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Anonymous 10/15/14(Wed)15:41 UTC+1 No.180585 Report

Hello there. Is there any graphic designers here who would like some work?

I run some successful online stores where I make roughly $150k a year after taxes, for the last 4 years now. The first year I made alot of A/B-testing in design, to find what gives more conversions.

Now sadly I dont have much time to develop new design-bits for testing, as I spend my time on other parts of the sites. It is sad because I have ideas that I know will increase sales / conversions, I just dont have the time nor awesome designerskills i wish i had, to do it.

The payment for this we can discuss, but Im thinking a "partner" type of payment. Lets say your new design for my shopping-cart page increases the conversions from 50% to 60%. That would mean the yearly income would increase by roughly $15000. I'm willing to give you a big cut of this.

Something as simple as a new "buy now" button can give incredible results. Much to be gained by little work.

I could simply hire some random designer on freelancer.com to do shit for cheap fucking money, but since I like doing things the unorthodox way, here I am.

Add me to skype @ kristian.rafteseth1 if you are a talented motherfucker, and want some more info :) (sitenames and stuff)
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