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Anonymous 10/10/14(Fri)02:18 UTC+1 No.179718 Report

Hey guys, I'm kinda sad. I keep getting potential clients, but I feel that whenever I open my mouth I scare them away, or they take a look at my portfolio and run.

Can you help me pinpoint my problem area? Is it the way I speak? My portfolio? Or am I just unlucky? I try to price everything fairly and have even been pricing lower than I am really comfortable with from desperation, but I'm still not picking up any clients. I know I have a lot to learn still but I'm broke and need help.

Link to portfolio: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/c7l9ugj02vh9pa5/AAAub0qGZW5vbooJXBk4Ny8Ca?dl=0

Also, do I need a website, maybe?
I've been browsing Craigslist, RedditJobs and have even stooped to Freelancer/99designs.
Anonymous 10/10/14(Fri)15:09 UTC+1 No.179805 Report

>Also, do I need a website, maybe?
Yeah, I think it would help you immensely. There are a lot of free portfolio websites out there.

Part of being a graphic designer is SELLING your designs. When clients look at your stuff, they don't really know what they're looking at other than nice things. When you present your designs, you're supposed to reveal your thought process so they can see and appreciate how you chose what you did. So on a logo, you say "I picked up this project because I was interested in ____ because ___. ___ made me go in this direction because ____ so I ____." etc. Sell them your thought process as well as your designs. I really like the 'passion quality tears' thing in your portfolio, but as a designer, not even I know what the hell i'm looking at other than that it looks nice.

Not to mention hosting it out of a dropbox is really unprofessional all around. There's really no reason to do it with so many free portfolio sites out there. But best yet, make it yourself and put a big tag on the website that says that you made it.
Anonymous 10/10/14(Fri)16:45 UTC+1 No.179817 Report

I don't know how seriously anyone will take youtube or twitch banners..
Anonymous 10/10/14(Fri)17:46 UTC+1 No.179822 Report

Meh, his youtube banner is not bad.
But that business card and that "passion, quality, tears"... cringeworthy.
Do some more tutorials OP. Or go to graphicriver, and check how business cards should look and imitate what you see there until you learn to make better by yourself.
Anonymous 10/10/14(Fri)17:54 UTC+1 No.179824 Report

>"passion, quality, tears"... cringeworthy.
not OP but what's wrong with that?

but that business card in his op is pretty awful
Anonymous 10/10/14(Fri)18:22 UTC+1 No.179828 Report

Reminds me of Mad Men (tv series)... In one episode a guy asked Don for a job and he gave him his portfolio. And then Don and Peggy were laughing at it (because it was so small and he even copied styles from ads which were in the newspaper)...

Seriously dude, its your portfolio...
Sorcerer 10/11/14(Sat)02:22 UTC+1 No.179880 Report

Use a better business card mockup template.
Anonymous 10/11/14(Sat)03:01 UTC+1 No.179886 Report

this is easy, OP.

team up with a buddy who knows how to work these situations. just tag him along to meetings. no one will ask wtf is that guy doing here, in fact it's pretty normal to have a meeting and there's one or two other people.

being with him will make you more comfortablem you can take notes, he can backup when you feel you're gonna get stuck etc.

you have to give him some dough, though. hope it helps, godspeed.
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