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> WWII thread on /b/ last...
Anonymous 06/16/14(Mon)19:32 UTC+1 No.21600637 Report

> WWII thread on /b/ last night
> Some fool claiming the Wehrmacht had 10 million men at the start of Operation Barborossa
> Also states the loss ratio for Germans:Soviets was 1:1.3

There were idiots on both sides in that thread but that took the cake. People really need to be better educated on this conflict.

Pic very much related
Anonymous 06/16/14(Mon)20:20 UTC+1 No.21601116 Report

Naturally none of the sides of this debate showed any citations or sources?
Anonymous 06/16/14(Mon)20:22 UTC+1 No.21601128 Report

>going on /b/
>expecting anyone there to be remotely intelligent
Anonymous 06/16/14(Mon)20:25 UTC+1 No.21601159 Report

>WWII discussions

>WWII discussions on 4chan

>WWII discussions on /b/

You're joking, right?
I like to think /k/ is less retarded than most of the other boards, but even we can't have basic threads without immense amounts of shitposting and idiocy.
Anonymous 06/16/14(Mon)21:27 UTC+1 No.21601768 Report

he posted some Russian link lawl

There are some gems on there and just understand understand how someone could be that delusional

Well I wasn't expecting to much, I was mainly seeing if there were any pics I didn'y have that I could snag. But yeah it was bad, way worse then on here.

It took about 4 responses to a picture of some Stugs to identify them as Finnish, not German. Some guy was talking about how Rommel got killed before he could defend Normandy.....

And the slavaboo referenced in the OP went on and on about how 2 million raped in Berlin was to high of an estimate and then proceeds to pull those numbers out of his ass.
Anonymous 06/16/14(Mon)21:36 UTC+1 No.21601873 Report

Do not talk with Russians about WWII. Trust me. It's beyond hopeless.

As Solzhenitsyn said, they're all descendents of GULAG guards, not of the inmates. The usual menu is:

a) Stalin did what was needed (this goes for the purges as well)

b) The war as they see it (Great Patriotic War) started in 1941 with Barbarossa. Why? So they don't have to mention Poland and the Nazi-German pact.

c) Winter war was a border skirmish

d) Deny any war crimes took place - when confronted with facts say it was justified due to what the Germans did. Sit quietly when asked why Soviets raped Soviet women as well as Latvians, Poles, Albanians and everyone else.

e) T-34 was a Tiger killer, look at "Four tankers and a dog"

f) What lend-lease?

g) Pretend Vlasov never existed, nor did the 1.5m HiWis
Anonymous 06/16/14(Mon)21:41 UTC+1 No.21601923 Report

>Implying this thread isn't just the start for baiters.
Fuck off.
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