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Anonymous 10/21/14(Tue)05:21 UTC+1 No.181476 Report

messing around and doing a fictional rebrand for snapple in my free time because I'm stuck doing production work like a pleb.

what is awful about the icon? (ignore the awful dafont typeface, thats being hand-rendered, just needed a placeholder)
Anonymous 10/21/14(Tue)06:18 UTC+1 No.181485 Report

The globe is an eyesore imo, doesn't quite fit in
Anonymous 10/23/14(Thu)18:11 UTC+1 No.181829 Report

The details on the globe are too small compared to the rest of the thing. A little sphere that's half black and half white would work better. Like a yin/yang but different. Also I think the flower thing is too tall to be in the circle. It looks out of proportion because there is more white space on the sides of the flower than there is on the top and bottom. I would add an extra leaf on each side, or at least make those 2 main leaf-petals wider or furl out more to fill more of the white space.
Anonymous 10/23/14(Thu)18:18 UTC+1 No.181832 Report

this is what I mean
Anonymous 10/23/14(Thu)18:24 UTC+1 No.181834 Report

ruining the petals / 10
but i agree on the circle, its better with less detail on such a small scale
Anonymous 10/23/14(Thu)18:36 UTC+1 No.181839 Report

makes sense. what about color?
Anonymous 10/23/14(Thu)19:08 UTC+1 No.181848 Report

Ohh, it was corn? In that case, scratch my idea about the petals. I thought it was one of those tubular flowers. I actually like it a lot more now that it's corn colored, but it looks less like a food logo and more like a company that sells agricultural products or biodiesel or something
Anonymous 10/23/14(Thu)19:17 UTC+1 No.181849 Report

well it's corn now I guess
10/23/14(Thu)21:38 UTC+1 No.181876 Report

surprisingly enough i quite like it, gj
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