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I was browsing my computer for...
Anonymous 06/08/14(Sun)08:49 UTC+1 No.158993 Report

I was browsing my computer for files to backup for OS change, and I found this image that my sister must have put on it way back.
Intuition told me that it tesselates. Experimentation confirmed this.
Fate has decided that I need a tessellating image of pie for something, but what?
Anonymous 06/08/14(Sun)09:11 UTC+1 No.158996 Report

A sick t-shirt bro
Anonymous 06/08/14(Sun)09:55 UTC+1 No.159005 Report

I'd wear it.
Anonymous 06/09/14(Mon)12:42 UTC+1 No.159130 Report

Bumping for potential, and because tiling patterns are the shit.
Anonymous 06/10/14(Tue)01:02 UTC+1 No.159204 Report

Tessellating foods is an idea I can get behind.
Anonymous 06/10/14(Tue)11:54 UTC+1 No.159274 Report

Would be spiffy as a web background. Make sure the text is in Comic Sans and #00FF00.
Anonymous 06/10/14(Tue)12:25 UTC+1 No.159281 Report

>qt 3.14
>do the dinosaur
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