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/k/ - Weapons - Russian Arms and Ammunition now blocked from import into the US

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Russian Arms and Ammunition...
Russian Arms and Ammunition now blocked from import into the US Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)10:03 UTC+1 No.20556477 Report

>The President signed an Executive Order Blocking Property of Additional Persons Contributing to the Situation In Ukraine. This new authority expands upon E.O. 13660 by providing the ability to target officials of the Government of the Russian Federation, any individuals or entities that operate in the arms or related materiel sector in the Russian Federation, and any individual or entity that is owned or controlled by, or provides material or other support to any senior official of the Government of the Russian Federation or any person designated pursuant to this order.

Phil Ossiferz Stone 03/26/14(Wed)10:06 UTC+1 No.20556487 Report

Never let a good crisis go to waste.

I'll say this for Chocolate Nixon; he's consistent.
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)10:07 UTC+1 No.20556497 Report

Go buy before reply!
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)10:08 UTC+1 No.20556500 Report

What if it's a good cop/ bad cop game?
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)10:10 UTC+1 No.20556512 Report


Wasn't curfew at the retirement home like 9 hours ago?
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)10:10 UTC+1 No.20556513 Report


Don't really care.
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)10:12 UTC+1 No.20556524 Report

we are just giving russia reason for buttblast everyone.

were treating them like weimar germany.
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)10:14 UTC+1 No.20556538 Report

Good, Maybe Putin will be tossed and hung like the bitch he is.
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)10:39 UTC+1 No.20556674 Report

And in the whole Russia, no one gave a fuck about that. I just wonder, what if Russia use sanctions against USA and ban hem from... say, international space station?
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)10:40 UTC+1 No.20556678 Report


Russia extending that sphere of influence
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)10:43 UTC+1 No.20556689 Report

Yeah, Russia could just deny the US access to it's badly spent dollars because they have the only space program.
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)10:50 UTC+1 No.20556722 Report

looks like someone needs to push the 'reset' button.
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)10:52 UTC+1 No.20556728 Report

Nonwhites stick together I guess.
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)10:53 UTC+1 No.20556735 Report

US also announced the end of the Monroe Doctrine a while ago so they're just going to take this bent over
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)10:54 UTC+1 No.20556742 Report


Yeah if this actually meant shit, we'd have heard about it by now.
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)10:58 UTC+1 No.20556753 Report

That's exactly what everyone said about the jews
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)11:16 UTC+1 No.20556820 Report

By the "US" you mean Obama and his joke of an administration, and by "a while ago" you mean November:

>President Barack Obama's Secretary of State John Kerry told the Organization of American States in November 2013 that the Monroe Doctrine was dead.[27]

Is there literally any aspect of foreign policy where Obama has not retreated?
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)13:22 UTC+1 No.20557226 Report

i think that just sanctions those individuals, their companies continue to operate. I guess we'll find out though.
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)14:34 UTC+1 No.20557539 Report

Rev up those Rosetta stones for our new Slavic overlords, moy drugi.
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)15:15 UTC+1 No.20557797 Report

>Russian Arms and Ammunition now blocked from import into the US
If you email any of the russian ammo/gun importers, they'll gladly debunk this for you.
Although you could get an answer faster by googling it and finding someone else's response from those companies.
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)20:08 UTC+1 No.20560703 Report

>Putin being raped by a bunch of Ukrainian fags.
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)21:35 UTC+1 No.20561705 Report


Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)22:15 UTC+1 No.20562129 Report


Combined Polish, Ukrainian and Lithuanian brigade being formed.

>Formation of the Slavic Bloc has begun
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)22:17 UTC+1 No.20562147 Report

Maybe on gay rights?
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)22:44 UTC+1 No.20562396 Report

Nope. Obama just absolutely fucking hates anything to do with a country that isn't America.
You can just see it on his face, and how he DECLINES international gifts between leaders, something extremely rude; diplomatically, if you didn't want the gift, you gave it to charity, not straight out reject it.

The Senator with no experience of Washington still falls short 6 years later. Who'da thunk it?
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)22:49 UTC+1 No.20562434 Report

go to bed ruskie, if you want to blame someone for how shit your country is blame your dumbfuck king
Anonymous 03/26/14(Wed)22:50 UTC+1 No.20562445 Report

>was going to buy a rosetta stone
>its 400 fucking dollars
its like they want people to pirate it
Anonymous 03/27/14(Thu)01:54 UTC+1 No.20564669 Report

>because nothing bad happened to Germany after ww1
Anonymous 03/27/14(Thu)05:14 UTC+1 No.20567578 Report

I was getting kind of pissed when he completely fucked up the meetings he had with putin a couple years ago.

throughout the whole duration, this slimy fuck kept averting his line of sight and refusing to look at putin and acting like a goddamn teenager.

you can be the most hated president all you want, but FUCKING ACT LIKE AN ADULT YOU FUCK.
Anonymous 03/27/14(Thu)06:01 UTC+1 No.20568200 Report

The Orion capsule is slated for testing later this year.

We currently operate the world's most powerful rocket, the Delta IV Heavy.

Space X is quickly becoming more of a serious space operation than any foreign country's space program. Soon to test launch the Falcon Heavy, the most powerful rocket since the Saturn V.

Yup, America has no space program.
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