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File: SgtMaj_MichaelBarrett.jpg-(13 KB, 160x210)
I'm in the DEP for the...
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)21:52 UTC+1 No.22693718 Report

I'm in the DEP for the marines and tomorrow I go down to Spokane for some major poolee event. It's gonna suck dick but I hear that the sergeant major of the marine corps there and if I'm lucky we will get a chance to talk to him and even ask some questions.

What's /k/'s thoughts on this man/what are some good questions to ask him? The only thing I know about him is his name and rank because i've been required to memorize it.
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)21:53 UTC+1 No.22693734 Report

>the sergeant major of the marine corps will be there

Fixed, sorry
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)21:55 UTC+1 No.22693760 Report

>good questions

"How much buttsex do you get from the officers?"

"How much larger is your butthole now than when you began your career?"

"Do you spit or swallow?"
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)21:57 UTC+1 No.22693798 Report

I should have clarified that I don't want to die young
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)21:58 UTC+1 No.22693801 Report

These but also ask to rub his head. He'll know what it means ;)
Faulkner 09/05/14(Fri)21:58 UTC+1 No.22693806 Report


>"When is the USMC going to stop tolerating the overweight and the PT failures and starting kicking people out?"
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)22:00 UTC+1 No.22693828 Report

Well to be 100% serious I'd ask your recruiter what to ask him. Idk what the setting is but regardless of if he's just gonna be sitting at a desk shaking hands or if he's giving a presentation and taking questions afterwards get your questions from your recruiter.
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)22:00 UTC+1 No.22693838 Report

>Why are Sergeants with 8+ deployments being passed over for reenlistment?
>why does amos want to destroy the corps?
>fuck you.
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)22:01 UTC+1 No.22693839 Report

I probably shouldn't ask that considering I've been doing shitty on my runs lately. Just recently started barely passing after like 8 months in the DEP.

I do great on situps and pullups and got a 97 on the asvab though so my recruiter puts up with my slow ass
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)22:02 UTC+1 No.22693861 Report
File: image.jpg-(93x125)
>>22693839Show him this...
Show him this and ask "what the fuck"
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)22:03 UTC+1 No.22693874 Report

Why do you hate tattoos?
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)22:04 UTC+1 No.22693883 Report

Jesus christ, is that real? That looks to be a brochure stand behind her with usmc logos on it so i doubt shes just wearing a uniform that isn't hers.

How could this happen? Is she one of those injured people assigned to work at MEPS for the rest of forever and became a fat fuck because of it?
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)22:05 UTC+1 No.22693887 Report





and thats exactly why.
Faulkner 09/05/14(Fri)22:05 UTC+1 No.22693891 Report


I can excuse DEPs because you're not even really in the military but holy fuck do the DoD like to hang on to fat fucks and non-hackers.


This, but address him correctly with, "What the fuck, Devil Dog."
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)22:05 UTC+1 No.22693897 Report
File: female marine.jpg-(70x125)
>>22693883because female...
because female regs
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)22:06 UTC+1 No.22693902 Report

>Why do you hate tattoos?
Probably doesn't like it to be obvious that most of the corps is niggers and white trash.
Faulkner 09/05/14(Fri)22:06 UTC+1 No.22693918 Report

>"Why are we letting women join the military and do the same jobs as men if they can't even meet our fucking standard, Devil Dog?"
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)22:06 UTC+1 No.22693919 Report

get out of it now.

go to the army.
ask for a contract to become a warrant officer helicopter pilot.
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)22:07 UTC+1 No.22693931 Report

>8+ deployments being passed over

im not murica but what could possibly be the logic behind that ? considering he didnt fail anything like psych eval or whatever
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)22:09 UTC+1 No.22693939 Report

The corps is the whitest branch. 88% or so.
I dont have the citation but it's out there.
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)22:09 UTC+1 No.22693940 Report

Here's a few I'd like to to see you ask.

>"On a scale of 1-OP how much dick do you have to suck to get where you are."

>"Why do you fucks allow women in combat roles?"

>"Would you rather I spit or swallow?"

>"Do you want me on my knees or doggy style?"

>"Do you want me to put some lube in before hand?"

>"How many dudes do you take on at once in an orgy?"

>"How do I shrink my asshole after all the gay sex?"

>"Do I bleach my butthole for you or just leave it as is?"

