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Anonymous 06/15/14(Sun)22:03 UTC+1 No.160158 Report

I graduated by making this out of old vinyl covers what do you guys think and show your graduation work
Anonymous 06/15/14(Sun)22:21 UTC+1 No.160161 Report

Well then....
Anonymous 06/15/14(Sun)22:23 UTC+1 No.160163 Report

Mh fuck, that's the raw.

This is after post production.
Anonymous 06/15/14(Sun)22:38 UTC+1 No.160170 Report

Oh and op,

Personally I think photo collage is dead, but as far as gestalt principles you're....hmmmm looking at it a bit closer...So this is an event poster I think...My eyes are having trouble latching on to something. The information is all there but I guess the way you presented it was a little hard to follow. Still fun to look at though, I wish you would have used another weird ass border for the top part that was in like...orange or something. with a pictograph of an old record player just as the bottom border has a record.
Anonymous 06/16/14(Mon)04:17 UTC+1 No.160226 Report

I never cared for collage.


The six at the bottom, for my BFA exhibit. A series of posters for a comic I started writing after an illustration class but never finished. I still doodle the characters sometimes, and still write when I can.
Anonymous 06/17/14(Tue)03:20 UTC+1 No.160361 Report

post is worst than raw. ???
Anonymous 06/17/14(Tue)05:01 UTC+1 No.160370 Report
File: .jpg-(90x125)
>>160226Not OP but fuck...
Not OP but fuck you, I love collage. I could spend hours slicing through magazines, old medical books, whatever the fuck I can get my hands on. Old Nat Geos and fashion mags always make for interesting compositions.

Also, your style reminds me of a series Vertigo published but I'll never remember the name of. Cool shit though, bummer you didn't finish it.
Anonymous 06/17/14(Tue)10:15 UTC+1 No.160392 Report

>I think photo collage is dead
Yeah, you're an idiot.
Anonymous 06/17/14(Tue)10:34 UTC+1 No.160394 Report

A logo i made for a travel Company.
Which one is good,
Please Give me suggestion
Anonymous 06/17/14(Tue)11:57 UTC+1 No.160402 Report

1 uses a very nice font but doesn't get the message across
2 gets the message across, but the plane kind of obscures the O
3 looks nice but I would use fewer spirals around the O
4 just no.
Anonymous 06/17/14(Tue)12:38 UTC+1 No.160406 Report

Regarding #2 the O is much thinner than the rest of the text which I think is what's making it look obscured. If he were to change the font thickness to something less dramatic it would work, even if the font is ugly as hell.
Anonymous 06/17/14(Tue)18:38 UTC+1 No.160445 Report

>Not OP but fuck you, I love collage
Relax. I didn't say there was anything wrong with it, and it's a valid form of art/design. I just don't enjoy the process or the end result in most cases. Your example isn't that bad. Most collage I've seen is a visual clusterfuck, though I admit I never felt compelled enough to search for collage outside of art history classes.

>Also, your style reminds me of a series Vertigo published but I'll never remember the name of. Cool shit though.
Thanks. If you ever remember it'd be cool to know. I hope to finish (writing) it soon/eventually.

All of them feel like they're trying to do too many different things. You have the name "Oceanic" and the colour the reinforces the idea of the ocean, but then you have shit like a plane around the O, or the A suggesting a road, etc.
Anonymous 06/17/14(Tue)19:33 UTC+1 No.160449 Report

1 Like the A as a road there, but it clashes with the wave in the colors, which is a better fit for the name. Too subtle to be really visible though.
2 Seems generic. I swear I've seen this so many times before, even the old Lego Space program had a logo like this.
3 Don't see the connection to the name or what they do. I also think this is too fiddly with too many small parts to work effectively as logo. I agree with what has been said, this needs to be simplified.
4 Same as three basically. Also the grey and blue don't really strike me a powerful combination.

Random thoughts:
Take the capital letter of the 4. and the color wave from the first logo and combine them. Forget about the grey and make the O a negative shape on a wavy box.
Make up your mind whether you want something related to traveling or 'oceanic', though both would be best probably, but you always did either or except with the first logo where you put a road and water together.
I'd maybe even just use the silhouette of some sails or something like that as logo, if you want to bring the traveling thing in there. But connect the name to the logo somehow.
Anonymous 06/18/14(Wed)16:49 UTC+1 No.160578 Report

Thanks you Guys.
for such a nice suggestions
Two more Concepts
Anonymous 06/18/14(Wed)17:24 UTC+1 No.160585 Report
File: oc.jpg-(125x29)
>>160394The paperplane...
The paperplane idea is really sweet. Stick with that.
Anonymous 06/18/14(Wed)17:41 UTC+1 No.160586 Report

Great Work..
i really like this idea
Anonymous 06/18/14(Wed)17:52 UTC+1 No.160589 Report

I like these much better. Huge improvement. Nice work.

This look good too, but seem much more playful than the others. Depends on the image they are after, but as logo this works really well too.
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