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Font Share Thread (pt6)
Font Share Thread (pt6) Anonymous 01/31/14(Fri)00:38 UTC+1 No.134645 Report

(NEW) Before asking in thread, check out the /gd/ Font Anthology over here:

Previous threads:
pt. 5: https://archive.foolz.us/gd/thread/130741
pt. 4: https://archive.foolz.us/gd/thread/124773
pt. 3: https://archive.foolz.us/gd/thread/114556
pt. 2: https://archive.foolz.us/gd/thread/95854
pt. 1: https://archive.foolz.us/gd/thread/75031


>Keep in mind you shouldn't use pirated fonts for commercial work.

Adobe Fontfolio: http://www.mediafire.com/download/027xjs3ujvyqxmd/Fonts.zip

Using NexusFont to organize your fonts without slowing down your system would be a good idea
Anonymous 01/31/14(Fri)01:30 UTC+1 No.134664 Report
File: an-font.jpg-(125x37)
>Anyone that has these is...
>Anyone that has these is legendary hero:

Barmeno BQ

Soyo Gogo

Also looking to identify a font. As it's a logo, think it might just be custom. Pic related
Anonymous 01/31/14(Fri)01:39 UTC+1 No.134668 Report

anyone got this?

Anonymous 01/31/14(Fri)02:25 UTC+1 No.134678 Report
File: Capture.jpg-(125x45)
hey guysi've made a mega...
hey guys
i've made a mega pack with almost everything posted here so far and some nice torrents
this interests someone?
pic related
Anonymous 01/31/14(Fri)02:31 UTC+1 No.134679 Report

Looking for a nice, neutral serif Font. Something with lots of different weights and different optical sizes. I think "Garamond Premier Pro" is just what I'm looking for, but I'm open for alternatives.
Anonymous 01/31/14(Fri)02:31 UTC+1 No.134680 Report

Anonymous 01/31/14(Fri)02:37 UTC+1 No.134681 Report
File: capture004.jpg-(6x125)
>>134680whats the best...
whats the best way? torrent?

this is fonts2014 folder which contains fonts extracted from /gd/
files are big because of the original pdfs/imgs included
pic related
Anonymous 01/31/14(Fri)02:50 UTC+1 No.134682 Report

torrent is good but I personally prefer dropbox/fileshare..

Great job!
Anonymous 01/31/14(Fri)03:02 UTC+1 No.134683 Report

Looking for CC Zoinks Regular-Intl


Anyone have it? Someone uploaded it in the other thread, but the link is not working...
Joey Godsey 01/31/14(Fri)03:58 UTC+1 No.134693 Report
File: 1276758_10151939206457803_2137056517_o.jpg-(125x125)
Thanks, Great thread!
Thanks, Great thread!
Anonymous 01/31/14(Fri)06:03 UTC+1 No.134698 Report

Anonymous 01/31/14(Fri)06:04 UTC+1 No.134699 Report

Anonymous 01/31/14(Fri)11:08 UTC+1 No.134720 Report

Sigmund Freud Typeface, Jacques & Gilles, Veneer, Marshrut?
Anonymous 01/31/14(Fri)12:04 UTC+1 No.134725 Report

Perfect, thanks a lot.
Anonymous 01/31/14(Fri)12:15 UTC+1 No.134727 Report


Anonymous 01/31/14(Fri)13:14 UTC+1 No.134737 Report

Anyone has Meta Serif and FF Meta?

Not the shitty fake one
Anonymous 01/31/14(Fri)14:03 UTC+1 No.134743 Report


The latest copy of Meta and Meta Serif. “Not the shitty, fake one.”




Zoinks (v. 1.02, 244 glyphs).


Anonymous 01/31/14(Fri)15:53 UTC+1 No.134766 Report

Anyone have this?

Bombshell Pro
Carolyna Pro Black
Jacques & Gilles
Peoni Pro

All from Emily Lime @ MyFonts
Anonymous 01/31/14(Fri)15:57 UTC+1 No.134769 Report


Wait no more, Brandon Printed is here.




Sigmund Freud Typeface, Jacques & Gilles, Veneer, and Marshrut. How lovely the handwritten type the first one is.


Anonymous 01/31/14(Fri)16:09 UTC+1 No.134770 Report

Thank you.
Anonymous 01/31/14(Fri)16:37 UTC+1 No.134782 Report

Hello everyone this is sauna type, anyone got it?

Anonymous 01/31/14(Fri)16:41 UTC+1 No.134786 Report

you are the man
Anonymous 01/31/14(Fri)17:40 UTC+1 No.134796 Report

Does anyone have the updated FontFolio (11.1) ? Can't find it on torrents.
Anonymous 01/31/14(Fri)19:55 UTC+1 No.134816 Report

Anyone have Pancetta Pro and Pancetta Serif Pro?

Hint : Pancetta Serif Pro is 80% off until tomorrow
Anonymous 01/31/14(Fri)20:27 UTC+1 No.134821 Report

Awesome :*
Anonymous 02/01/14(Sat)00:51 UTC+1 No.134865 Report


Hmm, unfortunately that CCZoinks doesn't seem to have the special characters =/

I need the complete CCZoinks

Anonymous 02/01/14(Sat)03:31 UTC+1 No.134896 Report


>here you go son.
Anonymous 02/01/14(Sat)06:15 UTC+1 No.134912 Report


hi would you mine rip this one please? thanks in advance id appreciatte

Anonymous 02/01/14(Sat)07:46 UTC+1 No.134917 Report


sorry guys but if anyone knows how to host it better, do it
link goes down in 48h
Anonymous 02/01/14(Sat)09:24 UTC+1 No.134921 Report

nice request +1
Anonymous 02/01/14(Sat)09:53 UTC+1 No.134923 Report

thank you!
Anonymous 02/01/14(Sat)10:58 UTC+1 No.134934 Report


It’s the international version, and it should have the special characters since it has 244 glyphs. Please review the chart here: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/comicraft/zoinks/regular/glyphs.html?vid=554279&render=fs.


Emily Lime Design collection.


• Bergamot
• Bombshell Pro
• Carolyna
• Carolyna Pro Black
• Emily Lime
• Emmy
• Jacques & Gilles
• Larou
• Logo Sans
• Peoni Pro
• Revel




Sauna Pro + Mono Pro.


Anonymous 02/01/14(Sat)11:24 UTC+1 No.134939 Report

you made my day, thank you so much
Anonymous 02/01/14(Sat)11:25 UTC+1 No.134940 Report

What font is used in the image right there? I've been searching all of the archives and .zips but I cant find it.
Anonymous 02/01/14(Sat)12:01 UTC+1 No.134944 Report


I was looking for this since the beginning of times.

I'm amazed. Thank sir.
Anonymous 02/01/14(Sat)12:21 UTC+1 No.134949 Report
File: Colors-Of-Autumn.jpg-(125x125)
>>134940Colors Of...

Colors Of Autumn.


Anonymous 02/01/14(Sat)12:22 UTC+1 No.134950 Report


I’m glad.
Anonymous 02/01/14(Sat)12:53 UTC+1 No.134954 Report

The chart in the site that you linked does show what I need. But I don't see all those glyphs when I use and/or view the CC Zoinks font that you uploaded...

