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Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)21:23 UTC+1 No.20547910 Report

Let's talk sabotage. Aside from the tried and true tactics of blowing up railroads and bridges and the like, what are some other things one could do to stymie an advancing army in The Modern Era?
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)21:26 UTC+1 No.20547956 Report

did you know this existed?


Means you cannot really into woods.
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)21:28 UTC+1 No.20547984 Report

Fill the brothels with AIDS infected wimminz.
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)21:33 UTC+1 No.20548037 Report

Well if you're in civi clothes and casually toss a bomb under a fuel truck....
But i guess that's more of a straight-up insurgency type thing. Aside from wrecking transport i doubt there's much you could do to hobble a mondern military that's on the move.
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)21:36 UTC+1 No.20548065 Report

A lot of these sabotage things rely on some form of stealth near the woods. Not all of them, but some of them. I am just saying that in this "modern" era they could probably completely render it useless when they attach these things to drones and have them fly 24/7. The woods are dead.
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)21:39 UTC+1 No.20548107 Report

Well i doubt the ruskies have anything like that, so any Ukrainian bros that eavesdropping shouldn't be too worried.
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)21:41 UTC+1 No.20548138 Report

I thought we were speaking generally and since this darpa radar isnt a black project, and has its own wiki page. I can imagine it eventually reaching other hands.
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)21:42 UTC+1 No.20548150 Report

Sugar in fuel tanks is always a good one
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)21:43 UTC+1 No.20548156 Report


a few weeks ago some snipers/assholes with rifles shut down half of silicon valley by shooting some of the transformers at the big substation near 101 south of san jose

also a few years ago a huge tanker truck blew up in the macarthur maze and basically shut down the bay bridge because nobody could get onto it from 680
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)21:44 UTC+1 No.20548174 Report

yeah i am, for sure. I'm wondering how effective those sorts of campaigns would be these days. Something like the French Resistance blowing up trains. I imagine sabotage was always more a nuisance than an insurmountable problem, though.
Stuxnet was a good example of modern sabotage, though....
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)21:48 UTC+1 No.20548216 Report

Could drive-bys be effective tactically?
Hunter 03/25/14(Tue)21:48 UTC+1 No.20548218 Report

So you make fake soldiers then - small mobile devices that put off a much bigger signature.
There will always be ways around technology.
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)21:48 UTC+1 No.20548225 Report

the nooks and crannies of the world, the shadows to move through all are slowly receding from the ever growing light of surveillance.

They are still there, they sure are. The operators of these devices are still limited, human and make mistake. But slowly we are also supplementing them, replacing them with ever growing in sophistication machines.

We gained a few, a few smalls ways to defend ourselves, but all of these ways are costly.

The future really will be a nightmare to fight for liberty.
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)21:49 UTC+1 No.20548233 Report

That just clogs the fuel intake though... Drain the tank and the vehicle is back in working order.
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)21:59 UTC+1 No.20548370 Report

How effective are things like tank ditches and flooding fields and that sort of thing?
There's gotta be some illustrated manuals about this stuff somewhere, right?
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)22:01 UTC+1 No.20548381 Report

Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)22:09 UTC+1 No.20548473 Report

Its essentially a ditch - you have to make a very, very big one if you don't want them just driving around it.

Any excavator plant could probably make one of those in short work - although it depends on the ground conditions, you need a fairly decent angle of repose or the bank will just collapse back on itself and pits will fall in.

Most militaries operating domestically could clear those pretty easily, its basically a berm and those can be ramped very quickly with equipment.

It works as a defensive measure largely in remote areas where a force has only a specific route they must pass AND its far enough from their logistics they can't just get the engineers over in a few hours.
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)22:25 UTC+1 No.20548678 Report

I've seen some pics, but can't find them, of Ukrainians digging tank traps along the Eastern border. It's so flat and open there i wonder how effective it would be. If they could flood everything it'd be better i'd assume. Tanks aren't fond of mud from what i can gather.
Anonymous 03/25/14(Tue)22:43 UTC+1 No.20548913 Report

Sabotage (or rather paranoia about sabotage) was one factors in the success of the pearl harbor attack.

America's Secretary of War knew an attack was imminent and sent a warning to Hawaii: "The dangers envisaged in their order of importance and probability are considered to be: (1) Air bombing attack (2) Air torpedo plane attack, (3) Sabotage, (4) Submarine attack, (5) Mining, (6) Bombardment by gunfire."

Prior to the Pearl harbor attack, the American brass were paranoid about the local Japanese civilians living in Hawaii. They already had lists of Japanese Americans for the internment camps even before Pearl Harbor was attacked.

Army General Walter Short was confident they were safe from everything but sabotage. He ordered the airplanes based at Hickam Field (which would protect pearl harbor from an air attack) to be bunched up close together out in the open. This would make it harder for Japanese civilians to attack the planes.

Unfortunately this made them an effortless target to bomb in the opening minutes of the attack, and any undamaged planes were unable to take off due to their tight grouping and being surrounded by other burning airplanes. General Short shit the bed when it came to the islands defense and he was quickly demoted in the aftermath of the attack.


250 American aircraft were disabled in minutes simply out of fears of local Japanese fisherman living on the island.

There really were Japanese spies among the civilians at pearl harbor, but they were there mainly to count ships.
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)00:07 UTC+1 No.20549898 Report

grab a chainsaw and start dropping large trees across the main routes keep secondary routes barely passable. while the advancing troops are moving trees do what it is you plan to do. also gtfo nsa
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