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Ebola time 10/13/14(Mon)09:35 UTC+1 No.31722342 Report

> stomach ache
> tiredness
> nausea
Am I the patient zero in my country, /int/?
Anonymous 10/13/14(Mon)09:36 UTC+1 No.31722373 Report

>mfw feeling the same as you
>mfw it's either the flu or I'm going to bleed from every orifice
Anonymous 10/13/14(Mon)09:37 UTC+1 No.31722401 Report

ur mum was bleeding from every orifice last night m8
Anonymous 10/13/14(Mon)09:38 UTC+1 No.31722411 Report

Maybe if your cock was thicker than a needle, it wouldn't make people bleed.
Straw Boss 10/13/14(Mon)09:40 UTC+1 No.31722451 Report

Or you have heat exhaustion.
Anonymous 10/13/14(Mon)09:40 UTC+1 No.31722453 Report

Yes, praise Ebola-chan
Ebola time 10/13/14(Mon)09:41 UTC+1 No.31722496 Report

Oh no, it's like 13 degrees here, and it rains
Straw Boss 10/13/14(Mon)09:41 UTC+1 No.31722499 Report

Anonymous 10/13/14(Mon)09:53 UTC+1 No.31722804 Report

either you'll bleed out and suffer a horrible death, or your blood will become as precious as gold
Anonymous 10/13/14(Mon)09:54 UTC+1 No.31722820 Report

You might want to go to a hospital.
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