For example, when I use the CC Zoinks font in PS CS6 (Windows 8.1), I don't get the "û" character that I should get (I get the circumflex u with other fonts). Also notice that it says there that its CCZoinks Roman (it should be regular, right?)

Relevant Screenshot-

Additionally, I don't see the glyphs that the complete CC Zoinks should have when I check the character map in windows

Relevant Screenshot-

This is the only CC Zoinks that I have installed

And I also double clicked (to inspect) the font that I got from you. The result didn't show the special characters there either, and it actually says that it's the CCZoinks version 1.00 (you said yours was v. 1.02). The title of the font does say CCZoinks-regular, but again... I seem to get Roman in PS CS6

Relevant Screenshots-
Do you actually get the glyphs (like circumflex etc) in your computer with the font that you uploaded?
Anonymous 02/01/14(Sat)16:03 UTC+1 No.134973 Report
File: -.jpg-(70x125)
I've started organizing...
I've started organizing my fonts in folders by foundry and then in sets by classification.
I've run into the problem when I need a font I know I have, but don't recall the foundry, I either have to load one of the sets or Google the foundry.

Is learning the foundries just something that comes with time of using all your favorite fonts or is the way I'm organizing the fonts flawed?
Anonymous 02/01/14(Sat)18:13 UTC+1 No.135007 Report
File: 1354405989011.jpg-(125x83)
anyone got the Egyptienne or...
anyone got the Egyptienne or Melior?
Anonymous 02/01/14(Sat)18:48 UTC+1 No.135012 Report


I really appreciate the comprehensive info. But, sad to say, I’m very confused
why this happened. First, I checked if the file I shared is the correct one. It is[1].
(I’m using Windows 7, by the way.) Two, I went to the Character Map to see if it
has all the characters. It does[2]. Three, I looked at the version number through
FontLab to see if it’s truly 1.02. It is[3]. Lastly, I check to see if I can create a
text using some of the Turkish letters and I can[4]. Maybe there’s something
wrong with the font? Can someone check, please? I’ll reupload the file, now
comes with self-generated OTF, to see if it corrects the problem.


1 http://s3.postimg.org/drdrh6ooj/File_Checking.png
2 http://s28.postimg.org/x01d6h0l9/CCZoinks_Char_Map.png
3 http://s27.postimg.org/yqeu3xicz/Version_No.png
4 http://s21.postimg.org/k874hv5rb/Turkish_CCZoinks.png


When I need a font for my project, I simply browse through MyFonts, note its
family name, then look around in my sorted-by-foundry-name folders to find it.
If I can’t recall the foundry of a typeface, I simply search for the type’s name.
Anonymous 02/01/14(Sat)21:22 UTC+1 No.135042 Report
File: font.jpg-(125x31)
What font is this?
What font is this?
Anonymous 02/01/14(Sat)22:35 UTC+1 No.135050 Report

Yeah, I'm confused too. The TTF didn't work again (and I use some other types/fonts in TTF with no problems).

But the OTF version that you uploaded now is working perfectly for me. Thanks a lot for this and the help!
Anonymous 02/02/14(Sun)01:04 UTC+1 No.135074 Report

What is your favorite font viewer? I want to download one but I can't choose. Right now I'm undecided between FontExpert, Opcion and Cfontpro
Anonymous 02/02/14(Sun)05:26 UTC+1 No.135121 Report

It's in the Adobe font pack or the "100 fonts" pack on TPB. You should have it.
Anonymous 02/02/14(Sun)11:57 UTC+1 No.135159 Report
File: b22fe03d8cb6e7f7c276c8d0ccd5b1ef.jpg-(125x83)
im looking for this type but i...
im looking for this type but i don't have a nice image so the webs can't recognize it. Anyone got it?
Anonymous 02/02/14(Sun)11:59 UTC+1 No.135160 Report


Egyptienne (Com) and Melior (Pro + Com). Both from Linotype. Also comes with Egyptienne from URW++, if you need other weights.




My pleasure!
Anonymous 02/02/14(Sun)12:31 UTC+1 No.135164 Report
File: Catedral.jpg-(125x125)
>>135159Alright Sans....

Alright Sans. Preview: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/okay-type/alright-sans/.



Anonymous 02/02/14(Sun)13:04 UTC+1 No.135165 Report
File: 23.jpg-(125x51)
hey guys how are you, look...
hey guys how are you, look this type what the font says it's helvetica but it is not, the "S" is different anyone got it?
Anonymous 02/02/14(Sun)13:06 UTC+1 No.135166 Report

you are good, thank you!
Anonymous 02/02/14(Sun)13:15 UTC+1 No.135169 Report

It's Akzidenz Grotesk. You can find it in previous Font Share threads.
Anonymous 02/02/14(Sun)13:31 UTC+1 No.135176 Report

yes, thanks
Anonymous 02/02/14(Sun)14:13 UTC+1 No.135179 Report

man thanks so much!
also can someone explain OTF and TTF to me?
Anonymous 02/02/14(Sun)14:18 UTC+1 No.135181 Report

Anybody have Macula OT?
Anonymous 02/02/14(Sun)14:20 UTC+1 No.135183 Report

anyone got a full set of the Gotham?
mine is weird , the regular is thicker than the bold and shit like that
Anonymous 02/02/14(Sun)14:40 UTC+1 No.135189 Report

hey , does this include the 100 best fonts also?
Anonymous 02/02/14(Sun)14:44 UTC+1 No.135191 Report

what if I use a pirated font for commercial work? who would know? silly. no one would know. no one would care.
Anonymous 02/02/14(Sun)14:55 UTC+1 No.135194 Report

There's a chance. If you're willing to take that, go ahead. I actually have no idea how high that chance is, but there are lawyers specialised in everything.
Anonymous 02/02/14(Sun)14:57 UTC+1 No.135195 Report
File: a9ecb59a9d5a3acf1a20d0c7ddc139a8.jpg-(83x125)
hello guys, im trying to know...
hello guys, im trying to know this type, for the R seems like franklin gothic but it isn't
Anonymous 02/02/14(Sun)14:59 UTC+1 No.135196 Report


Pretty much explains about the two in this article: http://www.whatthehelvetica.com/2012/03/04/what-is-the-difference-between-otf-and-ttf-fonts/.


See post 130874 in this thread: https://archive.foolz.us/gd/thread/130741.
Anonymous 02/02/14(Sun)14:59 UTC+1 No.135197 Report
File: 1391236314408.jpg-(85x125)
>>134645I'm having...
I'm having trouble finding Minerva modern
Anonymous 02/02/14(Sun)15:32 UTC+1 No.135204 Report


who's the lovely woman
Anonymous 02/02/14(Sun)16:18 UTC+1 No.135208 Report
File: sauceee.jpg-(123x125)
Anonymous 02/02/14(Sun)16:50 UTC+1 No.135214 Report

Welp, that's a site I'll never visit.
Anonymous 02/02/14(Sun)16:52 UTC+1 No.135216 Report

Enamel Brush by Typodermic?
Filmotype Atlas?
Filmotype Hemlock?
Heroic Compressed family?
Anonymous 02/02/14(Sun)17:15 UTC+1 No.135226 Report

I don't have that option
Anonymous 02/02/14(Sun)17:19 UTC+1 No.135227 Report

Amber Heard
Anonymous 02/02/14(Sun)17:24 UTC+1 No.135230 Report

Alternate Gothic anyone?