Tape his responses. Post it here.
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)22:09 UTC+1 No.22693954 Report

rephrase to
>how do pictures in the skin affect a man abi
ity to serve
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)22:10 UTC+1 No.22693962 Report

Pretty much every military on earth has guys covered in tattoos. Saw it on the brits I worked with. You see it on the Ruskies, and im pretty sure plenty of other countries as well.
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)22:10 UTC+1 No.22693973 Report

I've heard all the /k/ gripes about the debadawgs but I want to be a marine. Sorry.

My job will be aviation electronics and i've enough college credits that I'll graduate basic as a PFC. It wont be so long of being at the bottom (in the eyes of my superiors notwithstanding) and i'll have an actual job that I can transition into the civilian world with.
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)22:11 UTC+1 No.22693976 Report

This guy pissed me off with his rant based around how everyone's benefits need to be cut and they need to downsize. Being appointed the top enlisted man is most ceremonial position in all branches. How about you put in your retirement papers first before you start calling for other people to make do.
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)22:11 UTC+1 No.22693982 Report

Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)22:11 UTC+1 No.22693989 Report

They call 'em jarheads for a reason
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)22:12 UTC+1 No.22693994 Report

because the new breed of leaders that came up in oef/oif has practical knowledge that often times contradicts theory espoused by brass that came up in post-Vietnam. The writing is on the wall for anybody to see: e5-e7 and o2-4 with multiple deployments threaten the hierarchy, are going to be the first to go.
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)22:16 UTC+1 No.22694048 Report

>It wont be so long of being at the bottom
try time in service/grade requirements, guy. You'll be at the bottom for just as long as everyone else
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)22:17 UTC+1 No.22694061 Report

I'm telling you go be a warrant officer pilot in the Army. I was enlisted in Apache and Blackhawk units and I saw how great they have it. Biggest mistake in my life was not putting in my packet to become a warrant pilot when it was easy. I instead passed it up for 6 years in Japan.

You'll be able to do 20 years in the army as a warrant officer easy. Retire and have a pilots license for helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. You can then get some more licensing and fly airliners or go fly helicopters for rich people, police, news stations, Park services, nasa, helicopter tours, helicopter manufactures.

if you go enlisted aviation all you'll be able to do is get a job fixing military helicopters as a civilian contractor. Which pays well but isnt' steady.
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)22:18 UTC+1 No.22694068 Report
File: image.jpg-(125x103)
>>22693962from what ive...
from what ive heard you're lucky or you aren't.
if i remember correctly the US passed a comparable act to the one GERMANY has recently ( half-ish year ago ?!). basically my recruiter told me he isn't expecting it to be an issue for the MOS i'm applying for but shit can always go south.
he also said alot of people already filed complaints and that i should too if i were to be denied because it might help future recruits.

anyway i think ill get in, what i dont like tho is standing out of the crowd.
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)22:18 UTC+1 No.22694075 Report

are you guys really told to put your wallets in your socks?
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)22:20 UTC+1 No.22694094 Report

>and i'll have an actual job that I can transition into the civilian world with.
what are accreditation standards
you'll still have to go to tech school afterwards to get accredited, unless you plan on staying in for your whole life.
has it right. you'll just be a boot pfc, and pick up lance with all the other cherries you graduated with. the only functional difference between you and them is you'll be paid slightly more (read: they'll make you buy them beer more)

dont go into the service for a job that you can do better on the outside for more pay.
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)22:23 UTC+1 No.22694127 Report

anyone that works aviation in the military comes out with some sort of FAA certification and can use that to get a job right away. One of the things the military does right for enlisted. Most enlisted leave their jobs with no civilian paper work on it. Army only like 5-6 years ago started getting all their computer repair soldiers certifications.
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)22:25 UTC+1 No.22694149 Report

Getting a tattoo waiver shouldnt be too hard seeing as how they give out fucking drug waivers.
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)22:27 UTC+1 No.22694176 Report

not at the moment. they are still trying to reduce end strength and kick out all the broke dicks, fatties, trouble makers, and undesirables.
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)22:28 UTC+1 No.22694179 Report

Think about it this way.

There are literally thousands of motherfuckers already out that have the same cert as you.

