is designed to cooperate with Palation-alike, it a bit wired to be along with Minion.
PecOSx 08/23/14(Sat)14:53 UTC+1 No.172224 Report

Hmm well I have found a lot more. Here's the deal... it appears some printroot posters might have used a legit name on ge.tt - so I've had a rethink and I'm not going to spill "dox" here by accident. But everyone should get the idea. When printroot posters use LEET type in their file posts though - it seems those aren't something you can find via google (interestingly). So a lot of the more recent stuff and stuff by disciplined/senior members tends to remain hidden... (for now).
Anonymous 08/23/14(Sat)15:30 UTC+1 No.172227 Report

Quire Sans


Anonymous 08/23/14(Sat)15:36 UTC+1 No.172230 Report


YEAY! thnx
Anonymous 08/23/14(Sat)16:55 UTC+1 No.172238 Report

I have searched for it in the archive but havn't found it so I'm requesting Sailec


I'm sorry if it has already been posted, admittedly I suck at the internets
fubcom 08/23/14(Sat)18:23 UTC+1 No.172247 Report

Hansome Script




thanks a lot !!!
Anonymous 08/23/14(Sat)18:27 UTC+1 No.172249 Report

Probably you already know this, but here something to work with minion:

Of course, Minion Math is highly preferred, but it is a long-standing request with no answer so far, and I fear it will be so for long...
rob 08/23/14(Sat)21:29 UTC+1 No.172271 Report

Can anyone get this: http://www.printroot.com/forum/f44/%5Brequest%5D-hipsteria-artimasa-50824/

null 08/23/14(Sat)21:37 UTC+1 No.172272 Report

Anyone have the Bitstream Kaufmann family?
Anonymous 08/24/14(Sun)06:21 UTC+1 No.172329 Report


>Bitstream version
>TTF and T1

adam 08/24/14(Sun)09:39 UTC+1 No.172346 Report
File: lzr.jpg-(125x121)
engraving failed ;_; I'll...
engraving failed ;_; I'll retry when #18 is needed

we need new thread
someone make an image for #17!
such fonts | much type 08/24/14(Sun)10:27 UTC+1 No.172364 Report
File: fontimg.jpg-(125x80)
>>172346I hope this one...

I hope this one is good.
Can You create New Thread?
baby.groot 08/24/14(Sun)11:24 UTC+1 No.172370 Report
File: iamgroot.jpg-(100x100)
Anonymous 08/24/14(Sun)13:58 UTC+1 No.172378 Report
File: FST17.jpg-(125x125)
Anonymous 08/24/14(Sun)14:43 UTC+1 No.172385 Report

guys, enough of images, start a f**king new thread instead!!!
Anonymous 08/24/14(Sun)14:44 UTC+1 No.172386 Report

BTW, you win
Anonymous 08/24/14(Sun)16:52 UTC+1 No.172399 Report
File: FST.jpg-(125x125)
What about this.
What about this.
Anonymous 08/24/14(Sun)18:09 UTC+1 No.172415 Report

you are an actual graphic designer, gotcha!
what fonts did you use?
Anonymous 08/24/14(Sun)18:34 UTC+1 No.172422 Report

Looking for dearJoeHannes or any other rough, thick, cursive, handwritten font with aesthetic glyphs for stuff like "eo" and "li".
null 08/25/14(Mon)04:33 UTC+1 No.172499 Report


Ooh nice! You are a hero and a champ. Really appreciate it. Thanks man!
adam 08/25/14(Mon)05:59 UTC+1 No.172508 Report

In a perfect world we'd want the images to be square, though ;)
these are very nice, but now there's two...I'll let someone else bite the bullet and make a new thread
adam 08/25/14(Mon)06:04 UTC+1 No.172509 Report

just before this thread goes kaput, can anyone confirm that myfonts.com's webfont preview is completely broken?
I don't know if the website is down or if they've somehow blocked all of the IPs I use...

e.g. http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/typedynamic/sailec/webfont_preview.html
Siege 08/25/14(Mon)06:25 UTC+1 No.172513 Report

>Ft Giorgio


The ones you want.
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)06:53 UTC+1 No.172515 Report


Adam, MyFonts said I have exceeded the web-font preview limit even though I never did one. Does that mean it's broken? Same with the other previews, not just for Sailec.
Vampy 08/25/14(Mon)07:19 UTC+1 No.172520 Report

same goes to me. I guess it's broken.
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)11:06 UTC+1 No.172546 Report

Hi, familly.