Anonymous 02/02/14(Sun)17:45 UTC+1 No.135244 Report

is there a thread just like this but about books?
Anonymous 02/02/14(Sun)18:11 UTC+1 No.135252 Report

Anyone have American Captain?
Anonymous 02/02/14(Sun)18:25 UTC+1 No.135254 Report

You should probably go to >>>/lit/ about that

If you're thinking a graphics design book thread, it doesn't exist, no. You could try creating one.
Anonymous 02/02/14(Sun)19:32 UTC+1 No.135273 Report
File: Mer2.jpg-(125x62)
>>135042Credit Valley...

Credit Valley Bold.

Download the fam:




Alternate Gothic (Com + Pro).




Enamel Brush, Filmotype Atlas and Filmotype Hemlock. No Heroic for me yet (boo hoo).




American Captain. With Cyrillic, Greek and Hebrew support in some fonts. Not bad.


Anonymous 02/02/14(Sun)20:37 UTC+1 No.135294 Report


Whoah! Awesomely kind!
Anonymous 02/02/14(Sun)20:40 UTC+1 No.135296 Report

Got Minerva Modern in that T26 folder?
Anonymous 02/02/14(Sun)20:44 UTC+1 No.135298 Report
File: EZGaNmi[1].jpg-(125x45)
>>135197is that this...
is that this font? I'd like it too
Anonymous 02/02/14(Sun)21:14 UTC+1 No.135306 Report

Filmotype Horizon?
Anonymous 02/02/14(Sun)21:23 UTC+1 No.135312 Report
File: imagesCAXG0V4B.jpg-(125x67)
Does anyone have this pony...
Does anyone have this pony font?
Anonymous 02/02/14(Sun)21:29 UTC+1 No.135320 Report

This might be a difficult one but requesting the following fonts from Colophon foundry:
Value Sans and Value Serif
Anonymous 02/02/14(Sun)22:35 UTC+1 No.135354 Report
File: malum2007[1].jpg-(96x96)
>>135204shiiiit Nigga!...
shiiiit Nigga! where you beeen, that's Amber Heard, she's makin' teens nut across the nation....playboy, sex in movies, POP there goes another nut!
Anonymous 02/02/14(Sun)22:35 UTC+1 No.135355 Report

Thank you.
Anonymous 02/02/14(Sun)22:36 UTC+1 No.135356 Report

what font is that?
Anonymous 02/02/14(Sun)23:55 UTC+1 No.135376 Report

Would anyone have a link to the quadraat family?
Anonymous 02/03/14(Mon)01:09 UTC+1 No.135384 Report
File: Untitled-1.jpg-(124x61)
Anyone have Novel...
Anyone have Novel Pro?
Anonymous 02/03/14(Mon)01:31 UTC+1 No.135387 Report

Anyone got House Industries Sign Painter fonts?
Anonymous 02/03/14(Mon)02:02 UTC+1 No.135388 Report

Arnhem Pro perchance?

Anonymous 02/03/14(Mon)05:26 UTC+1 No.135417 Report

LL Brown by Lineto or Futwora by Think Work Observe anyone?
Anonymous 02/03/14(Mon)08:38 UTC+1 No.135438 Report


yes, a thread about graphic design books or a site where i can download them for free
Anonymous 02/03/14(Mon)09:12 UTC+1 No.135443 Report


Thank you so much!
Anonymous 02/03/14(Mon)09:40 UTC+1 No.135446 Report
File: tumblr_n0d6hhJ9KP1rvqtpyo1_500.jpg-(108x125)
anyone got this? can't...
anyone got this? can't recognize it on what the font
Anonymous 02/03/14(Mon)12:05 UTC+1 No.135454 Report
File: 359c3e8daee31f38c38a5e21a6efa29a.jpg-(125x77)
hey guys im trying to make...
hey guys im trying to make this effect for some of my photos, is there any kind of filter? o how can do it?
Anonymous 02/03/14(Mon)12:22 UTC+1 No.135460 Report

Wrong fucking thread.

The board is basically dead anyway so: An effect like that easily achieved with "Gradient Map" in Photoshop.
If you don't have Photoshop, there's probably an analog for Gimp or whatever you like (it's pretty basic), just google it.
Anonymous 02/03/14(Mon)13:05 UTC+1 No.135461 Report

anyone knows what font is used here?

Anonymous 02/03/14(Mon)13:07 UTC+1 No.135462 Report

and what font is this
its gorgeous
Anonymous 02/03/14(Mon)13:09 UTC+1 No.135463 Report
File: b5cdb5ea887e5c9d7b4a4383a7a0a5ca[1].jpg-(125x83)
>>135462forgot link my...
forgot link my bad
Anonymous 02/03/14(Mon)13:28 UTC+1 No.135464 Report


Minerva Modern (9 TTFs).




Be glad I have Woodrow.




Value (8× OTF, 1.002), Archive (Pro) and Reader (no Black style).




I have only four styles of FF Quadraat OT (outdated, v. 7.460).




Atlas Font Foundry collection.
Preview: http://www.myfonts.com/foundry/AtlasFontFoundry/.


• Heimat Mono
• Heimat Sans
• Heimat Stencil
• Novel Sans
• Novel Sans Condensed Pro
• Novel Sans Mono
• Novel Sans Pro
• Novel Sans Rounded Pro
• Novel Serif Pro

Note: Missing Novel Sans Office Pro.




Sign Painter.




Arnhem (Pro).




LL Brown (Std, old release) and PDF-extracted Futwora (lacks glyph set and OT features). Hope these still help.


Anonymous 02/03/14(Mon)14:38 UTC+1 No.135468 Report

Anyone have Larsseit, Predige and Revisal ?
Anonymous 02/03/14(Mon)15:23 UTC+1 No.135470 Report
File: Talbot_Kessel105.jpg-(125x62)
Thanks for all your hard work,...
Thanks for all your hard work, font messiah.
Humbly requesting Kessel 105 Family by Talbot Type.
Mainly after Bold but whole family would amazing!
Anonymous 02/03/14(Mon)16:14 UTC+1 No.135478 Report


Thanks man! You are a champ!
Anonymous 02/03/14(Mon)16:15 UTC+1 No.135479 Report

I should have put Horizon in my last request. Sorry! One more request for Filmotype Horizon, please.
Anonymous 02/03/14(Mon)16:23 UTC+1 No.135481 Report
File: CircleMonogramsThreeWhite.jpg-(125x83)
IS there a font for these...
IS there a font for these circle monograms?
Anonymous 02/03/14(Mon)17:49 UTC+1 No.135488 Report


Harold's Circle Monograms

Anonymous 02/03/14(Mon)17:54 UTC+1 No.135489 Report


Whoah does that link not work? Sorry, not my file. Try this one!

