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Anonymous 07/09/14(Wed)10:30 UTC+1 No.164389 Report

Hey Guys,

im here because i want an honest opinion. Im a student right now and i want to create a Game with my friends. My programming skills are quite good and we will stick to unity. Everything OK so far. But now here comes the point. Im not uncreative im just a fucking n00b at drawing, sketching and using photoshop etc. So maybe there are some Pros in here who can point me to some good Video tutorials or can give me some Advice where and how to start. Well and if you say i should stop my Dream and go kill myself its also ok, while a constrictive Answer would be much more appreciated. ;)
Anonymous 07/09/14(Wed)10:34 UTC+1 No.164391 Report

learn pixel art
1) it's lazy
2) it's hip
3) it's easy
4) it's cheap and time efficient
5) hire an artist if none above work
Anonymous 07/09/14(Wed)10:39 UTC+1 No.164392 Report

Thank you for you advice. I already thought about pixel art and i will definitely give it a try.
While of course hiring someone would solve the problem i just can't accept that im really such a failure when it comes to Design / Drawing. : (
Anonymous 07/09/14(Wed)11:28 UTC+1 No.164397 Report


For tutorials on Photoshop, check out http://www.youtube.com/user/bluelightningtv

What I can say for drawing and sketching, (1) try creating stick figures, then make it look cool; and (2) try looking at the object while you are tracing it. (See http://www.wikihow.com/Copy-a-Drawing-or-Picture-by-Hand.)
Anonymous 07/09/14(Wed)12:29 UTC+1 No.164403 Report

Thank you very much for the info. The youtube channel seems quite promising even tho its a lot of stuff to go through. :D
Anonymous 07/09/14(Wed)12:38 UTC+1 No.164405 Report

Next step: stop with the fucking smileys. This is an imageboard and not Facebook.
Anonymous 07/09/14(Wed)13:04 UTC+1 No.164408 Report


Hey and welcome on you vacation of the /b/ board because i can tell you based on your kindness your missing it. Oh and since this is an image board. Sincerely, the guy who uses smileys on an image board.
Anonymous 07/09/14(Wed)15:08 UTC+1 No.164421 Report

>a fucking n00b at drawing, sketching and using photoshop

Well, for Photoshop, there's plenty of free tutorial videos (I like Lynda, but I'm not uncomfortable paying $25/month for that service), and if you're not using the most current edition, a used bookshop usually will have a manual that contains the basics that you'd need. (though there's also a lot to be said about just fucking around and seeing what happens when you try pressing a random hotkey).

As for drawing and sketching, the best advice I can give is to draw every day, as often as you can, and to not be ashamed of "ugly" drawings. Sometimes an unpolished gem can emerge.

If you want a book, I might recommend "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain." We sold it a lot at the art supply shop I used to work at, and it brought people back all the time with glowing results.
Anonymous 07/09/14(Wed)15:51 UTC+1 No.164425 Report

Hey Anon and thank you very much for your reply. Gonna try the book out you mentioned, seems pretty promising and it has some good reviews on the web.
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