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Incident In Estonia Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)21:23 UTC+1 No.22693399 Report

There has been a serious incident on the Estonian/Russian border.

According to Estonia:
>Estonia's Internal Security Service, known as KAPO, said its officer Eston Kohver was "illegally detained" at gunpoint early Friday while on duty in southeastern Estonia. It said his abductors had come from Russia and had jammed radio communications and used a smoke grenade in the incident.

According to Russia:
>Russia's Federal Security Service, or FSB, said Mr. Kohver had been detained on Russian territory as part of a counter-espionage operation. The Interfax news agency quoted the FSB as saying he was carrying a Taurus pistol, 5,000 euros, hidden-recording equipment and a document "that appeared to be an espionage assignment."

According to the BBC:

Picture of the border crossing. Interesting that they use Taurus pistols.

Unlike Ukraine, Estonia is a NATO member, which makes this a fairly serious development.
Phil Ossiferz Stone 09/05/14(Fri)21:25 UTC+1 No.22693424 Report

Predictable as hell. Watch the agitprop machine grind into motion in the months ahead. Russian Estonians will start agitating for 'reform', then for independence, the Estonians are Nazis, etc.
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)21:25 UTC+1 No.22693428 Report

The president of Estonia has now tweeted:

>Just back from KAPO. Confirmed that abduction occurred in the course of cross border corruption investigation. Documented. On Estonian soil.
P ELITE 09/05/14(Fri)21:27 UTC+1 No.22693442 Report


Aren't you that one uber patriot? The funny thing is that you might not be wrong this time.
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)21:27 UTC+1 No.22693447 Report

Philly O'Stone is right on this one
>mfw estonian rebels get gutter stomped
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)21:29 UTC+1 No.22693470 Report

They'll use an old cold-war tactic, "Salami Slicing". Yes, Prime Minister has a good segment on it:
Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)21:31 UTC+1 No.22693499 Report

Another tweet from the President of Estonia:
>Russia admitted this is the work of their special services

Anonymous 09/05/14(Fri)21:36 UTC+1 No.22693543 Report

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