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Anonymous 07/26/14(Sat)00:35 UTC+1 No.5189596 Report

Hello, /lit/

My book started off as a sci-fi, action-ey thing; but ended up being a deconstruction of the genre as well as the classical gruff-military dude hero. It also has politics now.

How would a new democratic government consolidate its power in the wake of the fall of a religious dictatorship which the citizens still believe in?
Anonymous 07/26/14(Sat)00:58 UTC+1 No.5189721 Report

Is this a sequel series to 40k
Anonymous 07/26/14(Sat)01:02 UTC+1 No.5189745 Report

Okay, well, first off, the idea of a deconstruction of that kind of thing honestly sounds really boring at this point, unless you've done it exceptionally well. I just feel compelled to point out that this is very far from a new idea.

Second, the simplest and most obvious way would be to discourage the practice of the religion - take away the property and monetary support of the church, put new taxes on it. Provide advancement, positions, monetary advantages, etc to people who renounce it - promote those in the military or civil service who renounce it, etc. Make it difficult for it to get its message out in public by blocking access to media, and fund opposing viewpoints so they're able to broadcast their views widely. Set up massive compulsory public education and put people who dislike religion in charge of it. Nothing really novel - look up 'anticlericalism' on wikipedia for more stuff
Anonymous 07/26/14(Sat)01:03 UTC+1 No.5189748 Report

a faction of intense religious radicals would attempt to immediately topple the democratic gov't, leaving average people disillusioned by religion and accepting of democratic gov't. simultaneously, high-ranking officials in the gov't, moved by the earnest radicals, become entrenched in religion themselves. gov't is again toppled, but this time by a nation of rationalists
Anonymous 07/26/14(Sat)01:10 UTC+1 No.5189776 Report

Probably the same contrived way you wrote the new democratic government usurping the religious power to begin with.

It takes power and force to conquer, and that same power and force can be used to subjugate.
Anonymous 07/26/14(Sat)01:16 UTC+1 No.5189805 Report

Oh, I never said I presented democracy as a good thing.
Anonymous 07/26/14(Sat)01:18 UTC+1 No.5189812 Report

i never said you did either.

I'm saying the government obviously had some sort of power able to break armies of fanatical religious soldiers. Just make it still have that sort of power.
Anonymous 07/26/14(Sat)01:22 UTC+1 No.5189822 Report

I wanted the struggle for control over the masses to be a main plot element. The democracy is vassal to another dictatorship which originally took over the city, but due to extreme circumstances, couldn't remain to govern it. The democratic council was mainly formed due to a need for open communication between the heads of different sectors in order to resonate ideas and consolidate power, with both pro-dictatorship and pro-democracy members within the council.
Anonymous 07/26/14(Sat)01:23 UTC+1 No.5189824 Report


>How would a new democratic government consolidate its power in the wake of the fall of a religious dictatorship which the citizens still believe in?

they would engage in negative sum games of 'more [ideology] than thou', creating a political ratchet where yesterdays 'radicals' consistently outflank todays 'moderates'. also known as singularity theory.

Anonymous 07/26/14(Sat)01:25 UTC+1 No.5189829 Report

Nonissues then. Look at the congress of burgerstan for an example: Democrats and Republicans largely agree on all the important issues. But a small set of small issues like gun control, abortion, and the environment create a large enough perceived difference in the eyes of voters that nobody will ever vote for a third party lest those evil as fuck other guys get in power and fuck up all the side issues that don't matter.
Anonymous 07/26/14(Sat)01:36 UTC+1 No.5189864 Report

What you're looking for is basically post-Revolution France. Look up on the main reforms of that era. In short:

>all the thing that your society relied upon religion to do have to be done by the state

A case in point is one reform of 1792: before then all the civil acts (birthacts, marriage declarations, testimonies, and so on) were registered in churches, in front of a priest, thus making the church the official provider of civil trust, identity and authority. The reform in 1792 required that those act be registered in town hall in front of officiers of the state instead. As Leon Blum (I think) later put it: "This reform changed the very basis of life"

This implies:

>state-sponsored education instead of chuch education

Setting up a nationwide education with anticlerical programs can certainly help

>marriage, births, burials, legacies have official value only when performed in front of a civil (and not religious) officer

>only the civil justice system is allowed to prosecute, judge and punish criminals

Before the revolution there was a rather autonomous religious justice, generally more lenient, to the point that would-be criminals would seek religious education so as to be able to claim they were under the responsability of religious justice (this is one of the reasons Villon winded-up being part of a gang).
Anonymous 07/26/14(Sat)01:38 UTC+1 No.5189877 Report

>How would a new democratic government consolidate its power in the wake of the fall of a religious dictatorship which the citizens still believe in?

The Great Purge
Anonymous 07/26/14(Sat)01:51 UTC+1 No.5189938 Report

It's funny you should mention that. The old government was all about purges. Purge this, purge that, purgin' all up on the rooftops.
Anonymous 07/26/14(Sat)04:07 UTC+1 No.5190456 Report

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