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Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)19:03 UTC+1 No.20546193 Report

Californian here, I find myself in Arizona for a few days. What's the legality on buying a gun at a pawn shop and bring it back with me to CA? Flying back btw.
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)19:20 UTC+1 No.20546355 Report

You can, but they will have to ship it to a Cali FFL.
Any other method, and you are breaking federal laws.

And also, why wouldn't that robot be using a single shot? If it pulls th trigger, it's going flying anyway.
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)19:20 UTC+1 No.20546358 Report

Nope. They'll have to send it to a gun store in CA if you wanted it.

That's your only option unless you buy it from a private seller and shut the fuck up about it.
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)19:21 UTC+1 No.20546371 Report

You are an Arizona resident and you would like to purchase via private sale.
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