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File: fighting stick.png-(2 MB, 1920x1080)
I need some advice or...
Anonymous 04/23/14(Wed)20:41 UTC+1 No.151923 Report

I need some advice or help.

I'm making a skin for a fighting stick, pic related, however when pasting the two images together I get this weird "cut effect" because the images are not really the same.

I tried to "smooth" the line, but blurring or using smudge doesn't help. Also tried to put a line similar to the color style but it looked like shit. I'm out of options now.

Any ideas?
Anonymous 04/23/14(Wed)22:57 UTC+1 No.151937 Report

I need some advice or help.

Every time I try to make cookies this thing always goes wrong and I don't like the taste of the cookies.

I tried to make them taste better but they still tasted bad.

Any ideas?
Anonymous 04/25/14(Fri)23:33 UTC+1 No.152349 Report

If your using Photoshop, use the clone stamp tool. Google a "how to" to understand it first though.
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