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Best /lit/-related websites Anonymous 07/25/14(Fri)22:59 UTC+1 No.5189193 Report

What are some of your favourite /lit/ related websites?

They could be related to fiction, history, philosophy, critical theory, sociology etc.

Here's one of mine (pic related):

Anonymous 07/26/14(Sat)02:20 UTC+1 No.5190047 Report

Good one, OP. Bump.
Anonymous 07/26/14(Sat)02:23 UTC+1 No.5190058 Report

critical theory . com perhaps
Anonymous 07/26/14(Sat)02:46 UTC+1 No.5190122 Report

Anonymous 07/26/14(Sat)02:57 UTC+1 No.5190150 Report

These are no-brainers for poets, but might be useful for y'all prosey fuckers as well.




Also, a note on Poetry Foundation. Poetry Magazine is a well-renowned literary magazine that publishes its content both in print and online. It's a good look into contemporary poetry, and costs absolutely nothing! I mean, support it if you have money. But you're a writer. I know you don't have money.
Anonymous 07/26/14(Sat)03:10 UTC+1 No.5190193 Report

All great websites. Thanks for that!
Anonymous 07/26/14(Sat)03:20 UTC+1 No.5190224 Report

Also, two great sites for submission calls and lit mag reviews.


???? AYYY LMAO ???? 07/26/14(Sat)03:23 UTC+1 No.5190239 Report

twitter: hostilegoose
youtube: howtobasic
Anonymous 07/26/14(Sat)03:38 UTC+1 No.5190313 Report


perverted books and translations of perverted books for free
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