Anonymous 02/03/14(Mon)18:11 UTC+1 No.135491 Report

Use 7-zip
Anonymous 02/03/14(Mon)18:30 UTC+1 No.135493 Report




Oops, didn’t see your new request. Here’s Filmotype Horizon:




All fonts of Kessel 105:



I’d also like to request. I need Fabulous Drop Cap from
Decade Type Foundry. Anyone up for that? See here:
Anonymous 02/03/14(Mon)18:43 UTC+1 No.135494 Report


Anonymous 02/03/14(Mon)20:23 UTC+1 No.135499 Report
File: png;base64f7f71ce8f4dacc9a.jpg-(125x125)
I'm looking for a font...
I'm looking for a font like Acorn but free for commercial use. Anyone knows something like that ?
Anonymous 02/03/14(Mon)20:27 UTC+1 No.135500 Report

Anonymous 02/03/14(Mon)21:11 UTC+1 No.135507 Report


typekeet 02/03/14(Mon)21:34 UTC+1 No.135509 Report

Bump for this guy!

" I’d also like to request. I need Fabulous Drop Cap from Decade Type Foundry. Anyone up for that? See here:
http://decadetypefoundry.bigcartel.com/product/decade-fabulous-drop-cap-promo "

Anonymous 02/03/14(Mon)22:44 UTC+1 No.135524 Report

Just got a virus from one of the archived threads. Thanks asshole.
Anonymous 02/03/14(Mon)22:51 UTC+1 No.135525 Report

Helvetica Neue OTF. Specifically OFT
Anonymous 02/03/14(Mon)23:24 UTC+1 No.135532 Report

OK, so you got a virus. Did you not think to share which? Asshole.
Anonymous 02/03/14(Mon)23:25 UTC+1 No.135533 Report

>not using mac
The saddest song, the smallest violin etc.
Anonymous 02/03/14(Mon)23:37 UTC+1 No.135535 Report

I cant hear you over my bank account full of money
Anonymous 02/03/14(Mon)23:40 UTC+1 No.135537 Report

Any possibility of MVB Verdegris Pro?

Anonymous 02/03/14(Mon)23:49 UTC+1 No.135538 Report

which link, i'll remove it from the anthology so more people don't get it too
Anonymous 02/04/14(Tue)00:46 UTC+1 No.135556 Report

Zulia Pro?
Gelato Script?
Anonymous 02/04/14(Tue)00:48 UTC+1 No.135558 Report
File: hagen.jpg-(125x78)
Anyone has this one,...
Anyone has this one, Hagen
Anonymous 02/04/14(Tue)02:04 UTC+1 No.135569 Report
File: unnamed.jpg-(125x49)
Hey, can anyone help me out...
Hey, can anyone help me out with Bougainville or something similar?
Anonymous 02/04/14(Tue)02:21 UTC+1 No.135570 Report
File: industry inc.jpg-(124x49)
Industry Inc...
Industry Inc anyone?
Anonymous 02/04/14(Tue)03:42 UTC+1 No.135574 Report

Is there a good font manager for OSX? I'm using Mavericks and Fontbook is a bag of dicks.
Anonymous 02/04/14(Tue)06:00 UTC+1 No.135583 Report
File: 128207.jpg-(125x62)
Equip, pls
Equip, pls
Anonymous 02/04/14(Tue)06:01 UTC+1 No.135584 Report

my bad, forgot link

gypsy1884 02/04/14(Tue)07:44 UTC+1 No.135590 Report

latinotype.com - ridemybike, fidel black, and patagon
Anonymous 02/04/14(Tue)09:50 UTC+1 No.135608 Report

Port Vintage??

Anonymous 02/04/14(Tue)10:26 UTC+1 No.135613 Report
File: Font-ID.jpg-(125x58)

At first sight, I thought it’s either Gotham or Proxima Nova.
When I tried recreating using the faces, they didn’t show
an exact match but close. I also tried Gibson, ARS Maquetta,
and Akzidenz-Grotesk. Same result. (The ampersand is
what’s driving me crazy.) I asked the experts from
WTF Forum and one said it’s Theinhardt. (See image for
comparison between Akzidenz-Grotesk and Theinhardt.)

Download Theinhardt here:




Thanks, keet. Really needed it.
Anonymous 02/04/14(Tue)10:28 UTC+1 No.135614 Report
File: 57175.jpg-(125x62)
XXII Marker?

Anonymous 02/04/14(Tue)10:33 UTC+1 No.135615 Report

Anyone got Madita by Hubert Jocham?


Thanks for any help offered.
ascendence 02/04/14(Tue)11:19 UTC+1 No.135621 Report

bump? anyone?
Anonymous 02/04/14(Tue)11:44 UTC+1 No.135623 Report

Brandon Text Medium
Anonymous 02/04/14(Tue)11:50 UTC+1 No.135626 Report


Found it myself. Sharing it with Ya'll.

XXII Marker

Anonymous 02/04/14(Tue)11:54 UTC+1 No.135628 Report


Looking for FF Quixo!
Desperately need it.

Thank You!
Anonymous 02/04/14(Tue)12:08 UTC+1 No.135633 Report

searching for Gravur from Lineto Type
Anonymous 02/04/14(Tue)12:17 UTC+1 No.135634 Report

Belly Laugh-Intl


Someone have it and can share please?
Anonymous 02/04/14(Tue)12:28 UTC+1 No.135637 Report

Step up your typography game niggas. I seriously need Aktiv Grotesk.
Anonymous 02/04/14(Tue)12:36 UTC+1 No.135638 Report
File: Brandon.jpg-(125x83)
Brandon Text Medium
Anonymous 02/04/14(Tue)15:58 UTC+1 No.135661 Report

I'm sorry nobody got you your font, font-anon :(
Anonymous 02/04/14(Tue)16:59 UTC+1 No.135694 Report


He-he. S'okay. As long as yours is fulfilled.
Anonymous 02/04/14(Tue)17:27 UTC+1 No.135705 Report

FF Mark! Pleeeease
Anonymous 02/05/14(Wed)06:45 UTC+1 No.135843 Report

Anyone got Avenir? I think it's a Mac font.
Anonymous 02/05/14(Wed)07:06 UTC+1 No.135846 Report


I have no words for how freaking amazing you are. Thank you x78961458963425 :D
gypsy1884 02/05/14(Wed)10:19 UTC+1 No.135854 Report



Anonymous 02/05/14(Wed)12:59 UTC+1 No.135883 Report

can you provide that font?
Anonymous 02/05/14(Wed)16:06 UTC+1 No.135908 Report

Why do you plebs request the lame-ass script fonts? what are you doing with them? have you not studied the arts of typography?
Anonymous 02/05/14(Wed)16:17 UTC+1 No.135909 Report


Yes well, this is posted in the previous thread.
Providing the search for you:

Brandon Text

Anonymous 02/05/14(Wed)16:30 UTC+1 No.135911 Report


One. Because were to cheap to buy them all obviously…

Two. Use lame-ass scripts in designs. And when approved just buy them for the royalties.

And three. If you had studied any arts of typography you would come to the conclusion you need lame-ass scripts as well. Just can't use DIN for everything...
Anonymous 02/05/14(Wed)17:54 UTC+1 No.135934 Report


Cronos Pro Opticals (AFF 11.0 release). Adobe usually updates
their fonts every two months or so. Depending on the font family,
the process could take 10–12 years to finish!




