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Layout for a leavers book
Layout for a leavers book Layout for a leavers book 04/21/14(Mon)16:53 UTC+1 No.151531 Report

Hi guys,
at the moment im struggeling with ideas, and I hope you could help me out.
For my school I am making the leavers book (i hope its called like that) with the Theme: "ABIer bitte", whis translated means kinda "a beer please".
Espectially the pages where the persons are introduced, I have no idea how to design it.
We got 2 pictures, one babypicture or when we were young, and the other is from the present. We also got some kind of Q&A, i guess ist about 13 questions long and we got some kind of comment section, where friends wrote funny things and stuff.
Where I need your help is the layout, I have no idea how to arrange that so it looks good.
The thing should be DIN A4.

+ if somebody has got a nice idea about the oktoberfest-themed design, he is welcomed, too.

Picture is our cover.
Sorry for my bad english
Anonymous 04/21/14(Mon)17:30 UTC+1 No.151536 Report

>do my work
Fuck you and your book.
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