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Anonymous 10/09/14(Thu)15:19 UTC+1 No.179642 Report

Hi /gd/. I'm going to apply for a visual design intern position at a really good agency nearby. I've just started getting my hands dirty so my portfolio is rather empty. Just has a couple of things in it.

The agency really just asks for proficiency in the Adobe suite, and knowledge of web trends, along with stuff like good attitude and collaboration etc etc. So it doesn't outright say what they want to see in my portfolio. Here's what I'm thinking:
2 of the following:
>Print work(brochure, magazine, etc)
>web designs

Do you think that's enough to apply with? Less, more?
Anonymous 10/09/14(Thu)15:45 UTC+1 No.179645 Report

>Print work
Either posters or editorial layout is what you want to show off. You're more likely to be working on that kind of thing anyways.

No one worth their junk cares about a few logos. Anyone who knows what they're doing wants to see your branding skills. I mean blowing out an entire system into collateral and imagery. See http://coloradoidentity.tumblr.com/ for an example of
Anonymous 10/09/14(Thu)15:53 UTC+1 No.179649 Report

>Either posters or editorial layout is what you want to show off.
Right, that's what I meant by print work. Those included. Was that not the right word for it?

Thanks for the link! That's very helpful.
Anonymous 10/09/14(Thu)16:11 UTC+1 No.179652 Report

Your wording was correct, but brochures are not really something you want anything to do with. They're generally seen as garbage. Nobody collects brochures. "Magazine" is a little to broad. The thing that you want to show off from a magazine would be the editorial design and layout, so just focus on that.
Anonymous 10/09/14(Thu)16:13 UTC+1 No.179653 Report

Gotcha, thanks
Anonymous 10/09/14(Thu)23:33 UTC+1 No.179705 Report

I love this
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