Neue Helvetica (Std, Com, Pro, W1G, Arabic, CYR, Thai) and
Neue Helvetica eText (Pro). I included the Std version for the former because
it has the fonts which other versions don’t have. All fonts are latest.




MVB Verdegris (old release).




Zulia Pro, Manicuore, Gelato Script, and Cabrito. Apologies
for not fulfilling your request earlier. Been busy and haven’t had enough time.








Industry Inc.




Equip + Condensed, Extended and Slab.




Ride my Bike, Fidel, and Patagon.




Brandon Grotesque (or Text) Medium. Download the two:


Anonymous 02/05/14(Wed)17:56 UTC+1 No.135936 Report


Port Vintage.








Gravur Condensed.




Belly Laugh (Intl, v. 1.101)




Aktiv Grotesk (Corp).




Avenir (Com + Pro), Avenir Next (Pro + CYR – no Com and Paneuropean, sadly),
and Avenir Next Rounded (Pro). All up-to-date.

Anonymous 02/05/14(Wed)18:12 UTC+1 No.135946 Report

Anonymous 02/05/14(Wed)18:29 UTC+1 No.135953 Report

You're a star. Any luck with Hand Shop Pack: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/fontscafe/hand-shop/
Anonymous 02/05/14(Wed)18:35 UTC+1 No.135955 Report


Thanks. Don’t hesitate to ask if you need more.


Sorry, I don’t have those two.
Anonymous 02/05/14(Wed)18:40 UTC+1 No.135956 Report


Hand Shop Pack.


Anonymous 02/05/14(Wed)19:02 UTC+1 No.135958 Report


Anonymous 02/05/14(Wed)19:10 UTC+1 No.135959 Report

Aranjuez Pro
at http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/sudtipos/aranjuez-pro/
Anonymous 02/05/14(Wed)19:14 UTC+1 No.135962 Report

Anyone have Erotica???

Anonymous 02/05/14(Wed)20:00 UTC+1 No.135968 Report

Brilliant. Thank you so much.
Anonymous 02/05/14(Wed)21:08 UTC+1 No.135985 Report

Nobody for these?
Anonymous 02/05/14(Wed)23:38 UTC+1 No.136017 Report

>Belly Laugh (Intl, v. 1.101)

Thanks! You're awesome!
Anonymous 02/05/14(Wed)23:41 UTC+1 No.136019 Report


I don't know who you are, mysterious god of of digital letters but I sincerely thank you and appreciate your effort tremendously. Thanks!
Anonymous 02/06/14(Thu)00:05 UTC+1 No.136024 Report


Thank you kindly!
Anonymous 02/06/14(Thu)01:56 UTC+1 No.136042 Report
File: neu.jpg-(125x62)
anyone have Neuzeit Grotesk?
anyone have Neuzeit Grotesk?
Anonymous 02/06/14(Thu)02:10 UTC+1 No.136045 Report

much appreciated
Anonymous 02/06/14(Thu)03:00 UTC+1 No.136052 Report

Can we get Wild Words Lower?

I need it more than anything in this world.
Anonymous 02/06/14(Thu)04:04 UTC+1 No.136069 Report


Here you go-

CC Wild Words Lower

Anonymous 02/06/14(Thu)07:28 UTC+1 No.136092 Report






Aranjuez Pro. ICYDK, Sudtipos’ range of typefaces
were released in The Scene, mostly old ones. I believe
some of you are lucky to have them.




Erotica (Pro, 6× OTF).




Type Dynamic collection.




Neuzeit Grotesk in old OT and recent TT formats.
The OT format lacks one font.


Anonymous 02/06/14(Thu)08:32 UTC+1 No.136101 Report


Don’t mention it.
Anonymous 02/06/14(Thu)08:51 UTC+1 No.136103 Report

Finally! Thanks a lot :)
Anonymous 02/06/14(Thu)09:47 UTC+1 No.136106 Report


Didn’t tried it myself, but try using Suitcase Fusion:


For Win users:

Anonymous 02/06/14(Thu)10:12 UTC+1 No.136111 Report

Couple more requests:



Brioni Text

Anonymous 02/06/14(Thu)10:28 UTC+1 No.136114 Report


if at all possible.
Anonymous 02/06/14(Thu)11:15 UTC+1 No.136120 Report

Anyone got FS Hackney?


Thanks in advance.
Anonymous 02/06/14(Thu)11:18 UTC+1 No.136121 Report
File: 52.jpg-(125x19)
what the font didin't...
what the font didin't recognize it, so guys, anyone got this tipe? the "R" is a little different
Anonymous 02/06/14(Thu)11:18 UTC+1 No.136122 Report


Many thanks for Madita. You Star.
Anonymous 02/06/14(Thu)11:24 UTC+1 No.136123 Report

Looking for:
Suomi Hand Script
Frutiger Serif

Thanks a lot!
Anonymous 02/06/14(Thu)17:40 UTC+1 No.136161 Report
File: oskar_home.jpg-(88x125)
This was requested in part 4,...
This was requested in part 4, no luck yet:

Oskar One from Bold Monday

Anybody? I really want to try this one out.
Anonymous 02/06/14(Thu)18:52 UTC+1 No.136170 Report


Also other fonts from Bold Monday,
especially looking for:
Nitti Grotesk & Nitti
Anonymous 02/06/14(Thu)18:56 UTC+1 No.136171 Report
File: 2page_img4.jpg-(125x119)
ITC Bauhaus?please!
ITC Bauhaus?

Anonymous 02/06/14(Thu)18:56 UTC+1 No.136172 Report

Can someone please get this for me?

Anonymous 02/06/14(Thu)19:04 UTC+1 No.136175 Report

>police station
Anonymous 02/06/14(Thu)20:49 UTC+1 No.136190 Report

Has anyone got neubau, or is it in the current set??
Love it.

>bumping for these.
PhoneWallguy 02/06/14(Thu)22:30 UTC+1 No.136209 Report

/r/ing pls

>Verlag by H&FJ
Anonymous 02/06/14(Thu)22:48 UTC+1 No.136214 Report

I've had a few fonts on my list, I had no idea these types of threads existed, pun intended.
Here is my list, I'll be sure to return to help others.

