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File: FInal City Hall Sample.jpg-(3 MB, 2846x4512)
Sketching buildings
Sketching buildings Dumbfuck 07/29/14(Tue)18:21 UTC+1 No.167854 Report

I need help sketching buildings. What I've been doing is creating a building in cinema4d then exporting it to adobe illustrator and image trace it. The problem is the tracing doesnt come out so great and trying to clean it up is a comeplete bitch, theres tons of lines and anchors.

Im terrible at drawing so I use Cinema4d to make the model then turn it into a JPEG for illustrator.

Is there an easier way or is there a way for person who cant draw to use illustrator? I've tried tracing myself and it doesn't come out that great.

I've attached a sample, the model was a free version from some website.
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