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So, which tablet do you find...
Cheap and Good(enough) Graphics Tablet 04/21/14(Mon)10:48 UTC+1 No.151474 Report

So, which tablet do you find good and cheap enough for an average man to buy?

I am draftsman and painter(not great yet), and i was thinking about making digital art.

Also just graphics tablet related.
Cheap and Good(enough) Graphics Tablet 04/21/14(Mon)10:51 UTC+1 No.151475 Report

also my budget is sth about 100$ but it can raise
Anonymous 04/21/14(Mon)12:19 UTC+1 No.151483 Report

If you buy an intuos now you'll be set for life.
Anonymous 04/21/14(Mon)12:32 UTC+1 No.151486 Report


Thanks for the answer, could you tell me if there is a big difference between intuos pen, pen and touch and manga?

I wonder if more expensive one is much better should I rather buy it than cheaper?
Anonymous 04/21/14(Mon)13:00 UTC+1 No.151492 Report

*the cheaper one

you should cure your english cancer m8
Anonymous 04/21/14(Mon)14:06 UTC+1 No.151501 Report

Get the largest Monoprice tablet you can afford. It's a very good tablet, and you'll be able to get the largest size for half the price of Wacom's smallest. You'll be grateful for the extra space.

Then, if you're actually using it after a year, go ahead and upgrade to an intuos or cintiq.
Anonymous 04/21/14(Mon)14:33 UTC+1 No.151504 Report

Well 9" monoprice tablet costs actually 20 $ more than intuos, and wacom shipping to my country is free so it is actually more expensive.
Question is: is it worth to buy monoprice tablet instead wacom intuos?
I will speak with my oncologist mate.
Anonymous 04/21/14(Mon)14:37 UTC+1 No.151505 Report

correction it is 12" x 9" tablet not 9"
silly me
Anonymous 04/22/14(Tue)00:53 UTC+1 No.151622 Report

I was wondering this myself. My graphic design teacher recommended me the Wacom Bamboo, specifically because he felt more portable than others. Anything better than Wacom in general?
Anonymous 04/22/14(Tue)00:55 UTC+1 No.151624 Report

*it was more portable
smoker 04/22/14(Tue)03:35 UTC+1 No.151643 Report

I always feel bad any time I take out my tablet. I feel as if my drawing abilities are lacking and it ruins my workflow. I can't use it effectively as my mouse and im not git gud enough to draw with it. Any tips for efficiency or how to draw with a tablet better?

Also my tablet is a shitty one that my friend so graciously let me borrow forever.
Anonymous 04/22/14(Tue)05:25 UTC+1 No.151663 Report

There is also Huion tablets. Really cheap alternative to wacom tablets. Features on par with intuos when you look at the pressure sensitivity and lines per inch(which is really all that matters asides from size). If you don't mind not having the touch feature and just want to use the pen then they are prefect. I recommend the Huion H690 which i bought 6 months ago. Hasn't failed me and it offers a huge drawing surface.It also looks really pretty.


There is a black version too.
Anonymous 04/22/14(Tue)09:07 UTC+1 No.151678 Report

learn to draw well with pencil and paper first
Anonymous 04/22/14(Tue)17:57 UTC+1 No.151757 Report

go to /ic/ and read the beginers guide, then you may be able to use your tablet in a good way to make an art and/or graphic design
Anonymous 04/22/14(Tue)18:08 UTC+1 No.151761 Report

I've been thinking of getting a tablet for some time. My problem is, I've been drawing on paper for about 4 years now and the idea of moving the pen but having to look at the screen is weird to me. How much time does it take for me to get used to it?
Anonymous 04/22/14(Tue)18:10 UTC+1 No.151762 Report

for me it takes few days to get comfortable and few weeks to use it properly.
smoker 04/24/14(Thu)04:05 UTC+1 No.151955 Report

Hey thanks anon. I've been doing some sketching and following some of the /ic/ guide.

If you need a logo with an old mans face on it, I'll be the one to call.
Anonymous 04/24/14(Thu)07:45 UTC+1 No.152012 Report

get a wacom intuos pro (medium, small is too small for propper strokes). It takes about 4 or 5 good paintings to not mind working on the monitor.

The real magic happens when it hits you how mutable the medium of digital art is. Something in the wrong place? move it dont redraw it, the wrong size or shape, change it! Dont get a line exactly correct? Undo is a button, draw 6 lines in 4 seconds and pick the best.

Dont get me started on layers.

Look up some of Stanley "Artgerm" Lau's videos on Livestream, you dont need to do what he does to learn from how he does it.
Anonymous 04/24/14(Thu)07:49 UTC+1 No.152013 Report

Also, buy a shit tablet and spend the next 6 months wondering why you cant do this. Buy a slightly better one and you can be pretty sure it isnt your tools.

I mean, try drawing with a 10c pencil and a 10c eraser... you cant.

Wacom (and some of its competitors) have good tilt sensitivity, which is better than butter.
Anonymous 04/29/14(Tue)09:09 UTC+1 No.152938 Report

> Anything better than Wacom in general?

Definitely, but with caveats.

UC-Logic tablets (Huion, Monoprice, Tursion, etc) have noticeably better response, pressure sensitivity and more real-world resolution than Wacoms, so they're better where it counts most.

(That also means specs like LPI and pen pressure levels are misleading and irrelevant, just like DPI figures on printers)

But: no tilt, eraser, or touch controls, installation/drivers aren't as simple as wacom's, and the product design ain't as sexy (the Huion stuff is pretty good, though.)

~$50 for a razor-sharp feeling 10"x6" tablet is incredible
Anonymous 04/29/14(Tue)14:01 UTC+1 No.152955 Report

Anonymous 04/29/14(Tue)14:43 UTC+1 No.152962 Report

I have a Huion H610 and it works great on Sai and MangaStudio. Precise Lines and Good pressure sensitivity.

But for some reason it works terrible on photoshop. At 300dpi lines are erratic, and there is a huge delay on drawing.

I'm running Win 7 64bits by the way.
Anonymous 04/29/14(Tue)18:10 UTC+1 No.153002 Report

Huion h610 very good about $70
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