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Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)21:04 UTC+1 No.22693128 Report

I'm a sophomore in an Army ROTC program, about to sign a contract for 4 years active and 4 years reserve. How bad of an idea is this?
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)21:06 UTC+1 No.22693168 Report

Fellow cadidiot reporting in
I want to start my career and shit after graduation so I'm either going reserves or SMP
So I would say that it depends on whether you want to be in the army through college and then again for 8 years more.
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)21:21 UTC+1 No.22693362 Report

>in the army throughout college
Idk where you go man, but my ROTC program is easy as fuck honestly, just pt in the mornings and lab on monday. And idk man, I might go in for 20 or just 4 and then reserves with a CS degree.
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