Block Gothic

JAF Bernini Sans (and any other fonts from 'Just Another Foundry'



Monotype Grotesque

Titling Gothic






Motiva Sans



Graublau Sans

Graublau Slab

LL Brown

LL Circular

Tablet Gothic
Anonymous 02/06/14(Thu)23:01 UTC+1 No.136222 Report

Here you are. Includes Regular, Compressed and Condensed.
Anyone got Archive Garamond: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/archivetype/archive-garamond/
Anonymous 02/06/14(Thu)23:19 UTC+1 No.136228 Report

I forgot the download link for Verlag: http://www.datafilehost.com/d/ed49a0cc
Anonymous 02/06/14(Thu)23:39 UTC+1 No.136231 Report
File: source.jpg-(125x45)
Any idea what these fonts are?...
Any idea what these fonts are? Pretty sure the bottom one is not evil genius though it looks awfully similar.
Anonymous 02/07/14(Fri)01:30 UTC+1 No.136259 Report
File: realpizza.jpg-(124x72)
Place I can find some...
Place I can find some fonts:

Anonymous 02/07/14(Fri)01:38 UTC+1 No.136262 Report

Apologies? You kiddin'! Big thank you!!!
typekeet 02/07/14(Fri)03:04 UTC+1 No.136276 Report

Hey guys:
" Do companies get sued for using fonts illegally? "

— http://www.quora.com/Do-companies-get-sued-for-using-fonts-illegally/answer/Thomas-Phinney?srid=ik1F&share=1
Anonymous 02/07/14(Fri)03:10 UTC+1 No.136279 Report


Don't use these fonts on anything commercial and they won't tell you shit.
Anonymous 02/07/14(Fri)03:13 UTC+1 No.136282 Report

Yeahhhh, anyone wanna try a link to CC Wild Words Lower that isn't a shifty-as-fuck-looking executable file?
Anonymous 02/07/14(Fri)03:45 UTC+1 No.136291 Report

Does anyone know what font the J-List ads use?
Anonymous 02/07/14(Fri)03:59 UTC+1 No.136296 Report
File: psyduck.jpg-(91x125)
>>136282uncheck the box
uncheck the box
Anonymous 02/07/14(Fri)04:03 UTC+1 No.136297 Report

brown, circular and probably many more have been posted already, look through the archive
Anonymous 02/07/14(Fri)04:08 UTC+1 No.136298 Report

I tried it, it was also shit.

Thanks for the suggestion though.
Anonymous 02/07/14(Fri)04:13 UTC+1 No.136301 Report


...The link to the CC Wild Words Lower that was posted earlier in the thread is a perfectly fine .rar with the OTFs of CCWildWordsLower, CCWildWordsLower-Italic, and CCWildWordsLower-BoldItalic
Anonymous 02/07/14(Fri)05:19 UTC+1 No.136308 Report


how could anyone ever tell if you have used a pirated font?

even if you were questioned about it, couldn't you then just give in and actually buy the font to prevent any trouble
Anonymous 02/07/14(Fri)06:47 UTC+1 No.136321 Report
File: 1390241499465.jpg-(125x52)
this please...
this please
Anonymous 02/07/14(Fri)07:08 UTC+1 No.136323 Report

Does anyone have Filmotype Lucky or Filmotype Keynote?

Also looking for fonts by Match & Kerosene: (Duotone, Grizzly Bear, Prismatic, Detroit, and Swifty)

Thanks in advance!
Anonymous 02/07/14(Fri)12:53 UTC+1 No.136344 Report

>Oh look this guy uses our font for this logo and has clearly not licensed it.
There are lawyers specialised in this kind of stuff. But of course, for most it doesn't really matter. It's up to you.
Anonymous 02/07/14(Fri)17:49 UTC+1 No.136381 Report

Ganache, Castor, Two Fingers, Ruman?
Anonymous 02/07/14(Fri)18:39 UTC+1 No.136401 Report

>Wild Words
You're right. I apologize.

I could swear it was reading as an exe file on the very first page when I downloaded it, but it's a rar now.

Thank you, anon who linked to this wonderful font! I am forever grateful.
Anonymous 02/07/14(Fri)18:45 UTC+1 No.136402 Report

>Oh look somebody used our font
>Let's see, did they license it
>No, hmmm
>Lets call em
>"Oh you say company XY made the logo for"
>"thank you for your help good sir"
>lets see if company XY has licensed our font
>No, hmmmm
>We should ask our lawyer
Anonymous 02/07/14(Fri)20:03 UTC+1 No.136417 Report

Those are shit. All they have are 2002 version of most known commercial fonts.
Anonymous 02/07/14(Fri)23:42 UTC+1 No.136455 Report
File: AFDtG3hsYy3_Graph.jpg-(125x73)
Anyone have Lubalin Graph with...
Anyone have Lubalin Graph with alternate characters?
Anonymous 02/08/14(Sat)01:52 UTC+1 No.136499 Report

This thread is amazing.
Thanks to those who have been uploading the fonts.
Anonymous 02/08/14(Sat)03:58 UTC+1 No.136524 Report
File: Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 6.57.18 PM.jpg-(124x58)
anyone know what font this...
anyone know what font this is?
I already checked Gotham, akzidenz grotesk, and montserrat but it's not them
Anonymous 02/08/14(Sat)04:31 UTC+1 No.136535 Report

Hell of a thread.

My request:

mark 02/08/14(Sat)15:20 UTC+1 No.136583 Report

Hello guys, you have Arquitecta http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/latinotype/arquitecta/

Ganache http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/laura-worthington/ganache/

Politica http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/sudtipos/politica2/

Anonymous 02/08/14(Sat)15:30 UTC+1 No.136584 Report

Arquitecta :
WLX 02/08/14(Sat)18:30 UTC+1 No.136606 Report

It's a heavy weight of Avenir.
Anonymous 02/08/14(Sat)18:37 UTC+1 No.136610 Report

Triumph sucks, DSP Quattro is better.
Anonymous 02/08/14(Sat)19:15 UTC+1 No.136624 Report
File: grayshirt_ainteasybeingugly_large.jpg?v=1362847370.jpg-(125x125)
im searching this kind of font...
im searching this kind of font (the black one) you know the name or a similiar one?
Anonymous 02/08/14(Sat)22:36 UTC+1 No.136664 Report

sorry for being a butt
can I request H&FJ Whitey?
Anonymous 02/08/14(Sat)23:19 UTC+1 No.136673 Report

I'm not being "that guy", but use common sense.
Anonymous 02/09/14(Sun)00:03 UTC+1 No.136685 Report

Here you are - Whitney and Whitney Condensed.


Anyone had any luck with Archive Garamond:

Anonymous 02/09/14(Sun)11:37 UTC+1 No.136773 Report
File: logo.jpg-(125x29)
wat font is this?
wat font is this?
Anonymous 02/09/14(Sun)12:09 UTC+1 No.136776 Report

Hello, FF Meta Correspondence please.

Thank you!
Anonymous 02/09/14(Sun)12:18 UTC+1 No.136777 Report

>trademarking the name of an historical English writter
Has Capitalism gone too far?
Anonymous 02/09/14(Sun)13:49 UTC+1 No.136786 Report

No, it's not historical English writter. It's quite common surname and a man who founded a fishing equipment company in 1897 had that name too.

mark 02/09/14(Sun)14:44 UTC+1 No.136795 Report

request: Bon Appetit - Latinotype

Tnx *
Anonymous 02/09/14(Sun)19:31 UTC+1 No.136831 Report

FF Meta Headline
Sensibility (FF Meta alternative): http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/shinn/sensibility/
FF Tundra

Thanks a lot!
Anonymous 02/09/14(Sun)20:57 UTC+1 No.136849 Report
File: 133270.jpg-(125x62)
New Release! If anyone has...
New Release! If anyone has Industry Inc by Holdfast I'd be grateful!
anon 02/09/14(Sun)20:58 UTC+1 No.136851 Report
File: 1391124107204.jpg-(125x62)
Im back! Any chance in getting...
Im back! Any chance in getting this bad boy? http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/tipografiaramis/rams/
Anonymous 02/09/14(Sun)21:00 UTC+1 No.136853 Report

What's the difference new in releases of fonts?
Anonymous 02/09/14(Sun)21:19 UTC+1 No.136860 Report

sentence are good for understand
Anonymous 02/09/14(Sun)21:23 UTC+1 No.136862 Report

Mostly new Glyphs, new OTF features, minor corrections. Mostly nothing too spectacular.
Anonymous 02/10/14(Mon)01:10 UTC+1 No.136916 Report

Mark Pro anyone? http://www.fontshop.com/fonts/downloads/fontfont/ff_mark_pro_collection/
Anonymous 02/10/14(Mon)01:46 UTC+1 No.136921 Report

I've been looking for Carter Sans for a long long time, if anyone has it, I'd be super grateful if they'd share it.

