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education: Bachelorsduration:...
Anonymous 09/09/14(Tue)17:22 UTC+1 No.175108 Report

education: Bachelors
duration: been doing it for 4 years
favorite tool: InDesign
specialization: print work
notes: Freelancing is the best. I make my own ours, I get to charge out the ass, and I can deny projects that don't interest me.

Pic related, a thing I did years ago.
Anonymous 09/10/14(Wed)03:52 UTC+1 No.175176 Report

Can you one like this but make the top text say "Wu-Tang Clan" then have the hands making the Wu-Tang symbol with the lyrics to "Wu-Tang Clan ain't Nothin to Fuck With" inside it?

That would bring me amusement. Thanks.
Anonymous 09/11/14(Thu)18:27 UTC+1 No.175422 Report

>I come here so people can turn things I see into memes I like
fuck off, twit
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