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File: dekar.png-(45 KB, 1000x1000)
ITT: Post your favourite font,...
Anonymous 04/15/14(Tue)16:27 UTC+1 No.150369 Report

ITT: Post your favourite font, preferably one that most people won't have heard of (ie, no futura, helvetica, etc.) Can be a body font, display, etc, whatever.

Mine is Dekar, it's not great at legibility but it looks damn nice for titling.
Anonymous 04/15/14(Tue)18:49 UTC+1 No.150407 Report
File: VodkaandCoke.jpg-(125x70)
I have a lot of favorites but...
I have a lot of favorites but right now I'm loving Didot. Not for everyone but in the right context it can be gorgeous.
Anonymous 04/15/14(Tue)19:01 UTC+1 No.150416 Report

Literally the most famous modern style typeface
Anonymous 04/15/14(Tue)19:02 UTC+1 No.150417 Report

>one that most people won't have heard of
Anonymous 04/15/14(Tue)19:16 UTC+1 No.150421 Report
File: tf.jpg-(125x117)

Shit sorry, I must be living under a fucking rock of something.

Maybe this one isn't as common; VAL.
Anonymous 04/15/14(Tue)19:32 UTC+1 No.150425 Report
File: 00.jpg-(124x101)
Anonymous 04/15/14(Tue)22:40 UTC+1 No.150474 Report
File: 23.1.jpg-(125x76)
I appreciated it before it...
I appreciated it before it became overused to shit.
Anonymous 04/15/14(Tue)22:53 UTC+1 No.150475 Report

It's like a badly done copy of Vogue's typeface, but still, I had some projects where I could use it, and turned out pretty "okay"-ish, but ended up with different fonts after all.
Anonymous 04/16/14(Wed)12:10 UTC+1 No.150585 Report
File: 10263193_10202634863366303_1891774154_o.jpg-(125x88)
Hill from Playtype... i...
Hill from Playtype...

i don't know what it is. it just gets me every time
Anonymous 04/16/14(Wed)14:36 UTC+1 No.150611 Report

>a badly done copy of Vogue's typeface
Anonymous 04/16/14(Wed)14:55 UTC+1 No.150613 Report

>Hill from Playtype

please share.
Anonymous 04/16/14(Wed)15:05 UTC+1 No.150617 Report
File: nouvelle_vague_final_specimen.jpg-(124x70)
i like this one, it's got...
i like this one, it's got that vogue-esque look to it (it's similar to didot in that the thick lines and thin lines have a much bigger difference than in most fonts) but it's curvier that didot. great for magazine covers and classy titles.
Anonymous 04/16/14(Wed)15:11 UTC+1 No.150619 Report


It's called a Modern Serif you mongoloid cumstain.
Anonymous 04/16/14(Wed)15:15 UTC+1 No.150620 Report
File: serif-grab_6109.jpg-(125x100)
>>150619no need to be so...
no need to be so abrasive, especially when you're wrong. pic related is an example of a modern serif as well, it just refers to serif fonts that are not designed to work in a printing press but for computer display/modern printing. I was talking specifically about the shapes of the letter forms which are specific to a few fonts, including didot.
Anonymous 04/16/14(Wed)15:17 UTC+1 No.150621 Report

not to mention that group is called Didones, see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Didone_(typography)
Beowulf 04/16/14(Wed)15:24 UTC+1 No.150623 Report

Take five seconds to google it, man.


Yes, Didone is another word for it. But most people who work with type will refer to serifs as old style/humanist, transitional, modern, and slab/egyptian. Calling a font vogue-like makes you sound uneducated. Learn the proper words for typography.


Also, the font you posted is not a modern serif. Extreme contrasts between thick and thin, thin serifs, and a vertical stress make a modern serif.
Anonymous 04/16/14(Wed)17:18 UTC+1 No.150639 Report
File: images.jpg-(110x125)
I always use this font. Easily...
I always use this font. Easily editable and modern.
smoker 04/16/14(Wed)17:30 UTC+1 No.150641 Report
File: lobster.jpg-(125x91)
Anonymous 04/16/14(Wed)17:38 UTC+1 No.150643 Report

I learned those types of serifs as Humane, Garalde, RĂ©ale and Didone (and Slab).
Anonymous 04/16/14(Wed)18:07 UTC+1 No.150649 Report

lobster is overused.

also, this thread is gay
smoker 04/16/14(Wed)18:14 UTC+1 No.150650 Report

I almost bought into what you were saying, but then you crushed the discussion by being a jerk.
Anonymous 04/16/14(Wed)19:41 UTC+1 No.150678 Report


please kill yourself
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