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I have a question for any of...
Nigblaster 03/25/14(Tue)00:03 UTC+1 No.20535533 Report

I have a question for any of you /k/ommandos that are hunters. Especially for those of you who hunt in The People's Republic of California. I have done my online training and the hunting course at my LGS, and I'm picking up my Mossberg 500 this saturday and want to go after dove. Now I was at first under the impression that what I had obtained through the courses was a license, but apparently its only a certificate of completion for the education course. Now I've found out from the DFG site that I apparently need an actual hunting license + any stamps/tags I'll need for the game I'm hunting. So my question is, if I acquire these licenses/tags, will I be able to take unlicensed friends of mine on a hunt?

The DFG just had me leave a message and there site is not very informative, and I'd rather hear it from actual hunters in my Area (SoCal)

Cheers in advance
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)00:08 UTC+1 No.20535584 Report

Every member of the hunting party needs their own license. They can accompany you but can't hunt.
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)00:13 UTC+1 No.20535646 Report

1. stop namefagging
2. how do you not know about hunting shit
3. everyone needs a license
Nigblaster 03/25/14(Tue)00:42 UTC+1 No.20536039 Report


ah. thank you for the information. That works for me. The licenses are applied for on the DFG website?
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)00:44 UTC+1 No.20536061 Report

You can buy them at the gas station
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)00:45 UTC+1 No.20536076 Report

No guns faggot here.

I got confused by the shitloads of bullshit sacramento tried to pass. What are the steps toward acquiring a long gun. I know about the 10 days waiting, DROS, FFL, and the one gun a month deal but is there now a registry and a long gun safety certificate?
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)00:48 UTC+1 No.20536110 Report

No safety certificate in my part of Cali so i wouldnt think theres any for you. You go to your LGS, fill out the paperwork fro dros/pay(for gun +tax +$25 DROS fee), wait 10 days, and pick up your gun. Youll need an FFL if youre getting your gun shipped to you.
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)00:50 UTC+1 No.20536135 Report

Sweet so the registry is pretty much ignored too huh.

I mean I am saving up money to go out of state to freedomland so I dont want to bother avoiding getting vanned but its still nice to know.
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)00:53 UTC+1 No.20536176 Report

no registry for long guns, but the stupidest shit is the DROS fee, which is an extra $25 to make you wait 10 days for a fucking background check. Save your money and acquire guns when you go out of state
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)00:54 UTC+1 No.20536191 Report

I got between two to four years still here for grad school.

I'd like a few neutered funs to pass the time faster.
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)00:55 UTC+1 No.20536204 Report

One handgun a month. As many long guns as you want

Have fun being a registered gun owner
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)00:56 UTC+1 No.20536219 Report

California as of 1/1/14 has made it law that every firearm bought has to be registered
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)00:57 UTC+1 No.20536243 Report

I havent seen anywhere to register it though. Are you sure they didn't just use the DROS as the basis of a registry?
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)00:58 UTC+1 No.20536254 Report

well dont buy any neutered assault weapons. just buy other things like nuggets
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)01:00 UTC+1 No.20536283 Report

Thats the plan.

Although Im kinda thinking why not buy the neutered ones near the end and when I move out (as I think Im one of the few in my major WILLING to relocate to these hick places). Then I could take it with me out and enjoy true freedom.
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)01:08 UTC+1 No.20536385 Report

nigga wut
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)04:15 UTC+1 No.20539286 Report


It was registered with the DROS, yes.
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)04:24 UTC+1 No.20539397 Report

me too anon. But as soon as i'm done, i'm TX bound.
Capcha: Satan
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)06:20 UTC+1 No.20540880 Report


-one handgun per month only applies to NEW guns bought from dealers, private party transfers do not count towards the one a month. but make sure the FFL you go to do the transfer states that on the paper work or else it will.
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