Every year hundreds more motherfuckers get out with the same cert as you

All of you motherfuckers will be competing for a handful of spots in the industry that pop open once every 2-3 years.

good luck.
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)22:31 UTC+1 No.22694221 Report

From what ive seen, they've been kicking out all of the desirables and keeping all the shitheads. I visitedmy buddy at lejeune a week ago. Shit was unbelievable. Barely anyone with a combat action ribbon in his battalion. 3-4 ribbon infantry sergeants everywhere.
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)22:32 UTC+1 No.22694236 Report

which is why anyone with a brain should be going warrant officer pilot.
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)22:36 UTC+1 No.22694290 Report

yeah same happened to me. I knew my MOS backwards and forwards and could train any private to do it as well as I could. I always got praise for honestly giving a fuck about my Privates. I could shoot the balls off a deer at 500 meters with a M16 and train soldiers to shoot better. I just happened to have fucked ankles, spine held together with titanium and I was a little too candid and unconventional in how I talked to superiors.

They kept in the box checking careerist dudebros who can't to the job or train it.
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)22:43 UTC+1 No.22694361 Report

Dude, just let it fucking go. Not everyone dreams of being a fucking pilot.
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)22:44 UTC+1 No.22694370 Report

Yes, when we're in our service/blues. Apparently digging for your wallet from your socks looks more professional than a wallet in my pocket.

What kind of asshole uses his pockets to hold things? The same asshole who carries any guns by their carrying handles, that's who.
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)22:48 UTC+1 No.22694426 Report

it's the least stressful and most rewarding thing in the military. all you have to care about is flying till you are like CW4 at which point they might want you to sit at a desk and do plans.

Everyone should try to get it at least before committing to being enlisted.
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)23:21 UTC+1 No.22694835 Report

Ask if he likes it on top or bottom, and whether or not Amos really is as gay as we all know he is.
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)23:24 UTC+1 No.22694876 Report

I kek'd way too hard
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)23:29 UTC+1 No.22694943 Report


"Because I'm getting my walle-"


"I'm not walking around. I literally just reached in to gra-"


>I really wish that it wasn't true.
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)23:30 UTC+1 No.22694955 Report

Does the army even offer the ability to be a WO.right.away? If so, that's bullshit. Im calling bullshit. WO should be an option for experienced soldiers (e-5 +)

Im sure that as a lance cooley, I would get laughed out of town if I tried to put in a WO packet
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)23:31 UTC+1 No.22694967 Report

Stop. My sides can only handle so much
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)23:37 UTC+1 No.22695034 Report

Army will take any civilian under I think 33 to become a warrant pilot. They'll even take any enlisted or commissioned officer. If the army is over strength for that enlisted mos or officer branch.

Only tech warrants are hard to get accepted for.
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)23:39 UTC+1 No.22695064 Report

talk to him and he'll give you a challenge coin, I met him at 8th and I and he was talking about pornstar names with us, hes down to earth and no fucks to give. Proper greeting, Good morning/afternoon/evening Sarn't Major. Then just stand at parade rest and be as serious as possible.

bring said challenge coin to bootcamp and shot it to your DIs and tell them to suck your little dick
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)23:40 UTC+1 No.22695070 Report


holy shit i think we deployed together IRL

captcha - 2141
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)23:47 UTC+1 No.22695139 Report


oh man, i was honestly thinking about re-enlisting today,

you reminded me of the idiocracy that drove me out in the first place
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)23:49 UTC+1 No.22695167 Report

absolutely fucking disgusting

why do people that are fat as fuck want to join the USMC in the first place
Anonymous 09/06/14(Sat)00:15 UTC+1 No.22695482 Report

She probably got fat after boot camp, when she had expendable income for the first time in her life and started buying $500 worth of junk food from the NEX every month in addition to 2 helpings at the chow hall with extra dessert.
Anonymous 09/06/14(Sat)00:19 UTC+1 No.22695533 Report


My bad, that's what the navy calls it. I don't know what the Marines exchanges are called.
Anonymous 09/06/14(Sat)00:30 UTC+1 No.22695657 Report


we call it a PX, IIRC
Anonymous 09/06/14(Sat)02:25 UTC+1 No.22697222 Report

He's a pretty intense guy and he's incredibly articulate and very well spoken. I was impressed when I met him.

I may not agree with some of the stupid shit him and the commandant have done but I still respect the man. He's way more marine than I'll ever be.
Trippin' Cannonballs 09/06/14(Sat)02:28 UTC+1 No.22697254 Report


Ask him what his favorite MRE is. Waste everyone's time too.
Anonymous 09/06/14(Sat)02:33 UTC+1 No.22697324 Report

Marine Corps DIs defer to challenge coins? I knew they were faggots
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