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Greetings /gd/,I am doing a...
Anonymous 07/27/14(Sun)03:31 UTC+1 No.167394 Report

Greetings /gd/,

I am doing a presentation of a rebranding done for a restaurant but i am missing a stationary mockup.
I went to look on the internet but didn't found one that had material related to the project i am working on (apart from the usual stuff i am looking for one that has cups, bags etc)..all i can find are too corporate. I need a mockup related to restaurants.

Can someone help out?
Anonymous 07/27/14(Sun)17:05 UTC+1 No.167464 Report

Anonymous 07/27/14(Sun)17:06 UTC+1 No.167465 Report

No don't, someone is just being a faggot and linking this thread everywhere for some reason.

Sorry OP.
Anonymous 07/27/14(Sun)17:52 UTC+1 No.167480 Report

what the fuck are you talking about? everywhere?
Anonymous 07/27/14(Sun)23:24 UTC+1 No.167532 Report
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>>167480Sorry about...
Sorry about that, I'm presuming that you're OP.

There is a thing called FourChan Cup, where a number of boards on 4chan star in a virtual Football/Soccer tournament that is hosted on Twitch.

Unfortunately there are a few idiots that like to stir up trouble and one decided to spam links of all the 'official cup threads' across 4chan. No idea why but he's a fucking idiot and I apologize on our behalf.

He must have Ctrl+F the word 'cup' and confused your thread as something else, being the careless faggot he is.

Again, sorry about this. Don't worry about anything.
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