Anonymous 02/10/14(Mon)01:50 UTC+1 No.136922 Report

Design is getting to be a lot like the Music industry it feels.

The skill bar is getting lower and lower.
Anonymous 02/10/14(Mon)01:51 UTC+1 No.136923 Report

wrong thread
Anonymous 02/10/14(Mon)12:56 UTC+1 No.137024 Report

Looking for Kursivschrift if anyone can help.


Many thanks in advance.
Anonymous 02/10/14(Mon)15:16 UTC+1 No.137035 Report

I'm looking for a Gothic / Medieval / Old English style font that's kind of minimalistic and would look relatively clean

Any suggestions?

It's a rough idea I have in mind but I can't quite make sense of it.
Anonymous 02/10/14(Mon)15:32 UTC+1 No.137038 Report

I'm looking for the Simplon typeface, if anybody has it.

Anonymous 02/10/14(Mon)18:04 UTC+1 No.137060 Report


cool stuff mans
Anonymous 02/10/14(Mon)18:53 UTC+1 No.137066 Report

Anonymous 02/10/14(Mon)19:03 UTC+1 No.137068 Report

/r/ founders grotesk

Anonymous 02/11/14(Tue)00:08 UTC+1 No.137124 Report
File: Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 6.07.56 PM.jpg-(92x125)
Anyone has this?Plakette...
Anyone has this?

Plakette Serial
Anonymous 02/11/14(Tue)03:13 UTC+1 No.137155 Report

Kindly requesting:
Arnhem Fine: https://ourtype.com/#/try/pro-fonts/arnhem-fine/
Arnhem Display: https://ourtype.com/#/try/pro-fonts/arnhem-display/

Thank you!!!
Anonymous 02/11/14(Tue)07:11 UTC+1 No.137203 Report

Retour, anyone?
Anonymous 02/11/14(Tue)15:22 UTC+1 No.137241 Report
File: Turok_Dinosaur_Hunter_1.jpg-(125x93)
/r/ing the name of this font...
/r/ing the name of this font used in Turok for the N64

WhatFontIs and WhatTheFont have failed me on a cleaned up image of the text.
Anonymous 02/11/14(Tue)15:32 UTC+1 No.137244 Report

Page 30 of 40 I got to something very close that might be it.

Anonymous 02/11/14(Tue)17:54 UTC+1 No.137255 Report

>Font Anon leaves thread
>Thread instantly dies.
Anonymous 02/11/14(Tue)19:19 UTC+1 No.137288 Report
File: van-condensed.jpg-(125x125)
/r/ing Van...
/r/ing Van Condensed
Anonymous 02/11/14(Tue)20:08 UTC+1 No.137299 Report


Wow, that's a beauty.
Thanks for the amazing job on all these!
Anonymous 02/12/14(Wed)01:34 UTC+1 No.137383 Report


Anonymous 02/12/14(Wed)15:05 UTC+1 No.137460 Report

Looking for:
Capsa: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/dstype/capsa/

Thank you!
bobdylan 02/13/14(Thu)01:24 UTC+1 No.137600 Report

anyone have Supernova by typotheque? i've been trying to get this for days now :-\
bobdylan 02/13/14(Thu)01:30 UTC+1 No.137604 Report

does anyone even respond to requests on this forum? all I see are requests and no answers. LOL! what a waste of time
Anonymous 02/13/14(Thu)01:38 UTC+1 No.137611 Report

>replying after only 14 minutes
Anonymous 02/13/14(Thu)01:41 UTC+1 No.137613 Report
File: hoeflertext_cell_02.jpg-(125x50)
Anyone have Hoefler Text,...
Anyone have Hoefler Text, Sentinel, or anything from H&FJ?
Anonymous 02/13/14(Thu)02:25 UTC+1 No.137653 Report

Check archive, in page 1:

Includes all of H&FJ up to 2008ish, including Hoefler Text
Anonymous 02/13/14(Thu)05:33 UTC+1 No.137708 Report

Does anyone have FF Cocon Pro please?
Anonymous 02/13/14(Thu)11:19 UTC+1 No.137731 Report

Does anyone have Metroscript?

Anonymous 02/13/14(Thu)12:15 UTC+1 No.137740 Report

Anyone has Mustang?
Anonymous 02/13/14(Thu)13:00 UTC+1 No.137760 Report

http://www.youworkforthem.com/font/T1335/reitag, http://www.youworkforthem.com/font/T4363/litteratur?
Anonymous 02/13/14(Thu)16:58 UTC+1 No.137837 Report


Font Annon is the boss here.
Anonymous 02/13/14(Thu)18:26 UTC+1 No.137851 Report

Does anyone have XXII Centar & XXII Yonia? they seem to be rare or I'm just blind
Anonymous 02/13/14(Thu)19:09 UTC+1 No.137858 Report

Glober font?
Anonymous 02/13/14(Thu)21:57 UTC+1 No.137891 Report
File: Madurai-Slab-BC2.jpg-(125x62)
does anyone have madurai slab...
does anyone have madurai slab font?
Anonymous 02/13/14(Thu)23:11 UTC+1 No.137906 Report
File: portrait.jpg-(124x81)
Does anyone have Portrait by...
Does anyone have Portrait by Klim? It's really beautiful
Anonymous 02/13/14(Thu)23:32 UTC+1 No.137911 Report

Anonymous 02/13/14(Thu)23:55 UTC+1 No.137917 Report
File: mullen.jpg-(93x125)
looking for a font like Mullen...
looking for a font like Mullen Hand, but free of course.

i dont think i want to pay $20+ just so i can type the word "records"
Anonymous 02/14/14(Fri)00:00 UTC+1 No.137919 Report
File: charcut.jpg-(125x108)
>>137917also looking for...
also looking for a font anywhere along the lines of Charcuterie.
Anonymous 02/14/14(Fri)01:19 UTC+1 No.137945 Report

Could anyone share Marat Sans, please? If not full family, either Regular or Medium would be fine.

