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My great-great grandfather...
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)18:20 UTC+1 No.20559470 Report

My great-great grandfather fought in the Spanish American War, my Grandfather on my dad's side served in the Navy during World War II, my grandfather on my mom's side made maps for the army in Korea, and my Uncle was a marine in the jungles of Vietnam. I'm going to continue the tradition and join the most powerful fighting force the world has ever seen when I finish my degree next May. I want to be a preferably a fighter pilot but if that doesn't work out I'll fly anything else. Any military bro's have experience with this?
Also, 1710 on SAT's All A's and B's with the exception of one throughout high school with little effort, 3.2 GPA in my extremely drunk and high college career, but I still have a year of sobriety to jack that up.
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)18:45 UTC+1 No.20559734 Report

Well your credentials are in order to be a pilot, But at any rate just go ahead and give up that dream now and settle into the plush seat of your bullet sponge tanker jet or something.
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)18:51 UTC+1 No.20559811 Report

That's the thing if I can't become a fighter pilot I want to fly something else I don't even have a particular branch set on yet, just as long as I can be flying and part of the fight rather than carrying fuel or cargo.
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)19:26 UTC+1 No.20560188 Report

Then join the air force, and tell everyone that.
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)19:26 UTC+1 No.20560189 Report

3.2 is kinda low to get selected for pilot, depending on your major. If your an engineering major you should be fine, if not, good luck. Your gonna need to take an ASTB though. 5 and below is not competitive. 6 is alright and you definitely stand a chance, 7+ isn't guaranteed but all of the guys in our unit who got above a 6 have gotten selected (NROTC). You don't pick your airframe until after you get to flight school. If you can't become a fighter pilot due to a medical disqal, they aren't gonna let you fly anything else...
You will go through the pipeline and depending on your scores you will get ranked
>1 gets first pick
>2 gets second pick
>3 gets third pick
>50th gets fourth pick
>51st gets fifth pick
>100th gets 6th pick
>4th gets 25th pick

It goes something like that. So yeah, good luck.
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)19:37 UTC+1 No.20560327 Report

Well what branch would you suggest?
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)19:48 UTC+1 No.20560466 Report

Thanks for the advice, I stopped my rampant drug use, drinking and smoking pot so I can bump my GPA back up in my two remaining semesters and I'll have my shit on track by then hopefully.
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