Is ge.tt down? : (
adam 08/25/14(Mon)11:39 UTC+1 No.172550 Report

alright, thanks
I guess this means no wf rips from myfonts for a while
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)11:54 UTC+1 No.172551 Report

17 is an unlucky number. shouldn't we just skip it and go directly to FST18 ??
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)12:12 UTC+1 No.172556 Report


Ge.tt is down for the last 24 hours. Don’t use Ge.tt to upload your files because it’s unreliable now.

Please read this text on how to download files from Ge.tt when it’s down:



That explains the design of >>172378.
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)13:20 UTC+1 No.172565 Report

link doesn't work. please, can you reupload?

Thanks a lot!
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)13:31 UTC+1 No.172568 Report

Thanks a lot!
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)13:32 UTC+1 No.172569 Report
File: fst.jpg-(125x125)
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)18:31 UTC+1 No.172606 Report

is there a contest on the next FST image that I did not know about?

Anyway, as you seem pretty competitive, I open right now a contest to start the new thread. Come one guys, fight on that!
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)18:35 UTC+1 No.172607 Report
File: just_kidding.jpg-(125x109)
My masterpiece
My masterpiece
tutom 08/25/14(Mon)20:13 UTC+1 No.172612 Report
File: fst7_tutom.jpg-(125x125)
tutom 08/25/14(Mon)20:17 UTC+1 No.172613 Report
File: fst7b_tutom.jpg-(125x125)
tutom 08/25/14(Mon)20:22 UTC+1 No.172614 Report
File: fst7c_tutom.jpg-(125x125)
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)20:47 UTC+1 No.172619 Report

man, we all appreciate your effort but you are 10 font share threads late.
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)20:54 UTC+1 No.172621 Report
File: f1-logo-600x375.jpg-(125x78)
I see a pattern here...
Anonymous 08/25/14(Mon)21:24 UTC+1 No.172622 Report

So, other than the images, has a new thread been posted?
tutom 08/25/14(Mon)21:58 UTC+1 No.172628 Report
File: 1.jpg-(125x124)
tutom 08/25/14(Mon)21:59 UTC+1 No.172630 Report
File: 2.jpg-(125x124)
tutom 08/25/14(Mon)22:20 UTC+1 No.172634 Report
File: 3.jpg-(125x125)
Anonymous 08/26/14(Tue)00:15 UTC+1 No.172650 Report

nice one
InTheMood 08/26/14(Tue)12:01 UTC+1 No.172698 Report
File: 17isbeautiful.jpg-(125x125)
>>169834Hi G&G...

Hi G&G :)

Need help with:

Via Face Don - Mecarorma - 1970
Via Face Don Outline - Mecarorma - 1970

Only original fonts or page scanned.

D'ont send me these fonts, I alread have


AveN 08/26/14(Tue)15:45 UTC+1 No.172728 Report
File: FST-17.jpg-(124x125)
My contribution
My contribution
Anonymous 08/26/14(Tue)16:42 UTC+1 No.172742 Report

Neue Haas Grotesk, please jaysus hear my prayers.

Anonymous 08/26/14(Tue)17:54 UTC+1 No.172750 Report

Hey /gd/, does anyone have Calcite Pro Black? Would be greatly appreciated.
Jim 08/26/14(Tue)18:04 UTC+1 No.172751 Report
File: BNP_logo.jpg-(124x36)
Anyone know what font this is...
Anyone know what font this is please?
Anonymous 08/26/14(Tue)18:21 UTC+1 No.172752 Report

Already posted in Pro format.
Search the archives.
Anonymous 08/27/14(Wed)02:18 UTC+1 No.172807 Report

Never mind, got my hands on it.
Font Share Thread 17 08/27/14(Wed)10:19 UTC+1 No.172845 Report

Font Share Thread 17
Font Share Thread 17
Font Share Thread 17
Anonymous 08/29/14(Fri)16:29 UTC+1 No.173155 Report


Dead. Any chance you can re-upload Luxus Brut?
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