Anonymous 02/14/14(Fri)02:01 UTC+1 No.137954 Report


Anonymous 02/14/14(Fri)03:54 UTC+1 No.137981 Report

Looking for Sudtipos Festival Script Pro
Anonymous 02/14/14(Fri)03:58 UTC+1 No.137982 Report

Does anyone have these to share
Frigidaire family URW++
PoorRichard RR family
RialtoDF family

Anonymous 02/14/14(Fri)22:02 UTC+1 No.138101 Report
File: 73876.jpg-(125x62)
The Fancy Antique Display font...
The Fancy Antique Display font ?
Anonymous 02/14/14(Fri)22:23 UTC+1 No.138104 Report

Torrents. But Piratebay is blocked for people in UK.
Anonymous 02/14/14(Fri)23:24 UTC+1 No.138123 Report

I second this.
Jas 02/15/14(Sat)02:09 UTC+1 No.138137 Report
File: 78122.jpg-(125x62)
Looking for XXII Total...
Looking for XXII Total Death

ascendence 02/15/14(Sat)12:40 UTC+1 No.138189 Report

anyone can provide the "Nobel" not the DTLnobel from the 100 best fonts of all time

it needs to be Nobel only
Anonymous 02/15/14(Sat)15:00 UTC+1 No.138203 Report

well... font anon seems to be gone. these threads were too good to be forever anyways. I gathered a nice collection thruout the 5 threads and just wanted to mainly thank to the dude who made it possible. thanx font anon.
Anonymous 02/15/14(Sat)15:05 UTC+1 No.138204 Report

Seriously, I collected like 400 fonts from these threads. Sure was nice.
Anonymous 02/15/14(Sat)16:13 UTC+1 No.138211 Report



But I know that Font Annon isn't dead yet!
Anonymous 02/15/14(Sat)17:00 UTC+1 No.138218 Report

there's at least 5 people contributing
Anonymous 02/15/14(Sat)18:15 UTC+1 No.138220 Report

Yeah but a lot of us don't have as large collections as font anon.
I only have 1700 fonts, whereof most are sans serif. A lot of the requested fonts are obscure use-once-in-a-lifetime decorative fonts.

The thread would probably be better off becoming a "How'd you use a font" inspiration thread with some sharing than the current piracy thread without a pirate king.
Anonymous 02/15/14(Sat)22:57 UTC+1 No.138259 Report

Damn straight, I have an incredible collection now thanks to these threads and I don't care if it's one or ten anoms out there, thank you super much you guys, who-ever or where-ever you are!
Anonymous 02/15/14(Sat)23:32 UTC+1 No.138264 Report
File: sitemgr_photo_19349.jpg-(124x83)
what font is this?
what font is this?
Anonymous 02/15/14(Sat)23:35 UTC+1 No.138265 Report


But should they really?
Anonymous 02/15/14(Sat)23:45 UTC+1 No.138266 Report

Only if they're nice.
Anonymous 02/16/14(Sun)00:44 UTC+1 No.138284 Report

Helvetica :^)
Anonymous 02/16/14(Sun)01:17 UTC+1 No.138294 Report
File: Capture.jpg-(125x58)
Anyone have Vialog LT?
Anyone have Vialog LT?
Jas 02/16/14(Sun)01:36 UTC+1 No.138298 Report

bumping this
Anonymous 02/16/14(Sun)17:25 UTC+1 No.138409 Report

sanity bump
Anonymous 02/17/14(Mon)01:13 UTC+1 No.138493 Report

btt 02/17/14(Mon)01:16 UTC+1 No.138494 Report
File: heronsans.jpg-(82x125)
Anyone have Heron Sans and...
Anyone have Heron Sans and Serif?
Anonymous 02/17/14(Mon)01:50 UTC+1 No.138498 Report

Kindly requesting:
Palatino Nova family: http://www.linotype.com/es/615716/Palatinonova-family.html
Anonymous 02/17/14(Mon)02:40 UTC+1 No.138503 Report

lyon text

anyone have any of these fonts?
Anonymous 02/17/14(Mon)02:53 UTC+1 No.138504 Report

Anon 02/17/14(Mon)03:19 UTC+1 No.138505 Report
File: 92053.jpg-(125x62)
>>134645Any chance of...
Any chance of 'My Darling' or Nadia?

Anonymous 02/17/14(Mon)04:24 UTC+1 No.138512 Report

that's a hurt looking font with a hurt looking girl
Anon 02/17/14(Mon)04:47 UTC+1 No.138513 Report

Both those fonts are great for Weddings. The picture to mockup the font isn't the best though, I'll agree.
Anonymous 02/17/14(Mon)05:03 UTC+1 No.138514 Report

Anonymous 02/17/14(Mon)07:51 UTC+1 No.138527 Report

The entire Univers family would be greatly appreciated
Anonymous 02/17/14(Mon)11:27 UTC+1 No.138542 Report

Looking for Silver Thread Regular. Would be much appreciated.

Anonymous 02/17/14(Mon)19:13 UTC+1 No.138618 Report

lyon text

anyone have those families of font? thanks
Anonymous 02/17/14(Mon)21:52 UTC+1 No.138658 Report

it was posted somewhere in earlier threads if I remember correctly.
Anonymous 02/18/14(Tue)02:56 UTC+1 No.138698 Report
File: Untitled-1.jpg-(125x63)
Any ideas on what this font...
Any ideas on what this font is?
Anonymous 02/18/14(Tue)03:19 UTC+1 No.138700 Report

Dungeon Dweller
Anonymous 02/18/14(Tue)03:24 UTC+1 No.138702 Report

new thread
Anonymous 02/18/14(Tue)03:26 UTC+1 No.138704 Report

post #301.
Die thread, die
Anonymous 02/18/14(Tue)17:23 UTC+1 No.138777 Report

Anonymous 02/18/14(Tue)17:24 UTC+1 No.138779 Report

Still nothing? Shame.
Anonymous 02/18/14(Tue)17:26 UTC+1 No.138780 Report

how do I change the name of font files and font names ??HURR DURR
Anonymous 02/18/14(Tue)17:53 UTC+1 No.138782 Report

Bauhaus: ge
Anonymous 02/18/14(Tue)17:55 UTC+1 No.138784 Report
File: treats-magazine-jason-ierace-rose-4.jpg-(98x124)
>>138782Great! Thank...
Great! Thank you!

In return, tits.
Anonymous 02/18/14(Tue)18:45 UTC+1 No.138792 Report

this board is meant to be sfw you muppet.
Anonymous 02/18/14(Tue)23:39 UTC+1 No.138870 Report
File: ff max.jpg-(125x76)
anyone have these?museo sans...
anyone have these?

museo sans and/or slab
ff max
Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)11:09 UTC+1 No.138949 Report
File: 7868.jpg-(125x125)
frankfurter font please...
frankfurter font please <3
Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)18:59 UTC+1 No.139076 Report

FS Matthew
FS Hackey

Anonymous 02/19/14(Wed)23:46 UTC+1 No.139125 Report


FF Max:

Now, have you, FS Hackey or FS Matthew?
mark 02/24/14(Mon)19:29 UTC+1 No.140050 Report

request: Emtype Shentox http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/emtype/shentox/

Anonymous 02/25/14(Tue)12:09 UTC+1 No.140152 Report

Does anyone have Georgia pro?
Anonymous 02/25/14(Tue)22:54 UTC+1 No.140241 Report

Anyone have anything from LucasFonts?

Anonymous 02/26/14(Wed)12:15 UTC+1 No.140325 Report

Can anybody help with CASEY from FONT BUREAU?


tooloud 02/26/14(Wed)15:16 UTC+1 No.140358 Report
File: lydia.jpg-(95x125)
Anyone have Lydia Bold...
Anyone have Lydia Bold Condensed by Colophon Foundry?
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